Radon baths

Medicine is improving day by day, and along with the traditional medical treatment, specific procedures take unprecedented popularity. For example, radon baths are often prescribed for the treatment of various diseases. Indications and contraindications for such a procedure must be known. Let's talk about it and talk.

What is this procedure?

Thanks to radon baths, metabolic processes in the body are normalized.

As you already understood, this procedure is based on the chemical element radon, or rather, its decay products. Inert gas affects the skin of a person and, penetrating into the receptors, has a beneficial effect on the body.

Only 0.5% of inert gas enters the body, which is completely eliminated after 2 hours with exhaled air, so you should not be afraid of the accumulation of such a chemical. Many sanatorium establishments practice the procedure for receiving radon baths, in addition, people are offered to try cocktails, undergo inhalation and irrigation courses.

Thanks to radon baths, the metabolic processes in the body are normalized. The concentration of inert gas in the bath is negligible: no more than 40 nKi in one liter. Depending on the evidence, the doctor may prescribe a radon bath course with a greater concentration of inert gas. Radon baths are most often prescribed to promote health. In some cases, the passage of such procedures can be assigned for therapeutic purposes in conjunction with other pharmacological agents.

Radon baths: the benefits and harm

Radon baths are not prescribed to all people: despite such a wide range of useful properties, there are a number of contraindications to the passage of this procedure. Before we consider who should not undergo such procedures, let's see what useful properties ionized inert gas baths have.

Radon baths are prescribed by doctors to treat a number of ailments, in particular:

  • Pathology of the heart muscle and blood vessels. With the help of decay products of radium can be cured varicose veins, atherosclerosis, angina. Often, such procedures are prescribed to people who have suffered a heart attack or stroke.
  • Diseases of the central nervous system. The list of pathologies that can be cured with the help of radon baths is almost limitless. Most often, such manipulations are prescribed for neuralgia, neurasthenia. As practice shows, people who have suffered closed injuries of the brain and spinal cord need radon baths.
  • Pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Radium decay products have a beneficial effect on bone and joint tissue. People suffering from osteomyelitis, arthritis or osteoarthritis should undergo such treatment. Also, radon baths contribute to the speedy regeneration of destroyed bone tissue, for example, as a result of mechanical damage.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract. As you know, radon baths improve metabolic processes, as a result, the functioning of the intestine, stomach, pancreas is normalized.
  • Pathology of the skin. Experts recommend to undergo a treatment course consisting of taking radon baths for people suffering from chronic skin diseases. These pathologies include psoriasis, eczema, and common acne.
  • Violations of the functioning of the urinary system.

Healing experts believe that taking radon baths is necessary for people suffering from diabetes. In addition, the decomposition products of inert gas have a beneficial effect on the skin, as a result of which they are regenerated faster. Wounds, burns, ulcers and scars on the body will heal faster. Representatives of a strong half of humanity are advised to take radon baths in the complex treatment of prostatitis.

After you have read the list of indications, I would like to pay special attention to cases when taking radon baths is undesirable or contraindicated at all. It is not recommended to take radon baths in such cases:

  • With increased sensitivity and intolerance to the products of inert gas decomposition. Such a reaction can occur at any time, so the attending specialist should monitor each procedure. In case of individual intolerance to radon, dizziness, urge to vomit, shortness of breath, excessive sweating may appear.
  • In case of violation of the work of the heart, in particular, failure of the heart rhythm. Despite the fact that the decay products of radon have a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, people suffering from angina pectoris and extrasystole should be categorically refused from taking such baths.
  • With the development of inflammatory processes in the acute stage. Such a contraindication is relative, since the doctor may prescribe the course of such manipulations. Still, during the development of the inflammatory process, radon baths should be taken very carefully, as the result of immersion of the body in water with elevated temperature may be complicated consequences.
  • With the development of leukopenia. Low concentration of leukocytes in the blood is considered an absolute contraindication to taking radon baths.
  • It is not allowed to undergo such manipulations with radiation sickness.
  • In the presence of neoplasms benign character. Under the influence of water temperature and decomposition products of inert gas, the tumor may grow.

As practice shows, a positive result from the intake of radon baths can be achieved only when performing other manipulations associated with the effect on the body of the products of inert gas decomposition. In sanatorium and spa facilities, people are offered to drink radon cocktails, inhalation and irrigation. Independently undergo such a procedure is highly undesirable. Do not forget that only a qualified specialist can prescribe treatment and a set of procedures.

Indications and contraindications in gynecology

Radon baths: indications and contraindications in gynecology

Radon baths are widely spread in gynecology. Often, treating specialists recommend that their patients undergo a course of such manipulations. As practice shows, the intake of radon baths is performed along with irrigations of the vaginal passage. The concentration of inert gas and the number of procedures is determined in accordance with the diagnosis of the woman and her physiological characteristics.

Most often, radon baths are prescribed for the development of such pathologies:

  • myoma tumors in the cavity of the genital organ;
  • with the development of endometriosis;
  • in case of occurrence of disorders in the period of climacteric pause;
  • in case of diagnosing infertility due to increased tone of the tubes or impaired neuroendocrine type.

Of course, radon baths and irrigation of the vaginal passage alone will not be enough to cure the disease. As a rule, such manipulations are performed along with pharmacological treatment of the pathology.

In gynecological diseases, radon baths are not allowed to all women. The absolute contraindications for such procedures include:

  • radiation sickness;
  • development of inflammatory processes in the acute phase;
  • low concentration of leukocytes in the blood.

Listen to user feedback

In various online publications you can find a lot of positive reviews about the benefits of radon baths. People with various ailments were able to forget about problems with the skin, pain syndromes in the spine. According to reviews, radon baths improve metabolic processes, digestion is normalized. Many girls with the help of such manipulations were able to get rid of gynecological pathologies.

Still, I would like to pay special attention to the impressions of people from the passage of such a procedure. The duration of one manipulation averages 10 minutes. A person is immersed in warm water, and a specialist makes an appropriate water massage using a special nozzle. The water is enriched with radon. By the way, in many reviews, people do not forget to mention that radon is a very rare gas that is found in its purest form in nature.

During the procedure, people do not experience discomfort or pain, the body is completely relaxed. In most reviews you can find information that after taking radon baths really want to sleep. Regardless of the disease and the indications for taking radon baths, people are given 10 procedures for one treatment course.

Over time, we began to forget about the natural gifts that can heal our body. Intake of radon baths has a beneficial effect on human health. Do not forget to undergo such procedures to consult with your healthcare professional. While taking a bath, you can not only relax and have fun, but also cure a number of diseases. Be healthy!

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