Products with a negative calorie slimming - a myth or the


So you want to admire others with a chiseled figure, but it is so difficult to go on diets, indulging in different goodies! Is it possible to put your weight in order without the painful hunger strikes? After all, there are foods with negative calorie ... What does "minus calories" mean and what foods have such a unique property?

Are there calories in foods with "negative calorie"?

Are there calories in foods with

For the first time the concept of "negative calories" appeared in the dictionary of adherents of a healthy lifestyle. They found that there are products for the processing of which the body has to expend more energy than they are able to put into the body. True, doctors and nutritionists do not share such enthusiasm and doubt the plausibility of this theory.

Thus, products with negative caloric content actually have an energy reserve. But they force the body to work hard on their digestion. Among them there are those that activate metabolic processes than indirectly contribute to weight loss. And many of these components of the menu can be used in the raw (raw) form, which also forces the body to work in an enhanced mode.

Why are these herbal products were in such an honor for losing weight? Because it occurred to someone to make simple arithmetic calculations. So, it is known that from 30 to 40% of their energy reserves are used for the assimilation of protein products, the fats will take only 5-10% of the calories present in the composition. And the body digests carbohydrates in general without much difficulty: this process will take no more than 4-7% of their energy reserve.

Based on this, you can give the right answer to the question: products with negative caloric content - a myth or a truth? Negative balance of calories no food can create. The most that is enough for its capabilities is to make it zero. This will happen if all the energy that came along with this product is consumed for its processing. Let us examine by example: a 100-gram serving of broccoli cabbage has a stock of 25 kcal. And almost the same amount will have to be spent on the body for its assimilation, since it contains a lot of indigestible fiber. That is, you ate a portion of such a salad, but your weight did not increase a jot. But even you cannot take away the calories from any of the products!

What to look for "minus"?

must be negative calorie foods

If you are fond of various diets, then your menu must contain products with negative calorie content. The list of them looks like this:

  • vegetable group - celery (10 kcal), cabbage (28 kcal), asparagus (20 kcal), beet (48 kcal), pepper (25 kcal), spinach (21 kcal), green onion (22 kcal), tomatoes (15 kcal ), cucumbers (15 kcal), eggplants (24 kcal), turnip (28 kcal), pumpkin (28 kcal), lettuce (17 kcal);
  • fruits - peach (44 kcal), apple (46 kcal), apricot (48 kcal), plum (43 kcal); from overseas - papaya (48 kcal), pineapple (48 kcal), pomelo (32 kcal);
  • berries - viburnum (26 kcal); strawberries (30 kcal), watermelon (25 kcal), cranberries (28 kcal), currants (40 kcal), blueberries (40 kcal);
  • greens and spices - mint (49 kcal), dill (40 kcal), basil (27 kcal), coriander (25 kcal); parsley (45 kcal);
  • drinks - mineral water without gas, juice, cooked without sugar and citric acid.

And what you really will not find a single calorie, so it is in green tea and water.

These are the most common and affordable foods with negative calorie content. The table below will expand your choice of food ingredients of this category.

negative calorie foods table 1

negative calorie foods table 2

negative calorie foods table 3

negative calorie food table 4

negative calorie food table 5

How to eat these foods?

Having studied the list of food, which, according to connoisseurs of healthy nutrition, will not reward you with calories, you will not find in their list of animal products. If you are not a vegetarian, then you are unlikely to be satisfied with such a diet - you will eat something else.

To diet on foods with a minus calorie worked, they should be properly consumed. How exactly? Do not think that the more you eat them, the thinner your waist will become. To achieve a positive result, use these tips:

  • observe moderation. Eat no more than 300-450 g of the selected product per day. If you start to eat them in kilograms, then the scales are unlikely to show that you have become slimmer;
  • choose the right time. Do not try to make up your diet only from such products. The body still needs energy - at least in order to maintain basic life functions and give you the opportunity to maintain performance. For breakfast and lunch, eat something nutritious, and make dinner lightweight;
  • use products such as garnish. For example, with burgers, serve baked vegetables to the table. This dish will satisfy you no less than pasta with meat, but the number of calories will be several times smaller;
  • Do not heat treat products. Only in fresh form they will benefit the figure and health. If you fry broccoli in oil, you can not expect to lose weight soon. In extreme cases, steam or grill them;
  • add spices. This will reduce the amount of salt and prevent the formation of edema. And cinnamon will successfully replace sugar;
  • Do not forget to drink cool water. To assimilate it, the body first “warms up” it to body temperature. It will take a lot of energy.

Minus calories - minus kilograms?

negative calorie products for weight loss

Now the main thing: if you include in your diet only "minus" products, is it possible to lose weight quickly and severely? It would seem that the answer is obvious: naturally! Eat enough fruits and vegetables, ensure minimal physical exertion - and in the body there will be a shortage of calories, and, therefore, the weight will decline, without much effort. But in reality, things are not so simple.

The consequences of such nutrition are comparable with the results of the most rigid diets. Since only vegetable products remain in the diet, it cannot be considered balanced. Lack of components necessary for the body (the suppliers of which are animal products) will lead to major health problems.

There is another important point: a decrease in calories by more than 10-15% of the optimal rate will cause a slowdown in metabolism. Take into account the fact that, leaving only raw vegetables and sour berries in the diet, you can provoke violations in the work of the digestive tract.

When you finish eating products with negative calorie for weight loss, then you can wait another unpleasant surprise: the lost kilograms will begin to return rapidly.

On the Internet and TV shows on weight loss, you can hear accolades for the miraculous abilities of products with "zero calorie". Do you believe such tips? Raw fruits and vegetables are a storehouse of vitamins and a minimum of calories. They really are not able to spoil your figure. And so that they become assistants in the normalization of weight, you should simply supplement your diet with the useful gifts of gardens and vegetable gardens. Then you will start to lose weight smoothly, due to the correct reduction in the energy value of the menu. This is the main benefit of products whose caloric value, with someone's light hand, has been called negative.