Quartz lamps for home use


A quartz lamp is not a well-known object for the general consumer, mainly used in hospitals, before physiotherapy or during this procedure. The peculiarity of this lamp is that ultraviolet rays pass through a special glass, as a result of which a characteristic odor is born that is firmly associated with medicines.

Even short-term use of this irradiator allows for disinfection of the room, which is the main purpose of switching on the quartz lamp in the doctor’s office. However, few know that it can be used at home. Why do you need it?

The main types of quartz lamps and their functionality

The main types of quartz lamps and their functionality

To begin with, it is worth noting that the ability to disinfect indoor air is available even in the simplest model of a quartz lamp - it is for this purpose that this device is most often purchased, especially if there are young children in the family who are prone to viruses. The ultraviolet irradiator carries the greatest value during epidemics, since it not only carries out prevention, killing any microbe brought into the house, but also accelerates the healing process if the patient is in the room for which quartz treatment is performed daily.

In addition, it is possible to replenish vitamin D deficiency, which is important not only in the cold season, when sun baths cannot be taken for natural reasons (for residents of northern latitudes), but also in warm weather, if a person is contraindicated to go out in the sun (for example, with some complications vascular diseases). This feature is also available absolutely with any model, lamps, and some especially "improved" options also provide an opportunity to get a light tan. However, due to the fact that the spectrum of the rays is cut down so as not to increase the risk of oncological diseases, it will not be possible to achieve a chocolate-colored skin. But at the same time quartz lamps still remain more powerful than those that stand in tanning beds.

  • The most popular is the lamp of local quartz treatment, which is used not only for disinfecting air, but also for conducting irradiation of the nasal, ear and oral cavity, i.e. treatment of ENT diseases. It is accompanied by special nozzles-tubes and the type of work is bactericidal.
  • There are lamps focused on the treatment of skin diseases - complete with glasses are supplied, because with this device you can spend a full sunbathing. Thus, a general strengthening of the immune system, weakening of depressive states is achieved. Experts call such a mercury-quartz lamp.
  • Separately, it is worth mentioning the lamps designed for water disinfection: they are installed in water hubs.

You can also meet and devices of complex effects, combining each of the above functions, due to the fact that they contain both bactericidal and mercury-quartz lamps. The main difference between these models lies in the length of the emitted waves, which determines the area of ​​coverage of disinfection, as well as the power and size of the lamps themselves, their type, the shape of the body and the presence of additional attachments and accessories.

Choosing a quartz lamp for the home should be carried out with a clear understanding of the purpose of the acquisition: there is no point in buying only for availability - it is likely that you will be mistaken and will not be able to use the device for its intended purpose.

How to choose a quartz lamp for home use?

How to choose a quartz lamp for home use?

First of all, it is important to understand that there are open and closed type lamps. The latter is the most preferable for the house and any premises where people are constantly present, because during the disinfection process they do not produce ozone and do not emit dangerous ultraviolet rays. While open lamps can be used only in an empty room or locally, for the treatment of ENT diseases through physiotherapy. That they acquire for hospital offices.

  • A closed-type quartz lamp is an excellent choice for a home if only disinfection is needed. But it is important to understand that the use of such a device is prohibited in the house where there are persons with ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as hypertension, tuberculosis, blood diseases, including the tendency to bleeding, and cancers. The attractiveness of a germicidal lamp lies in its relatively low cost,
  • An open-type quartz lamp is not so safe to use, so some precautions need to be constantly kept in mind. After quartz treatment (or treatment procedure), the room must be aired, and the lamp itself should not be in the on state for longer than 30 minutes. Most often, quartz is such a lamp for 10-15 minutes. and only 1 time per day. Under such a lamp it is forbidden to sunbathe, a direct glance at the irradiator is also not allowed - this is fraught with corneal burn. At the time of quartz treatment in the room should not be even plants.

It is impossible to state unequivocally that open-type lamps after the creation of closed devices with titanium protection glass became absolutely useless: they continue to be used both in public places and at home, but are purchased much less frequently. Especially since the choice of a particular model is still carried out not only on glass. What else is important to know and remember?

  • Match the area of ​​the treated room and the lamp power: in this case, it is better to choose a device with a smaller coverage, thereby reducing the chance of side effects to a minimum. For home use usually take a lamp with a coverage of up to 20 sq.m., the height of the walls up to 3 m.
  • Decide how it will be more convenient for you to use the device: today you can find floor, table and suspension models, differing in their dimensions and type of attachment. In the functional, there is usually no difference, so this moment is up to you.

Not so long ago, lamps with a quartz lamp embedded in them appeared on the market: they are designed for night-time long room lighting and its mild disinfection, which is achieved due to very low power and alternation of fluorescent and quartz radiation.

The best models of lamps for home according to consumer reviews

The best models of quartz lamps for home according to consumer reviews

If we talk directly about certain models of this medical device, then open-type “Sunshine” lamps are very popular, which are divided into several categories. OUF 01 and 04 are focused on local use for the treatment of ENT diseases, and OUF 03 allows you to fill in vitamin D deficiency. A similar principle of operation is also in Kristall lamps, but most of them are focused only on general disinfection.

  • Alain: I bought a quartz lamp after another exacerbation of asthma, on the recommendation of a doctor - I chose an open type “Crystal”, I use it only in my absence. I leave the lamp on while I go for a walk (1-1.5 hours). Then air the room for 50-60 minutes. I would never have thought that such a simple procedure can make life much easier, but since the beginning of its implementation I have not experienced such acute attacks anymore.
  • Inna: I took an open-type lamp for the house, “The Sun”, which is rather small, does not catch the eye in the interior. Originally planned to be used only in the mother’s room (a recumbent elderly person), but during the flu epidemic, it was necessary to carry out prevention of the whole house. The effect is evident, especially in a child, who did physiotherapy for the throat, but it was not without problems: the flowers withered in an instant, although they only processed air for 40 minutes.
  • Olesya: We use the irradiator mainly in winter, when the influenza virus is activated - a daughter with very weak immunity, the patient always came from school. I do quartz treatment of the bedroom "Crystal" of the closed type for 20-30 minutes. per day, for 2-3 weeks; For 2 years now, my daughter has only had a cold; serious viruses do not cling to her.

In conclusion, it is worthwhile to focus your attention on some features of using the device: if during the therapy or after quartz treatment a deterioration in the condition was noticed - headache, dizziness, irritation, tremor - it is necessary to stop the procedure and not repeat it again. It is also forbidden to exceed the set session time.