Ever since childhood, we have become accustomed to applying plantain leaves to our wounds. In such situations, this plant seemed to us salutary. Plantain really has a number of useful properties for the human body. This plant is an ingredient of many folk remedies for various diseases.

This plant got its name for resistance to compacted roadside soils. Although it is growing, of course, not only along the roads. Plantain is sometimes called a "companion", which is probably more correct, because passing a plant, a person must take a part of it with him. Mature plantain seeds cling to human clothing. Thus, the plant helps us in the treatment, and people contribute to the growth of plantain.

Medicinal properties of plantain

This plant is a real treasure trove of properties that are beneficial to humans. Plantain leaves contain many vitamins. (among them, vitamin K and vitamin C), tannins and bitter substances, carotene, enzymes and much more.

Plantain, oddly enough, can be eaten. It is used in the preparation of salads, chops, omelets and casseroles. In addition, dry leaves can be used as a seasoning for boiled and fried potatoes. Also crushed plantain can be used to impart specificity to the taste of minced meat.

Peeled plantain leaves are able to stop bleeding. However, one should not forget to thoroughly wash the leaves so that in your wound instead of the healing components of the plantain there is no dust.

As a medicine, all parts of the plant are used. The most commonly used leaves. From them prepare broths and infusions, and also with their help make compresses. Compresses can be used on furunculosis and purulent wounds. From the leaves also get and plantain juice that can be used as antidepressant, to improve appetite, as well as an anesthetic.

Juice and infusion have the ability to heal wounds as soon as possible (for this purpose it is necessary to make lotions). Also, the juice can wash the wounds. You can wash them and ulcers, fistula, boils and boils. Infusion of the leaves and seeds of plantain has an expectorant effect. The ability of psyllium to heal wounds causes its tonic properties.

Useful properties of plantain juice

Plantain juice is obtained from the ground part of the plant. Use it with low acidity and inflammation of the gastric mucosa. In addition, the use of juice can help cope with inflammation of the colon, which are in a chronic form. To get rid of these diseases, plantain juice should be taken three times a day, one tablespoon. It is necessary to do this before eating, leaving between the use of juice and food for a short period of time. Such treatment is carried out by a course that lasts about a month (thirty days).

In order for the drugs from the plantain to act more effectively, it is necessary not to miss the correct collection time. Harvesting the plantain is better during its flowering, that is, in the summer months. To dry this plant can and should be exclusively in the shade.

Plantain in cosmetology

This plant contains a high concentration of vitamins, so the plantain is actively used in cosmetology. The plant is good to use for body and face skin care.

In most cases, plantain leaves are used for cosmetic purposes. Various infusions are made from this part of the plant. However, fresh juice is also suitable for use, which, however, is also obtained from leaves.

  • For skin moisturizing good use of compresses from this plant. Preparing this tool is very simple. Plantain need to chop and take one or two tablespoons. Taken a plantain need to pour one glass of boiling water and insist about half an hour. The resulting infusion must be filtered through cheesecloth. The procedure takes about ten minutes, the first three of which are necessary for applying a hot compress, and four remaining for a cold one. Repeat this procedure four times a day.
  • It is useful to use the plantain and for cleansing dry skin. To do this, dilute the juice of plantain with water. Juice needs to take one third, and water two thirds. This lotion must wipe the skin.
  • Plantain is also suitable for oily skin.. If you have skin of this type and deep wrinkles are clearly visible on it, wiping your face with ice cubes, which is made from plantain infusion, will help you. To prepare this tool, take two tablespoons of crushed plantain and fill them with a glass of boiling water. Then the infusion must be drained, cooled and poured into ice molds. Forms with the infusion should be placed in the refrigerator, wait until they are completely freezing and rub the skin with ice. After the procedure, the face should be spread with cream.
  • From the same infusion can be done sensitive skin masks. For their preparation, the infusion should be mixed with potato starch. The mask must be applied to the face and held for twenty-five minutes. After that, wash off the mask from the face with warm water.
  • Plantain infusion is also useful for the care of dry scalp and dry hair. Use this tool as a hair rinse. To get such a tool you need a tablespoon of crushed leaves of plantain pour a glass of boiled water. This infusion is prepared for twenty minutes, after which you can rinse their hair.
  • Also plantain is useful for the legs. In order to deal with cracks in the legs, you can use the bath with plantain. First, prepare the infusion: take two tablespoons of crushed plantain and cover with a liter of hot water. Let it sit a little. Then pour the infusion into the bath and lower your legs there for twenty minutes.

Plantain is valued for the variety of its useful properties that can be used in completely different areas of traditional medicine and cosmetology. But,there are some limitations. Because of its ability to increase the acidity of the stomach, plantain is harmful in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Its use in these diseases can only aggravate the processes. In addition, the use of plantain is prohibited for people with fast blood clotting. In this case, the use of plants threatens the formation of blood clots.