Purified and charged water - elixir of life

Water is the great cradle of life. Since ancient times, this element has played an important role in magical rituals, rites, and sacraments. Studies of our time have convincingly proved that we really know very little about water and its properties. For example, it was found that water molecules can be modified under the influence of emotions and external influences. Molecular lattice becomes broken, "barbed" under the influence of manifestations of fear and aggression. Calming and positive emotions transform molecules into harmonious shapes resembling flowers and stars.

Here is how the water molecule changes under the influence of various sounds:

Water - information carrier

It has now been scientifically proven that water is capable of accumulating information, both positive and negative. Therefore, a great care should be taken during the preparation of food, food, water procedures - water will send any manifestations of negative emotions against you. You are familiar with the phenomenon, when the preparation of a familiar dish fails, if you take it in a bad mood?

But it is precisely this property that can be used for your own benefit; various methods of “charging” water are based on it. Most people mistakenly believe that something like that is available only to psychics. Not at all! Anyone can create healing water!

Water charging methods

Sound effects - these can be any pleasant sounds: mantras and prayers, classical music, even just the sound of rain or a waterfall. The main thing that they were pleasant! There is even the opinion that each type of musical instrument is able to convey some specific properties to the water. For example, it is believed that the sounds of stringed instruments (guitar, violin, cello, harp) contribute to the development of confidence and psychological comfort. Many people like the ringing of bells, but few know that the sounds of resonant instruments (bells, singing bowl, cymbals, harp) have the ability to harmonize the surrounding space.

Mental and verbal impact - even the pronouncing of certain words affects the structure of the water molecule. Scientists have not yet come to a consensus on why this is happening, but laboratory experiments clearly demonstrate that water is sensitive to any effects. A curse pronounced near water changes the appearance of its molecules by no means the better side. Now imagine how much power our thoughts possess, especially thoughts about themselves, their health and well-being. A person is more than 80% water, so any negative thoughts trigger the mechanism of self-destruction. “Think about the good” - the great gurus of antiquity call us. And modern specialists in the field of neuropsychology fully support the theory of positive thinking.

Sunlight. Such water has a strong energy potential, for it is enough to put it under the influence of the direct sun for 3-4 hours.

Moonlight. This method of charging water is similar to solar. It is believed that such water clears the space around it, and if it is placed at the head of the bed, it promotes good sleep.

How to clean the water at home?

Unfortunately, often tap water is contaminated with additional impurities that make it heavy, and just harmful to the body. Natural sources of purified water are springs, as well as precipitation, for example, in the form of snow. However, due to the environmental problems of modern times, these sources have long ceased to be 100% reliable.

Before turning the water into a healing elixir, it should be cleaned. Water purification using household filters often does not give a positive result that the house is of me, so it even seems to me that it becomes even worse - there appears some bad taste. It is better to independently prepare a filter of activated carbon and medical cotton. There are several ways to get purified water at home.

Silver cleaning is an old-fashioned way to disinfect water. How it is done: for 10-12 hours a well-cleaned (!) Silver item is placed in a container with water (it can be a bracelet or a teaspoon). It is believed that the water treated in this way contributes to the rejuvenation of the body. But it should be remembered that if the concentration of silver in water is higher than 50 µg / l, the silted water turns from a healing elixir into poison. Be careful - do not insist water for more than 2-3 days.

Freezing is also an effective way to purify water. To do this, prepare the separated water, carefully pour the plastic bottles, put them in the freezer and let them freeze, but not completely, so that a third of the liquid remains free. The first one will freeze clear water (ice will be porous), and the impurities contained in it will concentrate in the free liquid, which can be easily drained. After that, the water is thawed at room temperature.

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