Not so long ago, from the family of citrus fruits, in addition to lemons on the Russian market, perhaps oranges, a little later they began to import tangerines, then grapefruits and limes began to appear. But on this list of representatives of such a large group does not end: not everyone knows the fruit called pomelo (pamelo) also relates to citrus. What is its feature? What is useful, who is contraindicated broom? How to choose the most ripe fruit?

Pomelo fruit: beneficial properties and contraindications

Pomelo fruit: beneficial properties and contraindications

Among all the citrus fruits, the broom stands out for its size and weight - it will even surpass the grapefruit, but the lion’s share of the volume (5 cm), unfortunately, is occupied by the shell. There is no more pure pulp in the pomelo than in the notorious grapefruit. To taste, it is also somewhere between a very tart grapefruit and a sweet orange, which is why it is considered a good alternative to both of them. Especially for those who care about their figure.

Like citrus fruits, pomelo is loved by supporters of healthy eating, as well as by people who want to lose weight: it is not only very light and will not harm any menu (calorie content per 100 g is 38 kcal), but also well suppresses the feeling of hunger, as well as triggers metabolic processes and affects body fat. From this point of view, pomelo is ideal for any meal, right up to the late dinner.

But pomelo is famous not only for its properties in the field of dietetics: it is an excellent source of ascorbic acid, like lemon or orange. In addition, in its chemical composition, a high percentage of potassium is necessary for the heart, and a unique substance - limonoid - is able to prevent the appearance and development of cataracts, as well as cancerous tumors. And, of course, it is impossible to forget about the essential oils contained in the pomelo: they not only strengthen the immune system, but also enhance mood. Experts note the ability of the fruit to lower pressure, improve the state during asthma attacks.

At the same time, it should be remembered that pomelo, like citrus fruits, increases the acidity of gastric juice, may exacerbate chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, in diseases of the digestive system, it should be used with caution and in small quantities. But allergies are lucky - pomelo causes allergic reactions much less frequently than other citrus fruits.

Do not forget that in a purified form, pomelo can be stored for only 2-3 days, while a freshly purchased fruit can lie in the refrigerator for up to 90 days, if the conditions for its storage were initially respected.

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