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Traveling is always a pleasure: new experiences, beauty of the area. What could be more interesting? But sometimes trips are overshadowed by unpleasant moments, for example, such as baby rocking. In some cases, motion sickness can be so pronounced that you have to refuse and minimize all movements. But what if the trip is necessary?

Where does the motion sickness come from?

It's all about the vestibular apparatus, which is located in the cavity of the inner ear. This organ contains many receptors that analyze information and determine the position of the human body in space, through signal processing in the brain. The vestibular apparatus is an organ of balance. His receptors can easily distinguish the tilts of the body, perceive its movements. Children are most often affected by motion sickness, and this can be explained not only by any pathology, but also by the imperfection of the vestibular apparatus. He is still just developing.

So why ukachivaet? You can explain it simply. The fact is that the orientation of the human body in space is carried out by several systems - the nervous system with its numerous neurons and receptors, tactile sensations, the vestibular apparatus itself and the organs of vision, which receive a picture that the brain analyzes.

During the trip, the child is in a static position, he does not move, but his nervous system receives a signal of movement, primarily with the help of the organs of vision. The landscapes outside the window change, but the body remains motionless, there are no tactile sensations of dynamics. Conflicting results come to the brain, the nervous system becomes confused. This is how the motion sickness is formed.

Simply put, motion sickness is the result of a discrepancy between what is seen and felt. Significantly exacerbate the symptom may be unpleasant odors too loud sound.

Pills for motion sickness: what to choose for children?

Relief for motion sickness for children: what to choose?

When the appearance of motion sickness in children, parents are not recommended to immediately go to the pharmacy. Initially, it is necessary to try drug-free methods of struggle, and only in the case of a fiasco, begin to select drugs. In addition, when the appearance of motion sickness in a child, it is necessary to consult with a specialist, since these manifestations may be symptoms of some pathologies.

For parents, there is a specific treatment-free list of rules that will help cope with motion sickness. The first installation of a child seat, which will provide significant assistance in the fight against motion sickness. The ideal option is a seat in the center of the rear seat. This is the most acceptable option, simply by the fact that the child will shake less on the roads. The kid will see in the distance the departing road, almost static, and not constantly running away and changing landscape.

Before the trip in any case it is not necessary to feed the crumb tightly, the food should be light, lean and not sweet. Some parents try not to feed the baby before the road at all, which is not entirely correct. A trip on an empty stomach does not give a guarantee of the absence of motion sickness, and hungry whims are attached to everything else.

All known folk remedies for motion sickness are sour candy. And experienced mothers always have with them a small amount of sour lemon, peppermint or apple lozenges. It is worth remembering that they should not be too sweet, otherwise the reaction will be the opposite. Sweetie for cheek helps to distract the baby, turn off attention from the road. But in no way treats the problem of motion sickness.

Another rule of travel without motion sickness is relaxed eyes. Reading books, watching movies can significantly aggravate the situation.

During the trip should be fresh air. Unpleasant smells of gasoline and products of combustion of the car, and indeed any transport, heavy air, can significantly increase the symptoms of motion sickness.

If the trip will be long, it is best to leave at the time of sleep of the child, or if he quickly falls asleep in the car. Sleep is the best cure for motion sickness.

Pills for motion sickness: what to choose for children?

Tablets for the baby: subtleties of use

Only if conservative methods of treatment do not help, can tablets be used in the fight against motion sickness. When choosing them, it is necessary to take into account many factors - the child's age, the duration of the trip, the severity of motion sickness, etc. For these reasons, the most optimal advice is the prescription of such drugs by the doctor.

In any pharmacy you can find drugs for motion sickness for children, and a huge amount of them. All of them can be classified according to certain characteristics.

  1. Tablets that can only be used after consulting a doctor;
  2. Acupuncture bracelets to combat motion sickness;
  3. Homeopathic medicines;
  4. Aromatherapy products that can be used only if there is no allergy to the plant species used.

Patches for motion sickness are very popular among parents. In any pharmacy you can buy this, the most popular is Extraplast. It is quite affordable. This patch is a homeopathic remedy, mint and ginger. It is necessary to use a plaster before getting into the car. It is attached to the ear of the baby. The disadvantages of such patches are age restriction, it can be used only in children after 3 years.

No less popular bracelets for motion sickness. The action is based on the impact on a certain acupuncture point on the hand of a child. Although the price may seem high, it is worth remembering that this bracelet is shown for long-term use. The advantage of this method is the lack of taking any drugs. And you can use it immediately during the trip. The downside is the age limit. It is also necessary to strictly follow the instructions for use and to properly wear a bracelet.

Popular motion sickness medications for children

Pills for motion sickness: what to choose for children?

Among the tableted drugs for motion sickness, there are no less popular drugs that almost every mother knows about. For example - "Aviamore". The drug is domestically produced, widely advertised and in demand. The price pleasantly surprises, but may increase during the holiday period. The advantage of using the drug is its belonging to homeopathy. A minus the need for continuous reception while driving. The first tablet should be used approximately 1 hour before the trip, and subsequently according to a certain pattern, at certain intervals. In addition, there is no accurate data on whether the drug can be used in children under one year of age.

For children up to a year, you can use the drug "Dramina", which begins to act literally in 15 - 30 minutes. Pricing policy is more than acceptable. But there is also a significant minus, the composition of the drug, includes a psychotropic substance that causes drowsiness.

In any case, when traveling with a child who suffers from motion sickness, it is necessary to assemble a first aid kit. It is necessary to put a clean cloth in it, which can be wetted and applied to the forehead when the baby feels bad. Special rags for cleaning the salon are needed if the child is sick, a clean set of clothes for changing clothes. Next to the crumbs should always be a napkin or a bag.

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