Papillomas around the neck

Have you ever tried to get rid of papillomas? Since you are reading this article, then most likely yes. And the victory is probably not on your side. Huge inconvenience and psychological discomfort are delivered by papillomas around the neck. The causes and treatment of such tumors are questions to which we will try to give comprehensive answers.

Is it dangerous or just unpleasant?

discomfort deliver papillomas around the neck

Today, not only among the elderly, but also among young people, you can see papillomas around the neck. The causes and treatment of these neoplasms are problems that are relevant to men and women. They are found even in children.

Papilloma is a benign neoplasm. It may be flat or filiform. Due to friction with the collar, the clothes sometimes become irritated, itching and aching. Although such growths are usually barely noticeable (their size does not exceed 2 mm), sometimes they grow to a few centimeters. It is impossible to close your eyes to such a nuisance, since papilloma can transform into a malignant tumor.

Today, it is quite easy to eliminate such formations: all you need is to contact a dermatologist. Traditional methods also give a good effect, but in this case the treatment will last much longer and will require patience and perseverance. In addition, after removal, growths may appear again.

Why do papillomas grow around your neck?

This is the fault of the papilloma virus. It is proved that it is present in 80% of adults, but for the time being does not show activity. There are four main factors of why papillomas appear on the neck:

  • bad habits (smoking, drinking);
  • weakened immunity;
  • promiscuity in sexual relationships;
  • poor nutrition (excessive passion for fatty, fried, smoked products).

The main thing from which papillomas appear on the neck is bodily contact (especially skin) with a person infected with HPV (using a shared towel, wearing other people's scarves, sweaters). It is very easy to pick up such a virus in saunas, pools and saunas.

What will doctors offer?

How to remove papillomas from the neck

Traditional medicine offers several ways to get rid of annoying entities. How to remove papillomas from the neck, in each particular situation, the doctor chooses. But usually for this is used one of these options:

  • surgical operation with a scalpel. They resort to it if it is necessary to eliminate large formations. It is performed under local anesthesia. There are no contraindications to such manipulations, but after such an intervention a small scar remains. But there is a plus: remote education can be sent to the study to determine the type of tumor;
  • laser removal. The strength of the beam is adjusted depending on what size the build-up has. The advantage of this technology is that it is bloodless (under the action of high temperature, the blood vessel is immediately sealed). In place of papilloma over time a crust forms, which gradually disappears. The only thing you should pay special attention to is the choice of the clinic. If the master incorrectly adjusts the laser, then the skin can burn;
  • cryodestruction A very popular method of removing papillomas with liquid nitrogen. It involves a temperature of minus 220˚, so the tumor is frozen. Since in the process of such manipulations (they are carried out very quickly - only 30 seconds), pain arises, they are also performed after anesthesia;
  • Another way to solve the problem of how to remove papillomas in the neck is electrocoagulation. In this case, the papilloma disappears under the influence of electric current. Changing his strength, the doctor burns out the neoplasm (he will first provide local anesthesia). It takes a week to heal a wound.

All of the above methods of how papillomas are treated on the neck in medical institutions are based on the fact that their leg is cut off, and the base is burned out.

And do not try whether folk methods?

folk remedies for papillomas on the neck

If the papillomas of you, as they say, got it, then you probably thought about laser removal and other medical procedures. This is understandable, because such "warts" - a minus for the appearance and high risk of developing oncology. But before you decide on drastic measures, you should still try to use the experience of our grandmothers. They used such folk remedies for papillomas on the neck:

  • garlic juice. It helps in the fight against small papillomas. It is necessary to take a strong clove, peel it, then cut it, squeeze a drop of juice into an education and gently rub it into it. Manipulations to perform at least two to three weeks, 2 times a day;
  • homemade walnut kernel ointment. They prepared it this way: they took 2 kernels, ground them in a meat grinder. Mixed with half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. At bedtime, papilloma ointment was covered, without affecting intact tissues. Leave the mixture for an hour, covering with a cotton sponge (a piece of a bandage). The course of treatment is from 7 to 10 days;
  • juice from fresh stems of celandine. They were broken in half and papilloma was rubbed with yellow juice. They did this for a month twice a day;
  • potato juice. Vegetable peeled, ground on a grater, squeezed juice. Put potato masses on education, covered with gauze, fixed with a bandage (adhesive plaster). Did so until the papilloma fell away.

Attention: if we confine ourselves only to the removal of papillomas, then over time they can form again. Therefore, you should take drugs that affect the cells that contain the HPV genome. As a rule, such drugs are prescribed: Interferon, Indole, Acyclovir, Allisarin, Valaciclavir, Polyoxidonium, Neovir, Wobenzym, Derinat. But you can take them only as directed (and under control) of the doctor! Attempts at self-use can seriously worsen the condition and even provoke the development of oncological diseases.

Do not try to cut or tear papillomas! This will spur the activity of the virus and lead to the growth of the source of infection, which may result in the defeat of more and more new sites. It is necessary to start the elimination of papillomas on the neck with finding out the cause of their occurrence, and treatment (including popular methods) can be carried out only after receiving a medical consultation.

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