Pharmaceutical and natural sorbents for cleaning the


Many people who have changed their lifestyle are disappointed that, despite proper nutrition and physical activity, they have health problems. On the way to excellent well-being, we should not forget that the body, especially the digestive system, needs to eliminate harmful substances. Sorbents are successfully used to clean the intestines.

80% of the immunity is “hidden” in the intestine, therefore, a person’s well-being depends on the state of the microflora of this organ. Chronic inflammatory processes are a sign that food waste, slags, toxins have accumulated in the intestines. Without unnecessary stress for the body, periodic cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract can be carried out with the help of sorbents - substances that absorb and remove poisons.

How to choose an absorbent?

Intestinal cleaning sorbents

Each organism has its own individual characteristics; therefore, any medicine may be contraindicated for individuals. In the production of modern medicines used a lot of excipients, which often act in the unseemly role of allergens. Natural sorbents or preparations of natural origin are best suited for cleaning the body. If a person is prone to allergies, has suffered an intestinal infection or poisoning, we need medical sorbents with a minimum list of additional components.

Do not get lost in front of the pharmacy windows

What sorbents will clean the intestines

  • Polypefan. With the help of recycled Siberian cedar wood, it binds poisons, allergens, causative agents of viral and infectious diseases, traces of parasites and removes them from the intestines. It is 10 times more effective than activated carbon.
  • Smekta. Such a drug, consisting of a porous clay-like substance, demonstrates a strong absorbing effect against bacteria, viruses and toxic substances that are in the intestinal lumen. Smekta absorbs gases and improves the quality of the mucus of the digestive system, thereby activating the body's defenses.
  • Polysorb Thoroughly crushed silica with oxygen has cleansing properties even in small quantities. Polysorb helps with diarrhea, prevents and stops intoxication and allergic reactions, protects the body during environmental pollution.
  • Filtrum. This is a herbal preparation that not only absorbs toxic compounds, but also cleans the intestines with the help of natural dietary fibers, normalizes the intestinal microflora, as it contains beneficial bacteria.
  • Carbolen. Tablets of wood (birch) activated carbon, which cleanse the guts and help to cope with dyspepsia, flatulence and chemical poisoning.
  • Enterosgel Silicon Sponge Gel is especially active in cleaning the intestinal lumen from solidified poisonous sediments. It is widely used for severe intoxication.

Cleansing products

Pharmaceutical and natural sorbents for cleaning the intestines

To release the intestines from substances that cause disease and damage the immune system, it is not necessary to take medicines in the form of tablets, powders, gels or suspensions. You can improve your condition with the help of useful components that make up ordinary products. Pectins (dietary fiber), entering the gastrointestinal tract, swell and actively absorb metabolites, cleansing the body. Such fibers contain:

  • fruits: apples, pineapples, peaches, plums, cherries, bananas, zest of citrus crops;
  • berries: strawberries, grapes, watermelons, black currants;
  • vegetables: beet, cabbage, pumpkin;
  • marmalade, marshmallow, marshmallow;
  • seaweed.

No less actively cleanses the intestines fiber, which collects mucus and slag from the walls of the intestines and removes them, stimulating perestalticheskih waves. This substance enters the body if the menu includes:

  • celery leaves and sorrel,
  • fruits: melons and pears;
  • vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, cabbage, carrots, eggplants;
  • bran;
  • raisins;
  • walnuts;
  • buckwheat, barley, rice porridge.

Sorbent Peeling Rules

Take sorbents for cleaning the intestines need 1-2 times a year

It is necessary to take sorbents for cleaning the intestines 1-2 times a year; if symptoms of poisoning appear, it is possible more often. Before using the product, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions and the dosages indicated in it. Those who wish to improve their health by cleansing the body need to know the following.

  1. Drug sorbents should be taken 3 hours after a meal and sit at the table only 3 hours after taking the drug.
  2. Such drugs are recommended to drink plenty of clean water.
  3. At the time of cleaning will have to abandon fruit drink, juice and tea.
  4. It is not necessary to combine treatment with sorbents with taking other drugs, otherwise their action is mutually leveled.

Sorbents should not be used for:

  • individual intolerance;
  • peptic ulcer, stomach or intestinal bleeding;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • oncology;
  • gastritis;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

To eliminate violations of the processes of digestion and metabolism, to avoid avitaminosis, obesity, intoxication, allergies and other similar troubles, you need to regularly release the intestines from toxins and toxins. Knowledge that allows you to choose and properly take cleansing substances - sorbents, will help you become healthy, slim and resilient.