Pledged ear and noise in the head - what to do


We all know the feeling of stuffiness in the ear, for example, after water procedures, when traveling in an elevator or a long flight. We also know how to cope with this state on our own: simple manipulations - and hearing is normal. But if your ear is buried and makes noise in your head for a long time, this may be the first symptom of a developing disease. And what exactly, you can find out by reading this article.

Laid the ear and noise: possible causes and diseases

Such a section of medicine deals with issues of ear congestion.

Such a medicine as otolaryngology deals with issues of ear congestion. Doctors divide the problem into 2 categories:

  • physical
  • physiological.

Ear congestion non-medical nature

Physiological congestion in the ear occurs due to a foreign body entering the ear canal:

  • water;
  • small insect;
  • plant seeds.

Such reasons arise through the fault of the person and quickly pass on their own, do not require medical assistance. For example, when swimming in a pool or pond, water may enter the ear canal. To remove it, it will be enough to clean the ear with a cotton swab.

Also, drops in air pressure can be a cause of ear congestion. To the physiological features include staying in noisy companies or in a room with loud music. Very often, people complain about tingling in their ears, by the specifics of their work being in noisy places: police, firefighters, musicians. Such ear congestion and ringing pass after sufficient rest and sleep.

Possible diseases

The most dangerous for health are physical causes.

The most dangerous for health are physical causes. In this case, noise in the head and congestion in one or both ears can be a symptom of increased pressure in the vessels and arteries of the brain, inflammation in the ear canal and viral infections. Before starting any treatment, it is necessary to determine the exact cause, and there may be several of them:

  • It makes noise in the head and lays the ears - check blood pressure. Hypertensives are characterized by headaches and tinnitus.
  • A buzz in both ears and head is a frequent sign of an upcoming headache.
  • Internal inflammation of the auricle is accompanied by congestion of one ear, in which pathology directly proceeds, possibly simultaneously with respiratory viral infections, sinusitis and meningitis.
  • Atherosclerosis, head trauma, inflammation of the auditory nerve - all of this disrupts blood circulation and can cause ear congestion and ringing in the head.
  • Neurotic syndrome occurs as a result of postponed emotional shock. His companions are a feeling of heaviness in the head, hissing or buzzing in the ears.
  • Viral infection. The body is designed so that everything in it is interconnected, so if you put an ear during a cold, this is normal. It is enough to cure a runny nose and cough, and the ringing in the ears will pass.

This is only a short list of the main reasons, there are also such as age-related changes, the individual structure of the ear, malfunctions in the work of the thyroid gland.

Diagnostics - the key to successful treatment

Timely diagnosis of the problem - the key to successful treatment

Timely diagnosis of the problem is the key to successful treatment. Initially, it is necessary to accurately analyze the circumstances under which congestion and tinnitus appeared. The constant presence of these symptoms suggests that you need to go to the clinic and get tested.

The primary diagnosis consists of examining the patient and taking the history. The physician needs to accurately describe the noise present and possible accompanying symptoms. An otolaryngologist will examine the external and internal part of the auricle with the help of special tools - this will give an idea of ​​the presence of foreign bodies or inflammatory diseases.

If necessary, you may need to collect additional analyzes and indicators. For example, special auditory audiometry will help identify the level and severity of hearing. Various inflammatory processes occurring in the cranium are detected using magnetic resonance imaging.

In identifying diseases affecting the nervous system of the body, you may need to be examined by a neuropathologist.

How to help yourself?

The physiological causes of stuffiness and noise can be tried to eliminate or prevent their appearance on their own. If the need arises for a long flight or descent into the ground, it is possible to prevent ear congestion by dropping vasoconstrictor drops. However, the dosage and precautions indicated in the annotation to the drug should be observed.

If the congestion and noise have already appeared, you can try the following simple manipulations:

  1. Open and close your mouth wide, as if yawning deeply.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth with your hand and hold your breath for a while.
  3. Drink a small amount of drinking water, slowly, in small sips.

Such measures will help restore normal blood pressure in the ear and eliminate congestion of the ears.

The solution to the physical problems of stuffiness and tinnitus must come from the diagnosis. Most often, doctors choose a therapeutic approach to the problem.

In inflammatory processes in the ear cavity and infectious diseases that affect the purity of hearing, antibiotics and antiviral drugs are prescribed. In addition, it may be necessary to wash the ear tubes with an antibacterial solution, as well as compresses based on medical ointments.

Hypertensive diseases are treated in a complex with cardiological diseases. You may also need the participation of a neurologist to relieve pain syndromes. After a full examination and testing, doctors may prescribe drugs that will relieve increased pressure on the eardrums and blood vessels of the brain, normalize the composition of the blood. It is rarely recommended to resort to diet food and maintain a certain lifestyle.

The causes of tinnitus and congestion can be many: from the most innocent causes to serious diseases. In any case, do not take some of your free time to visit the otolaryngologist. After all, nothing in the world can go compared to the earache. Take care and be healthy!