Peppermint oil


Peppermint is very useful in the treatment of various diseases. It has all the healing properties that mint is so rich. It contains such useful substances as menthol, tsineol, limonene, thymol, terpinen. Peppermint oil will be useful in the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of the vestibular apparatus, to improve the appetite, rinsing the mouth as an antibacterial agent. Peppermint oil is an excellent tonic.

The benefits of peppermint essential oil

Due to the smell, peppermint oil has an emotional and mental effect on the human body. The smell can increase confidence, remove tension, stiffness, refresh and invigorate. The composition of peppermint oil contains trace elements and essential oils, which penetrate into the body, cause a tired body tone, relieve stress and restore strength. It will be especially useful when you need to shake things up, cheer up, while continuing to do some work or work. Peppermint essential oil can improve the mental abilities of women.

The use of essential oil of mint

Peppermint oil will help with colds, destroying germs and viruses, reducing the heat. With a slight hoarseness and loss of voice, it can alleviate pain. Peppermint oil works well as an antispasmodic, affecting blood vessels and improving blood circulation in the brain. Peppermint essential oil has the ability to soothe any pain, muscle, menstrual and headache. During a toothache, it can reduce it. If you suffer from seasickness, peppermint oil can eliminate vomiting, nausea and dizziness.

Peppermint oil in beauty care

Due to the menthol content, mint oil will be especially useful for the care of female beauty. Using peppermint oil to care for oily skin, you can narrow the pores of the skin by adjusting the work of the sebaceous glands. For dry skin, peppermint oil retains moisture. It will remove fatigue from your face. The most useful will be to care for oily skin, eliminating dermatitis caused by bacteria and acne. It can even improve the skin condition for eczema.

Practical tips on the use of peppermint oil

It is best to use an even amount of peppermint oil droplets. For aroma lamps - usually 6. Inhalation of the aroma of peppermint oil will help to activate the brain, refreshing and refreshed, ridding the air of bacteria, which is especially necessary during epidemics. You can take hot baths by adding 5 drops of peppermint oil there. Compressions and massages will be useful with peppermint oil, but you should not apply oil in its pure form. Add 4 drops to the cosmetic cream. 3 drops of peppermint oil per 8 g of cream is the required proportion.

Application of peppermint oil with other oils

Mixing vegetable oil with oil of mints, they can wipe the chest with a cold. Such a mixture can rub the problem areas for skin itchiness, pain in the joints and muscles, and rheumatism. For the sauna, you can mix 6 drops of peppermint oil with 10 ml of alcohol. For toothache, oil is best applied to the tooth and temples. Put 2 drops on any part of the body, and you can protect yourself from insects.

Adding 1 drop of oil in 2 tbsp. l kefir, you can get rid of heartburn. You can also add a drop of oil to the jam, with tea, juice or kefir. Dropping 7 drops in a 200 g pack of tea, you can get fragrant and delicious tea. This tea can have a diaphoretic, antispasmodic, analgesic, antiseptic and carminative effect on the body. Mint tea can liquefy phlegm, increase mental alertness, and improve stomach function. It is recommended to use it with the general breakdown and elevated temperature.

Contraindications to the use of peppermint oil

Mint oil is not recommended for expectant mothers and mothers who are breastfeeding. It is not recommended for the treatment of small children up to 7 years. With bronchitis, it can not be used, as well as apply at night.

Do not put peppermint oil on the area around the eyes, as it can cause an allergic reaction, put a few drops on your hand before use.

Medicinal recipes with mint essential oil

For toothacheYou can prepare the next tincture. Take 40 grams of fresh raspberry leaves, 4 drops of mint essential oil and 40 grams of apple cider vinegar. Mix the ingredients and place them in a dark glass bottle, leaving for 3 days. Strain the infusion through cheesecloth, and start rinsing your mouth every 2 hours. With a cold By adding 3 drops of peppermint oil to warm water and breathing over water for 5 minutes, you can improve your condition. In the treatment of neurosis mix 2 tbsp. l motherwort, Veronica officinalis, 0.5 liters of vodka and 10 drops of mint essential oil. Leave the mixture in a dark place for 2 weeks. Strain the mixture and take 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening on an empty stomach before bedtime.

Peppermint oil in the treatment of hypotension

In order to cope with hypotension, mix 7 drops of mint essential oil, 20 g of cumin seeds and echinacea purpurea with 1 cup of boiling water. Bay boiling water, wrap and cork, letting it stand in a warm place. After 1 hour, strain and store in the refrigerator. Take the tincture before meals for 35 minutes and 1 tbsp. l per day 5 times in 10 days.

Besides the essential oil of peppermint is very useful, it helps to cope not only with diseases, but also with insects. Peppermint oil contains in its composition substances that scare away all insects. To do this, it will be enough to add a few drops of peppermint oil to the aroma lamp or sprinkle the places where cockroaches and rodents have settled. By adding a few drops of eucalyptus to your peppermint oil, you make the animals just leave without killing them. At the same time for children and pets mint oil is completely harmless. Peppermint oil has many healing properties that can help cope with illness and pain. Knowing all the properties of mint oil and using it correctly, you can protect yourself and your family from many ailments.

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