The taste of crisp popcorn is familiar to almost everyone today, but from what popcorn is made, not everyone knows. Raw materials for him are corn grains. However, it is possible to cook the air yummy only from a certain - “exploding” - corn variety. The cobs of this plant have grains covered with a very hard vitreous shell. It is this feature that gives the grains an amazing property: when heated, they burst with a loud bang, that is, they break from the inside.

How many calories in a pack of popcorn?

How many calories in a pack of popcorn?

While some American corn lovers talk about whether popcorn is good or bad, others consider the calories in a treat. It is very easy to determine how many calories came into the body along with roasted corn while the movie was going. 100 g of this product (without additives) contains about 350 kcal.

Accordingly, the amount of calories eaten will depend on the size of the glass. Scientists even counted that during one movie session some viewers manage to devour up to 1800 kcal! It is clear that such a principle of nutrition is unlikely to help maintain a slim figure.

Those who prefer chocolate or caramel popcorn are even more at risk. Caloric value of popcorn with additives increases several times. Even if you add a little salt to 100 g of popcorn, the calorie content will increase by 100 kcal.

Those who still doubt whether popcorn is useful will be interested to know that it is capable of removing excess substances from the blood, which determine the formation of cholesterol. If you regularly use popcorn, you can reduce the likelihood of diseases such as hemorrhoids, ulcers, cancer of the rectum and stomach. Favorite corn in a black and red glass is also able to prevent irregularities in the work of the heart.

Popcorn harm: myth or truth?

Popcorn harm: myth or truth?

What is the danger for people can be appetizing air flakes? Corn by itself cannot harm the body, another thing is the amount of food eaten and the presence of additives. Cooking popcorn is associated with the use of flavors that are added to the butter. When heated, they give corn kernels properties that negatively affect people's health.

In addition, it was discovered not so long ago that the production of popcorn is also an unsafe occupation. People involved in such activities are often diagnosed with respiratory diseases.

Unscrupulous manufacturers, wanting to earn more profits, often use synthetic additives for the preparation of corn delicacy. Such a product can lead to serious health problems.

How to make popcorn on a gas stove?

In order not to fear for their health and well-being of their family members, it is better to cook popcorn at home. In this case, you will not have to worry about whether popcorn is useful or harmful, as you will be confident in the quality of the products used.

Cooking miracle flakes can be both on the stove and in the microwave. The first option is suitable for those who believe that microwaves are not the best invention of humanity, and prefer to use the old proven method. How to turn corn grains into light and tasty flakes?

How to turn corn grain into light and tasty flakesHow to turn corn grain into light and tasty flakes


  • 100 g of corn kernels (for popcorn);
  • salt;
  • powdered sugar;
  • vegetable oil (2 tbsp.)


  1. Corn put in the freezer for 20 minutes - 2 hours.
  2. If you choose a cooking method on the stove, then find a deep frying pan or a pot with thick walls.
  3. Put the pot on the fire and heat it to a high temperature (without adding oil). Then move the container to the stand.
  4. Pour cold corn kernels into the pot quickly (in one layer). Pour the grain over olive or refined sunflower oil. Close the lid and shake the pan so that the oil gets on the whole grain.
  5. Put the pan on the gas burner. The fire must be moderate. After 30 seconds, the characteristic clapping sounds will begin to come from it. Do not open the lid, as this can cause burns!
  6. After about 3-4 minutes, the clapping will stop. This will signal that the cooking process has been completed.
  7. Set aside the pot. Be careful to remove the cover. If desired, sprinkle with cereal salt, seasoning or powdered sugar.

How to cook popcorn in the microwave?

Those popcorn lovers who have a microwave oven at their disposal are even more fortunate. The process of cooking corn delicacy will take less time and will not include the dangerous operations associated with fire.

For cooking popcorn in the microwave, you need special dishes with a lid, but you can also use a paper bag.

To cook popcorn in the microwave, special dishes are needed.


  • corn for the preparation of popcorn.


  1. Pour the grain in a glass container (or bag).
  2. Close the lid (screw the bag so that it cannot open spontaneously). Place the container with the grains inside the oven.
  3. Turn on the microwave at full power, setting the time to 3 minutes.
  4. When the sounds of "shots" stop coming from the oven, you can get the finished dish.
  5. To make the popcorn even more flavor, you can add butter, salt or icing sugar to the flakes.

Eating or not eating popcorn is a matter of taste and personal conviction. But the main thing that should be taken into account by those who cannot deny themselves such a pleasure as popcorn is calorie content, additives, cooking methods and the optimal amount of this product. "Right" popcorn will lift your spirits, give a pleasant taste and help you feel healthy.