Perga bee


Bee products are always highly valued not only in cooking, but also in traditional medicine. Unique properties allow them to become an excellent alternative to a variety of synthetic dietary supplements and medicines. An important place among them is occupied by perga bee with its beneficial properties. How to take this product and for which diseases it is effective?

Meet bee bread

Perga is a pollen, naturally preserved by bees. The salivary secretions of these little laborers, together with the floral nectar, mix with the pollen to form a unique product. It looks like small dense lumps from yellow to brown.

Why do bees produce it? The main goal is to provide food to future offspring. It is not surprising that very often they are called bee bread. By the content of vitamins and minerals, such an additive is several times higher than pollen, because it also contains the secret of these amazing insects.

The benefits of perga and its application

The biological value of perga is explained by the high content of not only vitamins and minerals, but also amino acids, digestive enzymes and protein. It can be useful not only for bee offspring: for a person, the beneficial properties of bee pollen are also obvious. How to take this supplement depends on what diseases it is used to treat.

For prophylaxis

This is a complete balanced product that contains a considerable dose of carbohydrates (pollen) and proteins. If there is no individual intolerance, you can also give it to children. Perga is indispensable for vegetarians, fasts, athletes, being the best alternative to synthetic vitamins. By the way, on the application in sports nutrition: this product is part of many mixtures for weightlifters, being a natural anabolic. Indicators of digestibility of its constituent protein is much higher than egg and meat.

To increase hemoglobin, pergae is used in a mixture with honey or in pure form. With regular use, you can forget about the indisposition, symptoms of anemia and high cholesterol in the blood.

To maintain the overall body tone, prevent vitamin deficiency and rejuvenation, you can take the supplement in its pure form daily. The daily rate is 20 to 50 g for adults, 1-20 g for children. It is desirable to divide this dose into several doses. Take separately from food, dissolving in the mouth. It is undesirable to drink water.

Perga in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract is one of the main applications of bee bread. Its regular use in a mixture with honey (1: 1 ratio) improves the process of assimilation of food, helps the intestines. One teaspoon of "bee duet" is absorbed on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal. After two weeks of admission, the following problems are solved:

  • constipation;
  • bloating and flatulence;
  • intestinal dysbiosis;
  • significantly improved in chronic gastritis or ulcers, pancreatitis and other gastrointestinal problems.

As a bonus, this recipe helps prevent the development of biliary dyskinesia, hepatitis and other liver problems.

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Treatment of dermatitis and allergies

The benefits of perga and its application

Unlike other bee products (especially natural honey), perga does not cause food allergies. Moreover, positively affecting the work of the intestine, it helps to reduce allergic reactions, treats dermatitis and other skin diseases.

As already noted, due to the vitamins and trace elements contained in perge, regular use improves immunity. This allows you to get rid of eczema, neurodermatitis, herpes.

For the treatment of dermatitis and food allergies, we take perga in its pure form (about 5 g per dose, 3 times a day), dissolving separately from food until completely dissolved. Another way (external): perga and propolis are mixed in a 1: 1 ratio, this cream lubricates the affected areas.

The cardiovascular system

The ability to normalize pressure is another valuable property of bee perga. Its use is shown to those who suffer from high blood pressure, as well as in complex therapy after heart attacks and strokes.

For the treatment of hypertension, perga is taken, diluted in warm water (200 ml) 2-3 times a day (15 g per dose). The course is 30 days. After that, take a break (2 weeks), then the reception can be repeated. An important advantage of a bee product in this case is that it can be used without harm to health on a permanent basis, with short breaks.

Genitourinary system

In cases of kidney diseases, including inflammatory ones, the treatment of bee perga gives excellent results.

Indications for the use of a mixture of her and flower honey are:

  • prostate adenoma in men;
  • menstrual disorders in women;
  • menopause.

Apply the bee gift to be part of complex therapy of 10-15 g 3 times a day (dissolving in the mouth).

Perga against depression

Often, apathy, depressive conditions, asthenia are the result of a lack of trace elements and vitamins. When you use perga, their balance in the body is restored - mood improves, vigor increases. Physical and emotional fatigue is greatly reduced due to this amazing product. It should be applied in the same amount as in the prevention of vitamin deficiency.

To summarize, the dosage of perga for the treatment of various diseases: the daily supplement rate is from 20 to 50 g per day for adults and from 1 to 20 g for children. The substance can be taken in combination with honey, by resorption, dissolving in water. When mixed with other bee products, a 1: 1 ratio will be optimal.



All supplements, including natural, have both indications and limitations. Not only the beneficial properties of bee pollen, but also contraindications for its use must be known in order to avoid negative consequences. Her recovery is not recommended for:

  • individual intolerance, which can manifest itself in the form of nausea, dizziness;
  • cancer tumors 2 and 3 degrees;
  • Graves' Disease (a rare disease associated with impaired hormonal system);
  • severe stage of diabetes;
  • uterine myoma;
  • caution should be used for the first time with sleep problems (in such a situation it is better to restrict daily intake).

When taking prigi inside in its pure form, as already noted, allergic reactions are excluded. But they can cause additional components - honey, propolis.

It is also important to observe the dosage: abuse can lead to the development of hypervitaminosis, which is no better than a lack of vitamins.

Application Reviews

We figured out what is this product, how to take bee pollen, learned about the beneficial properties. Feedback from people gives information about the real effect of using this supplement. Most of the responses indicate its effect on overall well-being. Using perga as an alternative to synthetic vitamins, people note the best effect of the first option. Most managed to alleviate the condition with anemia, vitamin deficiency and dermatitis. Hypertensives pay attention to the persistent tendency to normalize pressure.

Negative feedback may be associated with the use of fake raw materials. Most often, buying pergouille from unscrupulous suppliers has to be disappointed in its healing properties.

Perga is a unique product that is available to everyone. At cost, it will be much cheaper than modern vitamin complexes, without having any side effects. However, it should be remembered that food supplements, including natural ones, are not a panacea for all illnesses, although a great way to improve your well-being.