Pumpkin juice


A pumpkin is, by its nature, a vine growing in the forests of Mexico and Texas. Her so unusual origin is combined with a huge number of useful properties that she has. The pumpkin was eaten, and its ancient juice was drank by the ancient aborigines living in the south of North America. Pumpkin juice has absorbed all the nutrients that make up the pumpkin, and contains them in a form that allows the human body to assimilate them faster.

Useful properties of pumpkin juice

Vegetable juices are an indispensable tool in order to improve the vital activity of cells and organs of the human body. This uniqueness depends on the structured water in their composition, but pumpkin juice consists of 90% of it. And if you add to this a large amount of vitamins and mineral trace elements, then its use increases many times over.

Useful properties of pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice contains carotene in fairly large quantities, which is responsible for vision, vitamins A, C, group B and recognized vitamin of youth E. Unlike other vegetable juices, it contains unique vitamin K, which is responsible for blood clotting.

It contains a huge amount of pectin, which is responsible for the normalization of metabolism. Pectin is known as a great antioxidant, which is why pumpkin juice containing it is recommended for residents of large cities with high levels of pollution and radiation.

Pumpkin juice helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, clear blood vessels, deal with the problem of overweight, improve blood circulation, speed up the excretion of radionuclides and toxins..

Pumpkin juice in traditional medicine

Pumpkin juice is a health drink, as it can significantly and fairly quickly strengthen the immune system. Ascorbic acid in its composition reduces the risk of colds and infectious diseases several times, especially during the autumn epidemics of the common cold and flu. For prevention, it is enough to drink only 0.5 cups of juice per day 30 minutes before eating. Pumpkin juice can also help to cope with such an unpleasant state as insomnia, if one hour before bedtime you drink a glass of juice from 1 tsp. honey

Pumpkin juice in traditional medicine

  • It is recommended to drink with liver diseases, urolithiasis.
  • Fasting days, the main focus of which is pumpkin juice, help lose 3 extra pounds.
  • When diabetes mellitus, regular use of pumpkin juice can reduce blood sugar levels.
  • If a man has problems with the prostate gland, after seeking help from a doctor, you should include in the diet and pumpkin juice, drinking it for 3 weeks every day in a glass. In the future, you should repeat the treatment every 4 months.
  • Pumpkin juice can help in the fight against worms, which is especially important in the treatment of young children.

Pumpkin juice and female beauty

Beauticians and dermatologists have long been familiar with the beneficial properties of pumpkin juice, which, having such a unique composition of microelements and vitamins, is able to quickly cope with acne.

Vitamins A and E, recognized antioxidants, are able to preserve the youth of the skin, repel the formidable free radicals, which, by destroying the cells, cause the aging process.

Pumpkin juice and female beauty

Pumpkin juice is able to give a face a fresh and healthy look., eliminate the appearance of premature wrinkles. To take advantage of his excellent abilities, 2 p. a day, wipe your face with a swab dipped in pumpkin juice. Thus, the skin will receive all the nutrients that are included in its composition.

Pumpkin Juice: Harm

Despite the beneficial properties and availability of pumpkin juice is best to give people who suffer from low acidity of the stomach. With severe disruptions in the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract, pumpkin juice is also contraindicated. Drinking juice, which is a serious cleansing agent for such disorders, can increase diarrhea.

Another factor that hinders the use of all the benefits of this wonderful product is its individual intolerance. On this list of harmful properties of pumpkin juice ends.

How to make pumpkin juice?

In order to prepare this healthy juice at home, you will need 300 g of peeled pumpkin, 50 g of sugar and lemon. Grate the pumpkin on a fine grater. Boil 0.5 liters of water with sugar, then add the pumpkin, bring to a boil and cool. Squeeze juice from lemon and add to pumpkin juice. Beat the resulting composition and refrigerate for a day. Pumpkin juice is ready.

To prepare fresh juice, Take a young pumpkin, peel it and cut it. Put in the juicer. Pumpkin juice is ready.

Pumpkin juice: the benefits and harm. How to make pumpkin juice?

Instead of a juicer, you can use a fine grater and gauze. The remaining pumpkin cake can be added to the mask. Fresh juice is better to prepare immediately before drinking, because after 1 hour the beneficial properties begin to disappear.

It is very useful to take pumpkin juice half an hour before meals, 0.5 cups in the morning.

To make pumpkin juice tastier and get a more interesting taste, you can add apple, carrot or lemon juice to it. Each of them will complement it with its beneficial properties and you will get a juice unique in its healing composition, which is able to give a person all the microelements and vitamins necessary for normal life. For certain diseases, it is recommended to increase the number of pumping juice up to 3 r. per day.

Pumpkin juice is a wonderful drink that not only helps quench thirst, but also provides the body with a large amount of nutrients and minerals, without which a person cannot live and create normally. If you do not have individual intolerance to this useful product, then you should not deny yourself the pleasure of taking advantage of its useful properties that are simply impressive..

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