Raw food - lily


Lilies are only 26 years old, but they have been in raw food food for almost 2 years. Now Lily has no idea how to eat differently, she feels incredible lightness and harmony.



How did you find out about raw food, when and why did you decide to go to it?

I learned about syroedeniya about 1.5 years ago, but later than I had already adopted a new lifestyle for myself. Everything happened very gradually. It all started with yoga. In general, they continue. But with nutrition, there were always a lot of questions: “why do I not eat anything“ harmful ”, but my body is still far from pleasant forms and health?”, “Why do I have so little strength?”, “How to deal with the eternal“ got up on the wrong foot ""? And so on.

I was looking for the answer in myself. Every time she intended to eat and asked herself one simple question: “What do I want most now? A piece of chicken or a few delicate bananas? Vegetable stew or fresh avocados and walnuts?” And more and more often, my answers tended towards live food. I went to raw food myself, although I did not know anything about him. Moreover, she scolded herself, they say, "you can't eat fruits alone". Over time, I read a lot, everything became clearer to me, and I learned that there are many of us!

Do you plan to continue eating like this?

Eat so on? Is it possible somehow? This is already vaguely presented to me. Just like now, I am beautiful, easy, harmonious and incredibly comfortable. This food for me is in complete agreement of my soul and mind.

How easy was your transition to syroedenie?

Said a little about it above. Now I am about 1.9 months on syroedenie, and my transition from eating meat to raw food lasted 4 years! It would hardly be possible for me to go abruptly, as many men do, for example. I went my own way, gradually excluding what I was aware of as chemistry and harmful to myself. Gradually, I was more and more revealed information about the needs of my body. He himself told me everything. My business was just to hear it.

How did you fight public opinion? Someone supported?

More and more people around are not surprised at all when they learn about my eating habits (however, I do not advertise them and do not consider such food to be my special advantage or cause for disagreements with people). And, therefore, they are not just aware of at least a little, but are no longer inclined to take it into hostility. Increasingly, someone is asking for advice, asking about the causes of their illnesses. All their roots can be successfully found and chopped off with the help of yoga, raw food and careful attention to yourself.

I was lucky - at the same time with me raw foods as a way of life my mother unexpectedly accepted. Easy and happy. It was a great gift. Together and easier, and more fun. The rest of the family are mostly vegetarians. However, time passed, until we learned to impose nothing on each other and allow the other to be ourselves. We are learning this now. And everyone eats what he is now pleased and needed.

Were there moments when you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

I now quite well imagine how huge egregors / “pendulums” of the system of “normal” nutrition act and how people habitually “sit” on their hook, naively thinking that they are fulfilling their own nutritional needs. And this means that if I am conscious, I am free from their influence. Therefore, it is not a problem for me to eat something that does not fit into my raw food diet if the situation requires it from me - for example, having a meal with relatives. So I can enjoy with sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers. I observe how they affect me and I will not use them every day, but such acceptance in a situation can help to keep in touch with relatives. However, the first time should observe new eating habits rather strictly. However, there is something that already confidently contradicts my principles - this is the use of animal food. I don't eat anyone.

Were there any side effects from the transition to raw food?

Yes, of course, at first the doctors worried about being the eternal companions of a person - chronic tonsillitis, tonsillitis, skin rashes and other similar cleansings. As such, I practically did not have long crises (there were “cold” (cleansing) for 1-3 days maximum 2-3 times), and this considering that I used to be ill 2-3 times a month with an already unstable temperature of 38 ! And how many antibiotics have settled in me since childhood, and there is nothing to say. However, now this can be remembered as a terrible dream. The loss of weight I personally was just incredibly pleased.

How has your life changed due to the transition to raw food?

Here you can talk for a very long time. Come visit for a joint fruit meal and I will tell you! Health - pah-pah, well, just nothing to complain about! Mood - courage and the desire to manage their affairs, to embody ideas and intentions are the key! Every single day! And what happens to the body (do not forget that nobody canceled the physical pleasant load, it is also necessary for the body, like food, sun, air and joy), and this is difficult to describe! Step by step, day after day, the body acquires something that seemed to be lost forever - velvety skin, smooth lines, health, smartness, slimness, instant response, clarity of thought, incomparably more “pure” consciousness .. And endurance is such that others ask for a secret.

And yet, raw food diet - a consequence of internal changes that have already occurred in a person. And the reason is a craving for a natural, natural way of life, for a harmonious spiritual development, for an understanding of one’s true nature and nature, for movement along one’s path. And the food lively food this incredible assistant! After all, how much energy is released in a person for all that one wants to embody so!

What do you advise those who are only going to embark on the path of raw food?

Follow with your mind for your soul, believe it, and listen to others respectfully, acting in your own way. And do not doubt that you can really reach a completely different level of relationship with yourself and your body. To another level of living. Where the impossible simply does not exist!

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