Pine nuts


Pine nuts grow on the Siberian pine - coniferous evergreen tree. Nuts on the Siberian pine begin to ripen only after 20-30 years, sometimes even later. Cones of nuts ripen for quite a long time, about 15 months and in one lump contains up to 150 nut seeds. A single tree can usually produce 10–12 kg of a nut crop.

Pine nuts have a very high taste, but they also have the highest value among the other nuts. They contain A large amount of nutrients, but in themselves they are very high in calories. So what to do? Do ladies, watching their weight, refuse to use these wonderful nuts?

The benefits of pine nuts

Recipes with pine nuts are found in folk and official medicine, because they contain high-quality fats, proteins, vitamins and microelements.

  • They contain a large amount of linoleic acid, which is useful for the human body.
  • From amino acids can be distinguished the amino acid arginine. This amino acid is very important for growth processes in the human body and it is included in the diet of growing children, pregnant women and people with poor health.
  • Also in nuts a lot of vitamins E, P and group B.
  • Content phosphorus pine nuts - the highest in comparison with other types of nuts and oilseeds.
  • Many in them and iodine, which is especially important for people of the northern regions.

If you eat a small handful of pine nuts a day, then an adult person will saturate himself with the daily rate of such trace elements as copper, zinc, cobalt and manganese. Proteins and fats of cedar nuts are easily accepted by the body, and its composition does not contain coarse fiber, and therefore nuts can be given even to young children.

From the pine nuts get the oil by pressing, after which the cake remains. The cake is used for making creams, desserts, sauces and added to salads. Oilcake is a very valuable nutritional product that normalizes metabolism and gives the body strength.

Calorie pine nuts

Pine nuts contain 673 kcal per 100 grams of the product - this is quite a lot. But despite this, many nutritionists and doctors advise not to give up such a valuable nut, even those who are on a diet, because nuts contain many useful substances that are well absorbed by the body and therefore fats quickly break down. And even with such a high calorie, using only a couple of nuts a day, you can achieve a slimming effect! Also, pine nuts have a special hormone that, when it enters the body, gives the brain signals of saturation and therefore, having consumed even a small dose of nuts, you can experience a feeling of satiety.

You should be careful only if you like to eat a large portion of nuts, their high calorie content may adversely affect the figure.

Contraindications to the use of pine nuts

Pine nuts are a natural and eco-friendly product, so there are practically no contraindications. In the unpurified form, pine nuts should be carefully given to young children, since the shell can get into the respiratory tract.

The use of pine nuts is associated with many of the unpleasant feeling of bitterness that is present after eating. And the bitterness may not pass even after eating other products. Do pine nuts cause bitterness? This may be due to the presence of substances in the nuts that react with oxygen, which causes irritation of the membrane in the mouth and the receptors responsible for the bitter taste are excited.

Many people mistakenly perceive the bitterness in the mouth as a signal of over-saturation or poisoning with nuts, although the body reacts so simply to substances that nutlets are rich in. After regular consumption of nuts, bitterness will gradually begin to disappear, and this will mean that the body has fully accepted all the substances contained in them.

But if the bitterness of pine nuts bothers you greatly, then try to follow some rules. Do not buy nuts by weight, give preference to packaged ones, pay attention to the suitability and appearance of the nuts, as well as consume no more than 50 grams of nuts per day. So bitterness after eating pine nuts can be avoided, and many advise eating unpeeled nuts, as they are least likely to cause a response in the body.

Pine nuts for weight loss and improve the overall condition of the body is best consumed half an hour before meals. A small portion of nuts will provide a high proportion of nutrients, and in the main meal you will no longer want to lean on a rich and nutritious food, since the nuts are already high-calorie. This little secret will allow you to keep your figure in shape and get the necessary vitamins and trace elements.