Pills for stomach pain


Stress and unhealthy diet are the cause of one of the most common symptoms of a violation of the gastrointestinal tract in modern people - pain in the stomach. Pharmacology offers many tools to eliminate it. But in order for the tablets of stomach pain to really produce a result, it is necessary to figure out exactly which abnormalities in the body lead to poor health.

It should be understood that by taking pain pills each time for pain in the stomach, you do not solve the problem, but simply relieve a symptom that may indicate a serious violation. In some cases, it is enough just to adjust your diet and adjust the regularity of nutrition in order to permanently get rid of unpleasant phenomena. If the pain is a consequence of a disease, then it is necessary to undergo a diagnosis and seriously address the restoration of health.

pain pills for stomach pain

Most often, the pain in the stomach indicates the presence of the following diagnoses:

  • gastritis (due to stress, allergies, thinning of the gastric mucosa, erosive processes or the presence of bacteria, viruses and fungi);
  • gastroenteritis;
  • peptic ulcer disease (of the stomach or duodenum 12);
  • gastric polyposis;
  • tumor disease.

Sometimes diseases of neighboring organs can also respond with pain in the stomach:

Diseases of neighboring organs can also respond with stomach pain.

  • colitis;
  • esophagus disease;
  • problems with esophageal sphincter;
  • pancreatitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • hepatitis;
  • cholecystitis.

Choosing tablets for stomach pain

The list of drugs that are taken to relieve pain, includes tools of different directions and methods of exposure. That is why, before you buy pills, you need to find out the cause of the ailment.


Choosing tablets for stomach pain

When gastritis tablets for stomach pain are selected in accordance with the level of acidity. If it is elevated (this is accompanied by the presence of belching, heartburn, and aching pain during long breaks between meals), the following drugs are prescribed:

  • Almagel;
  • Pariet;
  • Altacid;
  • Omez;
  • Gastal;
  • Alumag;
  • Rabeprozole;
  • Phosphalugel;
  • Maalox.

If the acidity is lowered (a feeling of heaviness after eating, belching with a rotten odor, constipation, flatulence and diarrhea may indicate this), it is recommended such means as:

  • Acidin-Pepsin;
  • Prozerin;
  • Panzinorm;
  • Ethimisole.

Peptic ulcer

In the presence of gastric and duodenal ulcers, acidity is usually increased.

In the presence of gastric and duodenal ulcers, acidity is usually increased and symptoms such as stomach pain after eating, belching, heartburn, and nausea and even vomiting are present. In this case, such tools as:

  • Histodil;
  • De nol;
  • Azitral;
  • Sanpraz;
  • Azicide;
  • Omitox.


severe pain in hypochondrium or epigastric region

The main manifestations of this disease are severe pain in the hypochondrium or the epigastric region (sometimes pain gives way to the back), weakness, vomiting, and stool disorders.

To eliminate pain syndrome use such antispasmodic drugs:

  • No-shpa;
  • Platifillin;
  • Atropine.
  • To facilitate digestion and reduce the load on the pancreas, preparations with enzymatic properties are recommended:
  • Pancreatin;
  • Creon;
  • Festal.


The presence of gallstones is often the cause of pain

The presence of stones in the gallbladder is often the cause of pain in the hypochondrium on the right and in the upper abdomen. The following remedies help alleviate the condition of this disease:

  • Holiver;
  • Flacumin;
  • Tanatsehol;
  • Aprofen.


disturbed intestinal microflora balance

Due to the use of antibiotics, the balance of intestinal microflora is often disturbed, against the background of which this disease occurs. Pain in the area of ​​the stomach and intestines while often accompanied by abdominal distension, fever and impaired stool. In this case, use drugs such as:

  • Bifikol;
  • Smecta;
  • Docuzat;
  • Linex;
  • Narine;
  • Normadex.

What else can cause stomach pain?

What else can cause stomach pain?

Gastric cramps and pain do not always indicate the presence of disease. The cause of discomfort can be:

  • eating too much food;
  • wrong combination of products;
  • violation of the diet;
  • increased physical activity;
  • food poisoning (usually accompanied by loose stools, nausea, fever);
  • stomach injury;
  • stressful situation.

What pills for stomach pains can be effective if this symptom is a result of lifestyle or some situations? In this case, you can take antispasmodic drugs that relax the muscles of the internal organs, eliminating the pain. It:

  • Buscopan;
  • Iberogast;
  • Niaspam;
  • Meteospasmil;
  • No shpa.

If the pain is caused by digestive disorders, you can help your body with enzyme preparations:

  • Digestal;
  • Enzimtal;
  • Normoenzyme;
  • Panzinorm Forte;
  • Pancreatin;
  • Festal.

Pills for stomach pain in no case should not replace the full complex treatment and adherence. Therefore, you should not postpone a visit to a gastroenterologist for a long time, because the lack of timely treatment can aggravate the condition. In addition, you need to review your lifestyle and with the help of a specialist to choose the right diet and diet.