Permanent sense of hunger and its causes

Three meals a day by the hour and two small meals, but regular snacks - this is the key to excellent well-being. But what if the feeling of hunger occurs a short time after eating and waiting for the next - just unbearable?

Why hunger occurs so often? Is it necessary to eat more or more? Or maybe you should eat by the hour?

About the feeling of hunger

The feeling of hunger is a normal physiological phenomenon, which suggests that a person needs to replenish their energy through the supply of nutrients.

To replenish energy, we eat. As a rule, foods are very balanced, they contain a lot of useful substances for humans. A variety of menus allows us to maintain the balance of our body.

Scientists estimate that people used to eat much less in quantity than we did. We eat food with all sorts of flavor enhancers, which provoke us to a new desire to eat this product again and again. Feeling of satiety comes and dulled. Sometimes we get up from the table, feeling heaviness in the stomach. Often people, especially at the holiday table, overeat.

However, this is not gluttony, but the feeling of hunger that torments a person constantly, even when he has recently eaten. What are its causes?

The reasons for the constant feeling of hunger

They are very diverse. Some nutritionists refer to the mental aspect in this matter. People eat a lot to drown out various feelings.

However, women have such periods in their lives, when the feeling of constant hunger either increases or stops. For certain, each woman noticed that hungry days occur at a certain time about once a month. Scientists associate this with premenstrual syndrome.

Premenstrual syndrome

A few days before menstruation (each woman has it individually), a feeling arises, which many explain as follows: “I want to eat something, but I don’t understand what!”. Many women in this period pulls on the sweet.

It happens because the body lacks the hormone estrogen. This hormone is responsible for mood. That is why it pulls for sweets and that is why women become so irritable and you can even say evil. But for all this happens in different ways. The feeling of constant hunger during this period may be present for several days. It is during these days that a woman eats most and cannot get enough.

From the sweet is best during the period of the ICP to give natural products. Good to eat more fiber and fructose, as well as drink more water. In the water you can drip natural lemon juice. For lunch, eat seafood, red meat and fruit.

Stress and stress

A very common cause of stress. It is her first name called nutritionists. There are methods of losing weight, based precisely on the psychological moment.When we feel bad, we are upset or worried about something, we "seize" our feelings.

If you once ate a whole chocolate after a quarrel with a loved one, on a psychological level, you have a reaction that a similar feeling needs to be silenced. As a muffler, any food may occur. Just as in the quality of the feeling that causes the urge to “jam,” there can be absolutely any feeling: fear, resentment, boredom, etc.

By the way, have you noticed that when we are at home, we often look in the fridge in search of something to eat? Then cut a piece of cheese yourself, then grab an apple. And this despite the fact that ate well half an hour ago! If there is nothing to do at home, go for a walk, you will forget about the feeling of hunger. Moreover, this feeling is imaginary. It comes from boredom.

Mental or physical exertion

With physical activity, everything is very simple. A person has lost energy - he has a need to fill it with food. But those who play sports know how to eat right and moralizing them to nothing.

Those that work hard mentally, are not good friends with the diet. Sometimes, you can even say often, they skip mealtime, eat like nothing, on the go, snacks, etc.

To stimulate mental activity, these people eat chocolate and nuts. However, at work they do not notice how much they have eaten, they do not control themselves. In the absence of time, it is normal to eat, the feeling of hunger occurs every half hour, or even 10-15 minutes.

There is an opinion that some manufacturers add flavor enhancers to chocolate so that people eat and eat more and want more and more. Therefore, limit yourself, develop a sense of will!

Diet and hunger

Diets, as a rule, women choose cardinal. I want to immediately lose all those extra pounds. Women tolerate dietary restrictions, in addition, the volume of food consumed during the diet is so small compared to the usual, that the feeling of constant hunger does not let go all day. Someone even dreams of food in a dream. And a woman dreams after eating a diet to eat what was not included in the diet.

As a rule, after a diet, those extra pounds come back, and even bring extra bargaining with them. Disruption occurs purely on a subconscious level. And many women, self-employed diets, with insufficiently developed willpower, eat a lot after the termination of the diet, or even do not wait for it to end.

Tip: if you are not confident in your abilities, lose weight under the supervision of a specialist!

Lack of certain nutrients

If you are attracted to a particular taste, it means that you lack something concrete.

  • Salty is not always desirable for pregnant women, but also for those who have a lack of chlorides. Salt dishes with sea salt, eat seafood and fish.

  • Sour like because of a lack of magnesium. Eat sunflower seeds, nuts and legumes.
  • The desire to eat fatty foods - calcium deficiency. Fill it with dairy products, milk, cheese, broccoli.
  • If you pull on a sweet, then you may miss either phosphorus, or sulfur, or chromium.. Therefore, eat fresh fruit, cabbage, poultry, broccoli, raisins.
  • Sometimes hunger is associated with deficiencies of B vitamins.. Therefore, eat foods high in this vitamin, such as liver, eggs, chicken, legumes, etc.

In any case, whatever the reason for the constant hunger, try to control yourself.. Eat less! Eat more often! Eat on schedule!

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If you are sure that the feeling of hunger is not related to psychological (stress, etc.) and normal physiological causes (PMS), consult a doctor. After all hunger can speak not only about the lack of certain nutrients in the body, but also about the beginning of a serious illness. Take care of your health!

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