Periarthritis of the shoulder joint


Did you know that the number of joints in the human body is not exactly calculated, and according to the latest data there are about 360 of them? Few of us think about it, while our movements are not limited to anything. But once you feel the pain in the knee, elbow or shoulder, we immediately recall the presence of such a joint.

Pain in the joints is an unpleasant phenomenon, here you are not thinking about mobility, but how to lie down, sit down or become, in order to at least somehow calm the painful sensations. One of the common pathologies is periarthritis of the shoulder joint, the treatment of which by various methods we will consider today.

Symptoms and causes of brachial periarthritis

Symptoms and causes of brachial periarthritis

People of the age group from 40 to 65 years are more susceptible to this disease. It is an inflammatory process in the tissues surrounding the joint. The shoulder periarthritis has a variety of forms, due to the complex arrangement of the shoulder joint apparatus. If the shoulder joint is compared with others, it has the largest number of degrees of freedom and provides the motor functions of the forearm and hand as a whole.

To date, the exact causes of the development of the shoulder periarthritis are not fully elucidated. In this regard, we can rather talk about risk factors leading to the inflammatory process, such as:

  • injury to the shoulder or area in the immediate vicinity;
  • physical loads associated with professional activities when repetitive movements are performed for a long time;
  • congenital abnormalities in the structure of the articular apparatus;
  • periarthritis can occur as a result of impaired microcirculation in the brain tissues, disruption of metabolism or metabolism, heart attack, pathologies in the internal organs;
  • microtrauma of the tissues of the articular apparatus.

The main symptom of this disease is pain of varying intensity in the shoulder. In addition, these symptoms appear:

  • the degree of mobility of the hand decreases: it cannot be raised, wound back and touch the projections of the vertebrae with your fingers;
  • pain syndrome manifests itself during twisting movements with an outstretched arm left and right.

Acute periarthritis is accompanied by such signs:

Acute periarthritis is accompanied by such signs.

  • unexpected sharp pain in the shoulder with increasing intensity, pain is given to the neck and over the entire arm;
  • increased pain at night;
  • significant limitation of joint mobility;
  • slight swelling of the shoulder;
  • deterioration;
  • temperature rise from 37 to 37.3 °;
  • insomnia.

Pain syndrome is removed if the arm is bent and pressed to the body.

Periarthritis is exacerbated by re-injury or physical impact on the ligaments of the shoulder joint. The percentage of exacerbations is up to 58 of the number of hits. In approximately 50% of patients, the disease becomes chronic. The chronic stage is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • pain of moderate intensity;
  • pain becomes severe only at the time of rotational movements or the adoption of an uncomfortable position;
  • there is a special discomfort at night: an ache in the joint prevents sleep, which causes insomnia.

Treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder joint

periarthritis requires early diagnosis and timely treatment

Like any other disease, periarthritis requires early diagnosis and timely treatment. The modern level of development of medicine allows to cure a disease of this nature in almost any form. Methods of treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder joint are determined by the symptoms and causes leading to it.

Drug therapy

For disorders in blood circulation, provoked by infarction, or as a result of mastectomy, angioprotectors are used for treatment, which correct the microcirculation in the damaged organs. For the treatment of a disease not in the acute phase, it is possible to use only non-steroid type anti-inflammatory drugs. Also use the imposition of compresses with bischofite or dimexidum.

In the acute form of the disease, hormone treatment is prescribed in the form of several injection injections into the periarticular tissue of corticosteroids. This therapy helps in 80% of cases. The technique of soft manual actions, the so-called post-isometric relaxation, showed itself very well. The healing process will be significantly accelerated if the problem is solved in a comprehensive manner: combining the medical treatment with massage procedures and laser therapy.

Treatment of folk remedies

treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder joint at home, resorting to the help of traditional medicine

Along with drugs, it will be useful to apply the treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder joint at home, resorting to the help of traditional medicine. She offers proven tools:

  • medicinal herbs;
  • decoctions;
  • tinctures;
  • compresses.

Not to be unfounded, let's get acquainted with the responses of those who treated periarthritis of the shoulder joint using popular methods:

  • Natalia: Hello We grind everything and pour a small amount of boiling water to make a gruel. We put this mass on gauze folded in several layers and apply it on the shoulder with a hot side. press to cool. We helped the pain is gone. I wish you all good health! "

As far as possible within the framework of the article, we tried to acquaint you with the periarthritis of the shoulder joint, its symptoms, causes and methods of treatment. Of course, he is not treated as quickly as he would like, but the main thing is to have patience and faith in recovery, and then the result will not be long in coming. Be healthy!