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Natalya became a food-eater 10 months ago. During this time, she got rid of disease and negative thoughts. Natalia feels rebirth and believes that this is only the beginning.

Before and after:

How did you find out about raw food eating and why did you decide to go to it?

I switched to raw foods already being a vegetarian, I don’t even remember how I learned about this diet. I heard about him long before my life journey met him. I remember that for a long time I could not understand why people refuse from the variety of food and complicate everything. But when I felt the desire to try this type of food, I realized that raw food diet is very easy and simple, the simplest thing that ever existed in the field of nutrition.

Do you plan to continue eating like this?

Of course! I have no desire to return to the usual diet and spend time cooking food. I eat what I like and always feel light. Now I have a lot of free energy, I feel strong and healthy, before this was not with me. Raw foods gave me freedom, and I want to move forward, the way back is no longer interesting to me.

How easy was your transition to raw food, and how long did it last?

The first months are always the hardest. The brain still wants boiled and fried, taste buds want their usual taste. I moved gradually. Immediately ruled out the flour, everything that contained sugar, fried, as well as tea, coffee and any other drinks with the exception of non-carbonated water and fresh juices. The first two months were very much boiled, and once a week I cooked some buckwheat or millet. But the desire gradually disappeared, and I stopped cooking altogether. It is enough to hold out on a syroedeniya for three months to understand how much the tastes and food preferences have changed.

How did you fight public opinion?

I did not struggle with the opinion of society, I said clearly that I would deal with my life myself, and I know what I need. Parents from the moment I became a vegetarian got used to the fact that I didn’t ask them for advice, but simply put before the fact. Friends immediately thought that I was torturing myself with a new, incomprehensible diet. But raw food is not a torment at all, it is a way of life. Familiar and now do not understand why give up fried pies and boiled potatoes, because for society - this is "healthy and healthy food."

Were there moments when you once allowed yourself to eat what you refused?

Once I tried to eat the same food, but each such breakdown ended in poisoning. I was sick, as if I had been poisoned by something spoiled and toxic. For the first time it was bread, then halva (on fructose). Now I am no longer eager to have something like that. I just know in advance that I will be bad from this food. I enjoy eating fruits, and I eat them with pleasure.

How has your life changed in connection with the transition to raw food (in spiritual and physical terms, socially)?

In general, I have never been sick since the transition to raw foods. My weight has changed. I started my way with a weight of 54 kg and in three months it dropped to 44 kg. Now I weigh 46 kg and I feel comfortable. I still have a rather short time of syroedenia: it will soon be 10 months, so I consider myself a novice. Before switching to raw foods, I had a suspicion of asthma, I even went with medicine at one time. It was hard to breathe, and I was very much in pain, now all the symptoms are gone, I breathe deeply and feel only lightness. The menstrual cycle began to pass absolutely painlessly, although earlier I had experienced it very hard. This is perhaps one of the advantages that I especially like.

In general, life has changed only for the better. I became calmer, more determined, I began to think more positively and generally got rid of a large proportion of negative manifestations. Now I am pleased with myself and I feel that I am reborn, changing for the better.

What do you advise those who are just going to start eating the same way as you?

Just try it! Let even in the form of an experiment. Within three months you will be able to see how much easier you have become and how the world has changed around you. Raw foods is not a way of eating, it is a way of life and a way of thinking.

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