Professor zhdanov


It is now quite difficult to meet a person who has no vision problems. The ecological situation, the wrong way of life and the constant tension of the optic nerves affect. In addition, the influence of work is added - very few people use a computer. Over time, the general condition of the eyes can only worsen. Therefore, it is important to take certain measures, both for prevention and for the restoration of vision.

The eyes are a rather fragile organ of the human body. Vision problems sooner or later begin for everyone. First of all, they can be associated with improper unbalanced nutrition. Lack of necessary vitamins impairs vision. Such illnesses can be associated with past illnesses and problems with the spine.

Practical methods of restoring vision

There are many methods of restoring vision. Almost every one of them is based on the same principles. So for people with eye problems, it is recommended to establish blood circulation. This is best done with eye exercises. This may be a special gymnastics or yoga. Basically, exercises are based on the principle of relaxation and tension of the optic nerve.

Professor Zhdanov: methods of restoring vision

In addition to exercises for the eyes, it is very important to introduce products into your diet that affect the state of vision. Improves visual acuity blueberries. Of course, it is best to eat fresh berries, and not to replace them with badami. Scientists have proven that they improve blood circulation.

For prevention, blueberries are recommended for those who often have to strain their eyes.

For hyperopia or myopia, it is important to eat foods that contain vitamin C and beta-carotene. Recently, scientists have proven that the accumulated lutein makes the retina less vulnerable. This substance is contained in spinach, yolks, red Bulgarian pepper.

It should be remembered that only vitamins cannot cure eye diseases. Therefore, in case of serious problems with vision it is extremely important to take all the measures described above, but to do this along the way with drug treatment under the supervision of a physician.

Restoration of vision according to the method of Zhdanov

Another method of restoring vision is associated with the name of Professor Zhdanov. In many ways, he is the successor of the traditions of the famous American scientist Bates. Zhdanov believes that the main problem lies in the fact that people, instead of practicing exercises and undertaking other independent methods for restoring eyesight, choose the easiest way - glasses.

In fact, they only worsen the condition and serve as a kind of "crutches" for the eyes, relaxing and straining different muscles. This thesis intersects with Bates theory, according to which myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are explained in this way. In order to avoid vision problems, you need to train the weak and relax overly overstressed muscles.

Restoration of vision according to the Zhdanov method begins with the correct attitudes, the desire to stop wearing glasses and constant training for the eyes. People who have a problem with vision are invited to understand that it is possible to adjust the work of the eyes - we all do not need glasses from birth. It is believed that vision problems are inevitable. Professor Zhdanov believes that it is not. After you have firmly decided that the situation needs to be changed, the doctor recommends to proceed to the exercises. They are easy to learn and do not require any special training.

You should start with palming - an exercise that will help relax the optic nerve. First you need to warm up your hands, rub them one against the other. You should cross your palms as if you want to drink water from a handful. At the same time, they should be simply crossed and placed straight - one on the other. You need to sit or lie down so that it is convenient for you to put your elbows. They should not be kept overhang.

Sight recovery

Then Professor Zhdanov advises to cover his eyes with his hands crossed. They should fit very tight, no gaps, only darkness. The nose is located at the intersection of the palms. Breathe it calmly, deeply, eyes closed. If you see residual light phenomena (by the way, this indicates nerve overstretching), then imagine a dark velvet curtain that does not let in light.

Further, transgress to self-suggestion: think that the vision will be restored or recall pleasant moments from life. After 3-5 minutes, start out of palming: strain and relax your eyes closed, as if you are closing your eyes. After that, remove your palms and shake your head in different directions to restore blood circulation. Wipe your eyes with fists. Exercise for the eyes is complete.

Professor Zhdanov believes that palming is useful for everyone to do. He considers it an excellent prevention and the first step to restore vision. Those who work at the computer, it is recommended to do the exercise every hour.

Effective exercises

Also in the Zhdanov technique, there are other exercises for restoring vision. The professor does not recommend rushing during class. Also, do not train after eye surgeries. For all, without exception, it is recommended to go to an ophthalmologist and find out if there are any problems with retinal detachment.

Nearsighted ones should perform gymnastics for Zhdanov’s eyes very carefully.

  1. Gymnastics begins with raising your eyes up and down. The exercise is repeated 3 times, then blink.
  2. Go to the turns. We move our eyes 3 times to the right and left, we blink.
  3. Look diagonally from bottom to top and back 3 times. Blink.
  4. Outline the eyes of the rectangle. We start from the bottom left point. In the opposite direction we do an exercise from the lower right point. Repeat 3 times. Blink.
  5. We represent the divisions of clocks with arrows - 3, 6, 9, 12. We move from the top point 12 clockwise: 3, 6, 9, 12. Repeat the same thing counterclockwise - 12, 9, 6, 3. Do exercise 3 times Blink to relax your eyes.
  6. And the last exercise for the eyes of this series is the snake. Starting from the bottom left corner "draw" with your eyes a snake from bottom to top. Finished exercise blinking.

Natural vision restoration: how to achieve results?

Professor Zhdanov: methods of restoring vision

In addition to various techniques, you can restore vision in a natural way. In this case, the main thing - to get rid of irritants. Of course, it will be difficult, but try to give your eyes a little rest.

Remember that in the diet should be vitamins A, B, C. Include in your diet liver, carrot salad with sour cream, fish, blueberries.

Try to clean the body - vision problems may be due to slagging toxins. Start with proper nutrition.

Try to give up bad habits. Alcohol intake and smoking affect vision.

Our health is in our hands. Restoration of vision is direct evidence of this. Do not think that the solution to the problem with the eyes - glasses and laser correction. It is very important to maintain the condition of the eyes through proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and gymnastics. It is quite effective restoration of vision according to the method of Zhdanov. Palming and simple exercises will help you relax the muscles of the eyes and restore vision.