Pulmicort for inhalation

Pulmanology is a very serious branch of medicine that studies diseases of the lungs and bronchi. Without food, a person will live for 1.5 months, without water for several days, and without air, a maximum of 5 minutes. Diseases of the lungs and bronchi interfere with normal breathing and are among the most painful - those who have not experienced asthma attacks can simply imagine what their state of health can be when you drown. Especially if children suffer from similar diseases, who still do not know how to "humbly" treat themselves and often resist medical procedures. From this article you will learn about such a drug as Pulmicort - for people suffering from pulmonary diseases, it can be a real salvation.

Main characteristics of Pulmicort

Main characteristics of Pulmicort

Many people get scared when they learn that Pulmicort is a hormonal drug. This is actually the case, the main active component of Pulmicort is budesonide, which belongs to the group of glucocorticosteroids. And yet you should not be afraid, if suddenly the doctor appointed Pulmicort to your child - if the dosage and the dosage regimen are observed, there will be no addiction and other horrors that hormones are “advertised”. Moreover, Pulmicort refers to the means of narrow action.

Pulmicort for inhalation is available in 2 forms - in the form of a turbuhaler and suspension. The turbuhaler is a reusable inhaler that allows you to inhale the medicine in small doses. Suspension - a substance for the preparation of a solution, the evaporation of which is inhaled through a nebulizer.

Pulmicort is used to treat bronchial asthma, rhinitis of various origins, laryngitis, obstinate bronchitis, and even persistent cough. In addition, with external use of Pulmicort, cure of psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus is possible.

The main actions of Pulmicort are anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, therefore it is not used in the active phase of asthma. It can prevent cramps and relieve swelling.

For children Pulmikort doctors often discharged not only against asthma, but also with laryngitis, and with persistent cough with bronchospasms. Often, Pulmicort is taken in combination with other drugs - antihistamines, mucolytics, etc. Often, Pulmicort is accompanied by Berodual. Such treatment is effective in asthma, as it relieves shortness of breath.

Like any other medicine, Pulmicort is not for everyone. Contraindications to the use of this drug are as follows:

  • the patient is less than 6 months old (sometimes doctors can prescribe Pulmicort for children from 3 months, draw attention to it);
  • pulmonary tuberculosis and skin;
  • bacterial and viral diseases of the skin and lungs;
  • hypersensitivity to budesonide.

If you have liver disease, you need a specialist consultation

Taking Pulmicort during pregnancy is not prohibited, as there were no negative effects on the fetus. Nevertheless, the drug during pregnancy is taken with caution, at the minimum to achieve positive results of treatment doses.

Pulmicort is eliminated from the body through the urogenital system, but is also excreted through breast milk. However, no negative effects on the fed child were identified, therefore, the drug is allowed during lactation.

At home, you need to keep Pulmicort in a place your child cannot reach. Storage temperature - no more than 30 degrees.

Pulmicort for inhalations for children

The instruction (dosage) of Pulmicort for adults, as a rule, varies within 1 mg per day. With regard to the use of drugs in relation to children, the dosage is prescribed by a pediatrician on an individual basis. Usually it is from 0.25 to 0.5 mg per day. If the disease is difficult, the dose may be increased to 2 mg per day, while it must be divided into 2 doses.

Pulmicort for inhalations for children

How to dilute the drug?

For children, it is recommended to make a special solution in which, in addition to saline, such drugs as fenoterol, terbutaline, acetylcysteine ​​and salbutamol are also used. It is better not to prepare such a suspension at home - just order it at the pharmacy.

Pulmicort nebulizer is diluted with saline in accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician. Typically, the volume of the drug from 0.25 to 1 mg is diluted with saline to obtain a 2 mg suspension.

Do not forget that Pulmicort can cause oral thrush (thrush). To prevent a fungal infection, rinse the mouth after the procedure.

Analogue drug

Since Pulmicort is a hormonal drug containing the active substance budesonide, its analogues also contain this component. These are medicines such as:

  1. Budesonide;
  2. Aldecine;
  3. Flixotide;
  4. Beclazol;
  5. Budenit Steri Neb.

At its cost, Pulmicort does not belong to inexpensive drugs. The price of the drug varies from 1000 to 1500 rubles. The cheapest analogue of Pulmikorta is Budesonide - it can be found in pharmacies for a price within 500 rubles.

Nederko to counterparts Pulmikort include also Berodual. This is a non-hormonal drug, which, however, is prescribed for similar symptoms. Often Pulmikort and Berodual are appointed in the complex. For the price, Berodual is comparable to Budesonide (about 500 rubles).

Pulmicort for inhalation: reviews consumers

The effectiveness of Pulmicort has been proven over decades of applications, and yet the reviews, mostly positive, sometimes contain negative evaluations.

  • Yuliya:We have obstructive bronchitis, only Pulmicort and escape.
  • Nastya:Very worried when I learned that Pulmicort was hormonal. But the doctor said that it was a local drug, and there could not be such serious consequences as from the same hormonal pills. Taken together with Berodual, it relieves spasms, and Pulmicort removes swelling and blocks allergies.
  • Evgenia:My son has bronchial asthma. God forbid no parent would ever know what it is like a choking attack on a child, or respiratory arrest! When the doctor gave us Pulmicort, I studied the issue of hormonal medications for a long time. Now I am calm, because I know - people become seriously addicted to hormones after several years or even decades of taking pills. And Pulmicort is a local remedy, you can only inhale it. So we use it and rejoice, my son only becomes easier.
  • Irina:Pulmicort means good, but only if you know how to properly prepare a solution for inhalation! If you can not, better go to the hospital. They will show everything there and teach everything, and you will be healthy.
  • Victoria:Thank God my daughter is healthy, but I myself have asthma. Six months ago, the doctor assigned me Pulmicort. Bought, read the instructions and was afraid to use. Cost one Berodual.
  • Anna:The doctor prescribed Pulmicort for laryngitis, but not constantly taking, but only if choking. Asthma attacks usually happen at night, by the way, when doctors arrive at the ambulance, they also use Pulmicort. In general, during the time of illness, the drug was used only 2 times, of course, it is expensive, but what to do, the health of the child is more expensive.

Anyone who has had to use Pulmicort for inhalation, the instruction outlined in this article can discover something new. Do not forget that this tool is potent, but do not show unfounded fears. Although Pulmicort is a hormonal drug, it acts locally, respectively, and does not cause such serious negative effects as long-term hormone pills. And yet, in any case, treatment must be done responsibly, so do not forget to consult a doctor.

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