Popular fitness exercises. detailed video.

Fitness refers to a wellness technique that allows you to effectively adjust the contours of the body with fixing the result for a long time. Ideally, you should combine enhanced physical training with a specially selected diet. This should take into account a lot of individual data that affect the choice of load and style of power. It is necessary to take into account the possible contraindications of doctors, and the age category, and the level of health, and the structure with the constitutional features of the figure. It is recommended to trust the opinion of a specialist before the start of classes.

With a great desire to engage in their own, it is recommended to constantly listen to your own self, your feelings, time to limit the load in case of an unexpected reaction of the body. The following video is a variant of the study of a significant muscle group, it is necessary to closely monitor the features of the various exercises. Despite the lack of translation in Russian, all movements are clear and quite effective when included in daily training. After a time, after achieving certain results, it is recommended to reduce the total number of workouts to 2-3 per week.

There is an option of fitness exercises for women (a deeper study of the internal muscle groups of the pelvis and thighs):

And the option of fitness exercises for men (with a focus on the development of strength and endurance):

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