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Alexander has been a syroed for almost three years. He believes that psychological problems are pushing people towards raw food, and the question of physical health is secondary.



How did you find out about raw food, when and why did you decide to go to it?

From one yoga I received information that what ordinary people eat is a sheer poison. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it in action (a person does not eat for several days and feels great). How did you decide? At that time, I didn’t like much in life, and I pecked on raw foods, as if on bait, I imagined that it could solve all my problems - no matter how. Unfortunately, raw food does not solve psychological problems and even aggravates them.

Do you plan to continue eating like this?

I have nothing left, almost 3 years have passed. No matter how hard I break, there is simply no alternative. The body refuses to eat heat-treated food.

How easy was your transitionto raw food?

As soon as I read the materials of Izyum (there is such a food eater, his texts on the Internet are freely available) - he immediately switched, but before that there was preparation after meeting with the yogi, I had not eaten meat for 2 months and used mostly salads.

The transition lasts so far. The farther into raw foods, the less people I recommend it! Raw food is great, but you need to be realistic and listen to the Guru in your business, like Richard Blackman: "The transition lasts 15 years." Therefore, sensibly assess your strength, and if you are not ready - better not to start.

How did you fight public opinion?

Everyone thought I was crazy, but thanks to the transition, I was able to see my psychological problems and a lot of strings with the help of which they are trying to manipulate me. Like any neurotic (of whom we have 90 +% in our country), he tried to remake everyone. Then I grew up spiritually and changed my social circle, now I don’t care who thinks what. I work and communicate with people who completely accept me and do not learn to live.

Were there moments when you broke?

The first 1.5-2 years was a tricky game with himself. Breaking loose regularly and feeling guilty. However, the first six months kept almost without disruption. And now I break down less often and without guilt, besides I try different methods, but the body does not give up, apparently I’m still a drug addict. For example, at the moment I break my psyche with a ruble, if I eat something - I immediately part with 10,000 rubles - and it works! But as soon as I did this to myself, for the first 15 days I had dreams in a day, where I eat something from junk food.

Were there any side effects of your transition to raw food?

Of the side effects, only the first 2 months of dizziness and the first six months of overt weakness plus cold, the first year was very cold, the second was more tolerant, and now the third year has become better. Hands were still very cold, now a noticeable improvement.

Weight dropped sharply: from 85 weight it collapsed to 65, and stopped at this point, which lasted a year. The following year, he stabilized to 63kg. Now is the third year, and the weight has decreased to 60kg! About any recruitment and speech does not go. This is despite the fact that I constantly worked physically, I visited the gym at least 3 times a week. With 65 kg of weight, the bench press was 70kg working. At 60, I squeeze 65 (working).

How has your life changed in connection with the transition (spiritually and physically, socially)?

Life has changed very cool and for the better, but this is not the result of raw food, but rather, raw food was the result of personal and "spiritual" growth.

What advise those who are only going to become raw foodists?

Visit a good psychotherapist. I am not kidding! If everything is all right with you, then you will not be engaged in such nonsense as food. That is, from the good life in the raw foodists few who go. As a rule, this flight into another illusion from real problems. If you are too lazy to go to a psychotherapist - check yourself this way: honestly evaluate your life, how good you are in relationships, what progress you have in the monetary sphere, what kind of professional you are, what kind of woman / man you are, whether you have separate housing and a good car. If there is nothing of that, then run to the psychotherapist, and after correction, maybe you will not need raw foods.

Raw foods is the way of strong personalities, without psychological problems. If you are psychologically a child (and most of them are), then I guarantee you to fall into illusion, and then strong disappointment. Therefore, think 100 times what you are going.

From myself I will say - the advantages of raw food outweigh, but be prepared for the fact that, willy-nilly, you have to tighten up all other areas of life and specifically work hard on yourself. I repeat once again: mental health is more important than what you eat, somewhere I heard "that a good meat eater is better than an evil syroed". Think carefully about this phrase. First, solve the problems in your head, answer the question “Why?”, Study everything that is possible, and only then proceed. God help you, and success on this difficult path.

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