Raw chicken and quail eggs


Eggs are one of the most popular and valuable products for the body. They can be a complete dish or be part of delicious and interesting recipes. One of the controversial issues is the possibility of using them without heat treatment. Raw eggs - benefit or harm, which is still more?

Raw eggs: good or bad?

Freshness is only the first

The main thing that is important to remember is that this product without heat treatment can be included in the menu, if there is no doubt in its freshness. This is the only way to prevent the risk of infection with a serious disease - salmonellosis. Homemade raw chicken eggs are recognized as valuable, the benefits and harms of which are discussed quite often. In contrast to the store, they can really be called absolutely harmless.

However, this applies only to the very first degree of freshness of eggs, which lasts only 4-5 hours. It is during this time period that one can safely eat them without treatment. For other options, it is imperative to carefully and thoroughly wash the shell with soap and water. It is necessary to make sure that even the smallest cracks are absent, the requirement for freshness also does not lose its severity. It is best to use the product "age" no more than 1 day. The maximum period during which you can eat raw chicken eggs is 7 days.

If you decide on an ongoing basis to introduce raw eggs into your diet, know that the benefits or harms of this product depend not only on freshness. There are other factors that are worth paying attention to.

Good and harm: a reasonable response

An egg contains in abundance vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body of both an adult and a child. Even during heat treatment, the product retains a large proportion of valuable substances, and in its raw form can bring health to many benefits. Positive results from the use are as follows:

  • providing the body with protein (1 raw egg per day provides 12-14% of the required amount of protein);
  • reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders;
  • skin rejuvenation, hair recovery;
  • strengthening bone tissue;
  • prevention of malignant neoplasms;
  • vision improvement;
  • help vocal cords;
  • promote healing of respiratory diseases;
  • beneficial effects on the state of the stomach with acidity, other violations of its activity.

All these useful properties are manifested only under the condition of moderate use and mandatory freshness. An adult needs 3-5 eggs per week. Excess rates can cause allergic reactions and other health problems.

The damage from eating raw eggs can be:

  • acute intestinal infection due to ingestion of Salmonella disease causing bacteria;
  • the development of strong food allergies.

Of particular importance are raw eggs, their benefits and harm for men. Medicine confirmed that they have a beneficial effect on potency. Due to the rich content of nutrients, a surge of vital and sexual energy is provided. However, there is a serious warning: if a man has an increased level of sugar in the blood, then the abuse of this food shortens the duration of life.

Raw quail eggs: good without harm

Raw quail eggs: good without harm

Increasingly, we hear that it is better to choose raw quail eggs for health. The benefits and harms of them are investigated deeply enough. This product is a treasure trove of valuable nutrients. And its most important advantage is safety for health.

There is no risk of allergies, infection in the body. The threat of salmonella disease is practically absent: the bird's body is so hot that harmful microorganisms have no chance to stay alive. Therefore, if you decide what kind of raw egg to drink, what will be the benefits and harm when it is included in the diet, it is better to choose quail.

The beneficial properties of raw eggs since ancient times are used to improve human health, providing the body with valuable substances. At the same time, this product is fraught with the threat of serious diseases - if used improperly. Raw eggs of chickens can be eaten only by being convinced of their freshness and integrity of the shell. In this case, they bring significant benefits to both children and adults, and are of particular importance for men's health. Quail eggs - this is no less healthy and healthy food, while not providing contraindications.