Program squats for pumping buttocks at home


Squats will help not only lose weight, but also give the buttocks a beautiful and attractive shape, as many girls dream of. To improve your own body and bring it to the ideal, it is enough to conduct regular training, because it is not only the most effective, but also a useful way to achieve the goal.

Squats are the basis for a beautiful physique, while they can be used to build muscle mass, both men and women. It is important to take training seriously, as there is a risk not only not to achieve the effect of the exercises, but also to be injured. Before doing squats for the buttocks at home, you should be familiar with the basic rules of employment.

Features perform squats for buttocks

Squats are the basis for a beautiful physique.

  1. During the exercise, the back should remain arched. Keep your shoulder blades flattened. This minimizes the chance of injury.
  2. Squats cannot be torn off the heel, as the main load should fall on them.
  3. While lifting up, you cannot fully straighten the body, otherwise the main load will go to the joints, which is very traumatic.
  4. When doing squats, keep your knees at a distance roughly equal to the width of your shoulders.
  5. Knees should not go beyond the line of feet, otherwise the main load will fall on them, and the gluteal muscles will remain undeveloped.
  6. If additional weight is used (for example, a barbell), it is necessary to place it in the trapezoid area. To this end, the shoulder blades as closely as possible.
  7. Taking the barbell, it can not be placed on the cervical vertebrae, otherwise a serious injury could be received.
  8. Correct squatting for the buttocks will be the case if the pelvis does not fall below the level of the thigh, otherwise serious knee injury may be received.

Making up a squatting program for the buttocks for a month, you need to remember

When composing a squat program for the buttocks for a month, it is necessary to remember that the most effective are precisely the deep ones, but they must be carried out correctly. If there is no experience, it is better to sign up for a gym and work with an instructor.

What is the use of such exercises?

These exercises are very useful not only for the lower but also the upper body.

These exercises are very useful not only for the lower, but also the upper body. With proper training will be received:

  • buttocks squats help activate the work of a large group of muscles - the spine, hips, buttocks;
  • increases the load on the tendons, thereby greatly improving their overall condition;
  • action on the joints - ankle, knee and hip;
  • provides stress on the heart, contributing to the formation of a healthy rhythm.

The program of squats for the buttocks for a month allows you to pump the muscles of the legs and thighs, and also helps to improve the overall condition of the whole body, but this result can be achieved with regular exercises.

Training program for the month

Day Approach 1 Approach 2 Approach 3 Approach 4 Total
1 day 15 15 ten ten 50
2 day sixteen 15 13 eleven 55
3 day 17 15 15 13 60
4 day - - - - -
5 day 20 20 15 15 70
6 day 21 20 18 sixteen 75
7 day 22 20 20 18 80
8 day - - - - -
9 day 25 25 25 25 100
10 day 28 26 26 25 105
11 day thirty 28 27 25 110
12 day - - - - -
13 day 35 33 32 thirty 130
14 day 37 35 33 thirty 135
15 day 40 35 35 thirty 140
16 day - - - - -
17 day 43 37 37 33 150
18 day 45 38 38 34 155
19 day 46 40 38 36 160
20 day - - - - -
21 day 50 45 44 41 180
22 day 52 47 44 42 185
23 day 55 48 45 42 190
24 day - - - - -
25 day 65 55 52 48 220
26 day 65 57 53 45 225
27 day 65 60 54 46 230
28 day - - - - -
29 day 70 62 55 48 240
30 day 70 62 55 48 240

How to perform squats?

It is necessary to take the starting position - to become straight, arms relaxed, located along the torso. Squat should be as slow as possible to work all the muscles. The pelvis is gently retracted, the back remains flat. Make sure your knees are bent at a right angle.

You can use the squat, which was called "plie", thanks to him, the buttock muscles, including the quadriceps, work effectively. The starting position is occupied - the toes are turned out, hands are placed on the waist area. Now you have to sit down, and to complicate things you can use dumbbells, holding them in your hands in front of you.

No less effective is the following exercise, in which the same muscle groups work as in the previous one — the starting position is engaged and the feet are brought together, the hands are placed along the body, and they are left relaxed.

Squatting under the name "curtsy" is done - you need to become straight, your back does not bend, one leg is placed in front, and the second is behind it, put on a sock. Squat should be as slow as possible to feel how tense muscles. During work, the weight of the body is transferred to the front foot, and the back should not touch the floor with the heel.

Regardless of what kind of exercise is chosen, in order to get beautiful and toned buttocks, it is necessary to conduct regular workouts. Home classes are no less effective than in the gym, besides, you can train at any convenient time and in a month the buttocks will get almost perfect shape.