Peel off skin on fingers

We use our fingers to solve thousands of small and large tasks daily. To type a letter, to pour a cup of tea, to fasten buttons - fingers never stop working for us. And when there are problems with the skin of the hands, it is too visible and often awkward, uncomfortable and downright painful. So, the skin on the fingers peels off: causes.

What causes the skin on the fingers to peel off?

Peeling of the skin on the fingers

Peeling of the skin on the fingers - a phenomenon quite common, and many can cause anxiety. If this symptom is accompanied by itching, burning or pain, it may be caused by an allergy or skin condition such as eczema. When flaking is the only symptom, it is possible that your hands are in water for too long. If the problem persists for several days or is chronic, a dermatologist can diagnose the condition and prescribe treatment.

Causes of skin peeling on the fingers can be divided into two groups:

  • environmental exposure;
  • desquamation as a symptom of the underlying disease.

External factors

There are several reasons for the peeling of the fingertips under the aggressive influence of environmental factors on them. These include:

  • low air temperature helps to reduce the moisture content of the skin and makes it dry and flaky;
  • exposure to corrosive chemicals;
  • frequent exposure of the skin to hands;
  • low humidity, dry weather;
  • exposure to ultraviolet solar radiation.

To this group of factors can also be attributed allergies caused by external allergens. Nickel jewelry is the most famous allergen that can cause skin irritation and flaking. Latex is another common skin allergen. People who are allergic to latex should avoid rubber gloves and even certain types of shoes.

Another reason why skin on your fingers peels under the influence of external factors is eczema. It is characterized by itching and rash, uneven flaking, redness, scaly skin. The rash may be caused by chemical irritants, injuries, paper handling.

Possible diseases

Peel skin on fingers: causes

The main medical causes of peeling fingertips include:

  • Viral, bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Vitamin deficiency, vitamin B deficiency, diabetes.
  • Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression. Psoriasis by itself has no treatment, systemic procedures are relevant to it.
  • Keratosis. In this disease, the skin on the hands acquires the texture of sandpaper, becomes rough and rough. Severe itching during cold weather.
  • Erythroderma is a type of psoriasis. It is characterized by intense reddening of the skin and is often accompanied by exfoliative dermatitis, which causes flaking and peeling of the skin on the fingers.
  • Ichthyosis is a rare disease in which the skin on the hands is dry, thick, rough and scaly. In most cases, ichthyosis is a hereditary disease that is caused by a genetic mutation when new skin cells grow too fast or old cells change slowly, resulting in a dry accumulation of scaly skin.

Why do these symptoms appear in children?

Peeling of the skin on the fingers of a child can be caused by various conditions, including serious diseases and conditions. Most often, these symptoms in children are caused by allergies, but if such a skin condition returns quickly or often recurs after recovery, then you need to show your child to a pediatrician.

The problem of skin peeling is quite common in infants or young children who suck their thumb for comfort. The skin begins to peel off from the top of the finger to the place that often remains in the child’s wet mouth. If the baby stops sucking fingers, this problem will disappear.

Kawasaki syndrome affects children under the age of 5 years. This is a rare disease that is accompanied by several symptoms, including redness, swelling and peeling of the baby’s skin on the fingers and toes. It is usually treated with antibiotics. However, in about 80% of all cases, the disease goes away by itself without treatment.

This state of children's hands can also be caused by avitaminosis, especially in springtime, when the body is weakened after winter. Other reasons listed above are not excluded.

How to deal with the problem?

Why does the skin on the fingers peel off?

As a rule, peeling of the skin on the fingers for many is a temporary problem. It heals within a few days when a new skin appears on the surface. However, peeling fingers can be sustained. There are natural treatments that you can try at home to deal with such a problem and prevent its recurrence:

  • Warm water with the addition of natural moisturizers such as honey or olive oil will help moisturize the skin and create an exfoliating effect for dying cells.
  • To preserve moisture in the skin, use a moisturizer after each hand wash.
  • After washing your hands, do not dry them out, it is best to slightly blot them with a soft towel.
  • Rub the affected areas on your hands with cucumber to relieve inflammation and irritation.
  • Olive oil is added to the water used for washing hands, or rubbed after washing.
  • It is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of fluid, thus avoiding dehydration and helping to get rid of toxins.
  • A mixture of ripe banana with sour cream will help in the treatment of peeling fingers.
  • Hand baths made from warm milk and honey work wonders with flaky skin.

The skin of the hands and its health is an important part of our appearance. If you yourself can not cope with the problem of peeling, consult a specialist.

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