Radio wave coagulation of the cervix

Cervical erosion is a typical female problem. If earlier painful and traumatic cauterization with electric current was used to eliminate it, now radio wave coagulation of the cervix is ​​performed. What is this innovation? Are such manipulations permitted to everyone and what complications can they cause?

Treatment without torment: a useful novelty in gynecology

Radio wave coagulation of the cervix

Although erosion is found in every other woman and gynecologists are well acquainted with her, this does not diminish her danger at all. If it is in an advanced stage, it can cause cancer. To avoid becoming a victim of this terrible disease, to get rid of erosion as soon as possible. Moreover, today it does not have to endure painful procedures.

The most effective technologies are cryodestruction ("freezing"), laser coagulation, chemical coagulation - removal of ectopia with chemical reagents (Solkovagin). But the most advanced and gentle method is the treatment of cervical erosion with radio waves.

The gold standard for erosion treatment - waves instead of current!

Radio wave coagulation of the cervix is ​​becoming increasingly popular, as it allows you to quickly and effectively stop the pathological process in the uterus without destroying its tissues. The method is based on the use of high-frequency magnetic radiation.

Without going into technical details, the mechanism of action can be described as follows: a special device produces radio waves, they are converted into energy, which concentrates on the electrode. It is directed to the affected area of ​​the mucous membrane - this causes the heating of the tissues. Such an operation can save a woman from erosion, endometriosis, cysts, polyps, cicatricial deformities.

Practically no different from radio wave laser coagulation of the cervix. Its peculiarity is that cauterization is performed with the help of a laser beam. Laser coagulation is used when there are serious pathologies that cannot be cured by other therapies. It should be carried out by a highly qualified doctor, as the incorrect depth of the beam can cause scars and burns.

Why choose radio waves?

what advantages does the cautery erosion of radio waves

All women have heard about cauterization and its consequences (non-healing bleeding wounds), so they are interested in what advantages the cauterization of erosion by radio waves has. There are a lot of them:

  • only affected tissues are burned, the lower layers remain intact;
  • no bleeding;
  • after the procedure there is no rough and massive scars, so a woman will be able to conceive and bear a child without problems;
  • wound healing happens very quickly;
  • the patient does not have to endure the pain;
  • the wound is not required to be treated with healing agents;
  • the likelihood of edema or inflammation is extremely small.

How does this happen and will it hurt?

Before the procedure, it is necessary to have a smear for cytology, a blood test and to be examined for urogenital infections.

Treatment of erosion by radio waves is carried out in the first phase of the menstrual cycle (usually from 4 to 7 days). The process takes 2-5 minutes. Since no pain arises in this case, additional anesthesia is not required. The only thing used for anesthesia is anesthetic ointment. But if a patient has severe cervical dysplasia, then she is anesthetized for 10 minutes.

A woman sits in a gynecological chair. First, Maki's neck is smeared with iodine (it doesn’t hurt!) If you need an injection, it will be done (and there will not be too unpleasant sensations), and then the procedure will begin. During it may feel like pain during menstruation. Clicks are heard, and the smell of burning is felt.

After the end of the operation, the area that has been subjected to radio wave exposure turns white. After 7 days, rejection of the affected tissue begins, and in its place healthy one forms.

Who should not be treated with radio waves?

Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion do not hold

Any method, even the most "advanced", has contraindications. Constraints are also defined for radiocoagulation. Radio wave treatment of cervical erosion is not carried out with:

  • acute and chronic inflammatory processes in the pelvis;
  • genital infections;
  • pregnancy;
  • cancer tumors;
  • elevated temperature;
  • if metal implants are installed.

When prescribing such a procedure for women with a pacemaker, the physician should take additional precautions.

Are there any complications?

This happens in just 1% of women. Although recovery usually occurs without features, there is still the possibility of bleeding, a sharp narrowing of the canal of the uterus or infection. In some patients, sexual desire is reduced (this happens if coagulation is done several times). Another unpleasant consequence of such an operation is a violation of the qualities of the physiological mucus of the vagina.

What else should the patient know?

After coagulation in women, blood-associated discharges are noted, so they have to stock up on sanitary pads for 2-3 weeks. A month or two after cauterization, one should refrain from sexual intercourse, do not take a bath, go to the sauna, lift weights, bathe in open ponds, use tampons during menstruation.

What do women say?

Not every state medical institution can offer radio-wave coagulation of the cervix. According to reviews, more often such a procedure is carried out in paid clinics, and it will have to pay quite a lot - about 5,300 rubles. In this case, provide pain relief ("pshikayut lidocaine"). Some women are not too helped by such a measure, in their words, "tears do not flow hail". Others do not feel anything at all.

In the process of manipulation of the intimate space is smoke and smells like burning skin. After cauterization, there may be discharge of a clear, brown, yellow and even green color. To wound healed faster, appoint candles Depantol. It is necessary to come to the inspection in 2 months.

If you have erosion, think about how to cure it with minimal loss of health and well-being and be able to become a mother. Radio waves help to safely get rid of various pathologies of the cervix. If you follow all the recommendations of the doctor, then one month after the radiocoagulation you will return to normal life.

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