Pistachios are nuts that have been grown in the East since ancient times. Nowadays pistachio tree is called the tree of life, justifying it with their great benefit. From ancient times came many recipes based on the beneficial properties of these nuts. For example, Avicenna prepared from them an ointment against rheumatism and old wounds.

What is useful pistachios?

In addition to the unique taste, pistachios have a large set of useful substances. They differ from other nuts in the amount of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, as well as calorie content. They contain a lot of phosphorus, copper, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Nuts are rich in B vitamins, especially B6. Eating 10 pistachios daily, you provide your body with a quarter of the norm of this vitamin.

Pistachios: useful properties

Pistachios have antioxidant properties and contain vitamin E, which allows you to keep the body young, not allowing free radicals to destroy cells. The beneficial properties of nuts contribute to the renewal and growth of new cells.

Zeaxanthin and lutein (carotenoids) contained in nuts help maintain vision, strengthen bones, teeth and skeleton. Only pistachios contain carotenoids, which makes it safe to call them one of the most useful nuts in the world.

They contain a large amount of fiber. Only 30 g of pistachios per day allows you to provide the body with a daily rate.

These nuts provide the body with energy and energy for the whole day. Due to the combination of calories and nutrients, they are ideal for therapeutic nutrition. The processing technology does not imply any extraneous interference, which speaks of the naturalness and ecological purity of the product. The exception is salted pistachios, because before drying they are soaked in salt water.

These nuts recommend eating depleted people. The rich composition and caloric content made them a permanent component of the menu for athletes and people who are intensely engaged in mental work.

Nuts help normalize the liver and clean the bile ducts. People who suffer from liver colic, it is recommended to use them during attacks. In addition, pistachios can be an additional tool in the treatment of anemia and jaundice. By consuming these nuts regularly, you reduce the risk of heart and vascular diseases, relieve heart palpitations and strengthen blood vessels. Pistachios are useful for respiratory diseases and tuberculosis.

They are also considered aphodisiac. If you regularly use nuts, they enhance sexual potency, improve the quality of sperm, increase the motility of male germ cells.

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Harm pistachios

  • Do not use allergy sufferers! Pistachios, like any other nuts, are highly allergenic.
  • Too salty pistachios are harmful, because salt increases blood pressure.
  • Excessive consumption of nuts causes nausea and dizziness.
  • Pistachios are not recommended to be used by people who have an orthodontic appliance installed to correct dentofacial anomalies.

In other cases, no harmful properties have been identified.

Pistachios: calorie

Pistachios: calorie

These nuts are considered among the lowest-calorie. 100 g of pistachios contain 650 kcal. They are recognized as a dietary product, so they can be safely eaten, even during a diet. It is not recommended to eat more than 20 nuts at a time!

Pistachios: recommendations for use

Nuts are eaten fresh, salted and toasted. They are often used in the manufacture of confectionery dishes and treats, because chocolate, sweets, cakes, ice cream, marshmallows, cookies, cakes, etc. Pistachios are an indispensable component for the preparation of national dishes in Asian countries (they are even added to the highest grades of sausage).

Gourmets say that nuts are good along with champagne, strawberries and cream cheese.

Egyptian salad - the most simple and useful recipe with pistachios. Peel tomatoes from the skin and seeds, finely chop them. Peel the onions and cut them into small cubes. Puss pistachios in a mortar. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, add arugula and salad to the root, season with red pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice and season with olive oil. Let the salad stand for 10 minutes and serve.

Pistachios - one of the most useful and tasty nuts. With their help, you can enrich the body with essential vitamins and minerals, cope with various diseases and simply indulge yourself with a favorite delicacy. Add nuts in salads, desserts or eat just like that! You can not be afraid for the figure, because they are a low-calorie product.