Perfume with pheromones


Every woman dreams of easily conquering the opposite sex. And she is ready for this to use a variety of ways: the ability to cook, appearance, seductive behavior or aphrodisiacs. Recently, scientists have presented another surprise in the form of pheromones, which by their influence make men feel an interest in a woman. The business immediately responded to this information and created perfume with pheromones, which promise women that they simply will not have an end to their fans. Is it really noticed by women who have tried perfume with pheromones?

Pheromone perfume: positive reviews

At one of the women's forums there was a question: “I want to try perfume with pheromones, but I don’t know whether to spend money on them, if they have such miraculous ways as they promise. If anyone tried, please write about your impressions.”

  • Natalya: “I bought such perfume to strengthen relations with a guy. Recently we cooled off each other. The result noticed, but not from him. A man went to work and met me on the bus. Yes, and a colleague showed undisguised interest at work “We've known each other for several years. Spirits cost 1000 rubles. They contain no alcohol and they have a faint odor. It lasts for about 3 hours, but I don’t know how many pheromones act.”

  • Olga: "I think that part of the effect of perfume with pheromones is achieved through self-suggestion. My friend bought herself a small bottle, but said that there was no result. And I noticed changes in the behavior of a young man. Sometimes I use a few drops."
  • Irina: "I tried such perfumes when I was a little younger. Attention of men was definitely, so I think they are acting."
  • Liza: "A friend brought me perfume with pheromones. I decided to cushion before visiting the club. The evening was a success. I decided to buy myself the same ones. I hope it will be no worse, though, they smell different."

Perfume with pheromones: mixed reviews

The effect of the use of pheromones is quite difficult to catch, especially if you do not specifically pay attention to it.Maybe that's why there are reviews that contain both positive and negative opinions.

  • Alina: "And I work in a cosmetics company and got a task to check the effect of such perfumes. I conducted a survey among my clients. Most said that she did not notice any effect. But some women were delighted with the use of perfumes."
  • Amelia: “I listened to my sister, who just praised the pheromone perfume, and decided to buy it. I didn’t like the smell very much, some sugary sweet. In the evening I met a young man I’ve been dating for over a year. He noted that I changed perfumes The effect was definitely. I told my colleagues, everyone decided to buy them right away. Nobody said anything, but they blush silently all the next day. My opinion is that pheromones affect women, forcing them to open up, and men just react to it. But too often do not use and spirits. They lose their effect. "

Perfume with pheromones: negative reviews

  • Elena: “I believe that perfume with pheromones is no more than another fairy tale. If a woman buys such perfume, then she simply believes that men will start paying attention to her now. And she starts behaving more confidently, relaxedly, thereby just attracting men. It looks like self-hypnosis, only with the help of pheromones. "
  • Svetlana: "A girlfriend bought perfume with pheromones. But no reaction, only the cat was always nearby."
  • Alyona: “I bought perfumes 3 times through an online store. The effect was promised instantly. I liked their fragrance, but I can’t say about the instant effect. I still think that it is important to choose the right fragrance that will delight men.”
  • Dasha: “I also preferred perfume with pheromones for some time. At first I bought it with my girlfriend, then for the sake of interest. It was noticeable that perfume has an effect, but not for all men.

Pheromone perfume: some interesting reviews

  • Irina: "The main task of such perfumes is to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Their effect is not based on smells, but on pheromones that are added to their composition. The smell may not like it. The main thing is that the effect should be used. I want to share a few secrets about their application. Such perfumes are best applied to the wrists, behind the ears and neck. There is a faster evaporation of spirits and their influence. I can say that the attention of men is enough, but I don’t even know if I am so good or the pheromones act like that. "

  • Galina: "The perfume works smoothly. I checked it 5 years ago. When I bought it for the first time, even the price was ridiculous. I want to tell one story. My friend was depressed 6 months after giving birth. Her husband is Georgian, and she decided that he She changes her. She decided that she completely lost her attractiveness for him. I worked with one woman, her charm and attractiveness were simply wonderful. At the same time, she was far from being beautiful. She advised to buy perfume with pheromones. Ordered via the Internet, it was a shame. informed her that soon there will be d She put herself in order, stifled and waited. Her husband's brother came, who had not even paid attention to her before, because she was not Georgian. A little later her husband came and he had to send his brother home. the girlfriend felt loved again. "

Before you decide to buy perfume with pheromones, study the information about the pheromones themselves, so as not to buy a fake. Such perfumes are not cheap. In their composition should not be alcohol, because under its action pheromones are destroyed. It is believed that pheromones are odorless, but it is not. They have a slight smell. Perfume with pheromones helps or not the answers will definitely not help, but if there is a chance to use them to feel the interest of men, then it is worth using them.

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