Pawns ears


which may occur at the most unexpected moment. Quite often, the ears are laid during diving, on a long trip, in an airplane or during a period of cold weather. However, at the same time, few people know the main causes of this phenomenon and the consequences to which it can lead.

To date, there are a huge variety of reasons that can provoke a congestion of the ears, while most of them are truly harmless and are natural. But at the same time there are dangerous ones that can cause serious harm to the body.

Why lay ears when pressure changes?

Most often it lays the ears during an abrupt change in pressure, which can occur during a dive to a greater depth or when it rises to a height. In the first place, this happens because the human body simply cannot get used so easily to drastic changes in atmospheric pressure.

As a result, the eardrum is indented into the Eustachian tube, which is responsible for maintaining the correct pressure inside the ear. This is the main reason, which often provokes laying the ears in case of sudden pressure surges. This attack lasts a relatively short time, passes by itself and painlessly, but at the same time brings an unpleasant feeling of discomfort.

In hot weather, some people may also suffer due to a sharp change in atmospheric pressure. In this case, there are also additional signs - there is dizziness, worried about a strong feeling of nausea. The same reason provokes a congestion of the ears and during pregnancy - there are cases when it lays only 1 ear or 2 at once. If you believe the statistics, it is the right ear that most often suffers.

Mouth Ears: Causes

Laying ears can also for other reasons - for example, as a result of the presence of certain problems with internal organs. However, this is extremely rare, but one should not forget about such cases. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the state of health of those who often suffer from ear congestion, which manifests itself for no apparent reason.

The main signs of ear congestion include the following:

  1. A disturbed sense of tinnitus;
  2. An echo of your own voice is heard in your ears;
  3. Partial and temporary deafness may occur;
  4. There is a painful severe headache.

All the causes that can provoke this phenomenon are divided into unnatural and natural. The latter include the penetration of water into the auditory tube or the accumulation of sulfur (cork), a sharp pressure drop. If this problem is often disturbed after sleep, it is most likely that sulfur plugs provoke it. Since during sleep, when a person is lying down, they can change their location and block the ear canal. As a result, in the morning there is a partial deafness.

Among the unnatural causes is otitis, recently transferred, since as a result of this disease, characteristic scars are formed on the surface of the eardrum, which reduce its mobility. It can also be provoked by a disease such as Eustachitis, in which there is inflammation of the auditory tube and the tympanic cavity. Eustachitis is able to act as a complication after a recent cold, or to occur as a result of the resulting curvature of the nasal septum.

There are cases that ear congestion is the result of severe damage to the auditory nerve - hearing loss, which can occur due to serious head injuries or hypertension. Quite often, this phenomenon occurs as a result of the presence of certain diseases of the cardiovascular or nervous system.

Laying ears in the plane: what to do?

Mouth Ears: Causes

Most often there is a feeling of stuffiness in the ears during the landing or take-off of the aircraft, since it is at these moments that there is a sharp change in pressure in the cabin. This condition will last until the body itself can not level the indicators. How does this happen?

The human ear is a sensitive organ. For the eardrum to work properly, a condition is needed when the pressure on both sides of the eardrum completely coincides (in the eardrum and the external auditory canal). Using the ventilation function of the Eustachian tube, which connects the tympanic cavity and the nasopharynx, the human body is able to equalize pressure independently. From the nasopharynx, during each swallowing movement air enters the eardrum. This helps maintain proper internal pressure on a par with atmospheric pressure.

To quickly get rid of such an unpleasant sensation, like a stuffy ear, you can use the following techniques:

  • Chew gum;
  • Regularly open your mouth and yawn;
  • Suck on candy;
  • Close your mouth, take a deep breath through your nose and hold your breath for a couple of seconds;
  • Drink any liquid from the tube. If you are traveling with a small child, then you need to take a bottle with a nipple on the road;
  • If you have a bad cold, immediately before boarding the plane, you need to instill into the nose any means intended for narrowing the vessels.

With the appearance of this unpleasant feeling that does not go away even after landing, you should seek the help of a doctor.

Laid ear with a cold: the causes

Mouth Ears: Causes

During a cold, often lays ears, which is a sure sign of the beginning of the inflammatory process, which managed to capture the middle ear. As a result, quite strong and unpleasant pains may appear, there is a probability of a decrease in the level of hearing, there is a crack in the ears, pus is released from the ear canal.

When the ear is inflamed and there is a feeling of congestion, it is imperative that you seek medical advice, as a result of the development of hearing loss. The patient is prescribed the use of antibacterial and anti-cough drugs, as well as ointments, drops for the ears, phyto-candles for the ears, solutions for washing the nasal sinuses, which are based on sea salt. Medical compresses are applied to the parotid area.

For treatment, you can use and folk remedies, but only if the doctor permits, as there is a risk to greatly worsen the already serious condition.

The congestion of the ears can be caused by both natural causes and certain diseases. In the first case, the uncomfortable state can be removed or minimized using simple tips. In the presence of pathology, you should immediately consult a doctor!