A modern person often faces a deficiency of certain vitamins and microelements; the missing elements come from multivitamin complexes presented in a pharmacy. This issue is particularly acute when the deficit begins to affect the condition of the hair and nails. To solve such a complex problem, doctors often recommend the German drug Pantovigar, which is in a niche of expensive drugs. What makes him attractive, and is it possible to find him a full replacement?

"Pantovigar": the main characteristics of the drug

Cheap analogs of Pantovigar

This drug is a multivitamin complex, produced in capsule format. Packing in packs of 60 and 90 pieces: this quantity according to the classical algorithm from the manufacturer should be enough for 20 or 30 days, and the minimum course duration is 180 days.

  • The active substances of Pantovigar - medical yeast in a volume of 100 mg, vitamins B1 and B5 - each in a volume of 60 mg, keratin, L-cystine and para-aminobenzoic acid - each component of 20 mg. Volumes are indicated on 1 capsule.

This chemical composition allows the drug to have a beneficial effect on the legs and hair, supplying the body with important vitamins and trace elements for them, which are in an almost completely digestible form. The drug works from the inside, which eliminates the immediate loss of the result after the completion of the course.

The balanced complex allows not only to produce a tonic effect, but also to prevent hair loss by improving the nutrition of their bulbs, to stimulate the formation of the matrix, to increase the resistance of the hair membrane and the nail plate to the external effects - both chemical and mechanical.

Due to the fact that the active substances of Pantovigar are mixed with the blood stream, the drug can be recommended not only as a prophylactic agent, but also for solving more complex problems. Indications for its use are:

  • hair loss, including situations caused by chemotherapy;
  • deterioration of the hair structure due to outside influence: chemical burns (dyes, caustic substances), radiation, etc .;
  • changing the structure of the nail plate;
  • recovery of the body after surgery or radiation therapy;
  • abnormal hair color changes;
  • alopecia;
  • vitamin deficiency caused by seasonal avitaminosis, nutrition imbalance, long-term illness, intoxication, stress.

It is important to understand that "Pantovigar" will not solve hormonal problems, and will not cope with all the disorders of the nervous system. Therefore, if brittle hair and nails are caused by these factors, it is likely that a course of vitamins will not give any result. It also does not affect the problems caused by infections, but it can be included in complex therapy, where it will produce a supporting effect.

  • Despite the fact that the drug is fairly safe, there are a number of contraindications to it: in particular, this is pregnancy (except for the last trimester), breastfeeding, as well as an individual allergic reaction to any of the components. Undesirable use of "Pantovigar" children. In addition, it should not be taken simultaneously with sulphate-containing agents.

The side effects of the drug were also recorded: nausea and vomiting, gastrointestinal disorder, bloating, pain, as well as increased heartbeat, anxiety, sweating, pruritus.

The course of reception "Pantovigar" can last up to six months, after which a break is required to prevent habituation. If after 3 months (minimum duration) there are no positive results, it is recommended to consult with your doctor and make adjustments to the treatment.

The list of analogues "Pantovigara" composition

If you focus on the numerous reviews dedicated to "Pantovigaru", the drug really deserves attention, but it has a significant drawback - the minimum cost of packaging for 90 capsules (1 month of administration) is 1,800 rubles. Thus, the shortest course of treatment costs 5-6 thousand rubles, which is not available to everyone. Is it possible to choose a cheap analogue of "Pantovigar" in composition and principle of operation?

  1. Perfectil. Multivitamin complex, focused on improving the condition of hair and nails, as well as the regeneration and improvement of skin tone. Its composition is even richer than that of “Pantovigar”, but how much it is justified - you can only learn from the reviews or in person. Among the active components of "Perfect" are vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12), vitamins D, E, ascorbic acid, and also minerals - zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper, selenium, iodine, silicon, chrome. Herbal extracts are present - echinacea powder, burdock root. The daily rate is 1 capsule, in a package of 30 capsules, the cost is 700 rubles. According to the reviews, this is the most worthy analogue of Pantovigaru, and the course lasts only a month.Perfectil
  2. Perfectil Platinum. An extended version of the preparation described above, differing not only in the volume of packaging (30 and 60 capsules each), but also in composition. Here, emphasis is placed on fats, which almost every organism suffers from, as well as on plant extracts. Particular emphasis is placed on marine collagen obtained from shark cartilage, extract of brown algae, green tea, pine bark and grape seed, oil squeeze from black currant seeds. In addition, the preparation includes iron, calcium, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B9, manganese and copper sulphates. Form release - pills. Unlike Pantovigar, Perfectil Platinum does not contain yeast, which makes it softer in relation to the gastrointestinal tract. Among the contraindications are only pregnancy and breastfeeding. The cost of 30 tablets - 970 rubles.Perfectil Platinum
  3. Revalid. In composition with "Pantovigar" it echoes medical yeast, as well as L-cystine and thiamine. In addition, there are zinc, iron, calcium, methionine, copper, but the most important element is silicon. From plant components, wheat germ extract deserves attention. The main objective of Revalid is to stimulate the production of keratin and connective tissue, thereby contributing not only to strengthening the hair, but also to their new growth. The drug is contraindicated in persons younger than 12 years, as well as hormonal disorders and fungal infections. The cost of 30 capsules - 300 rubles.Revalid
  4. Alphabet Cosmetics. Quite a popular Russian analogue of "Pantovigar", presented in a wide range. The chemical composition includes vitamins of group B (B2, B5, B12), vitamins A, E, PP, as well as biotin, calcium, iodine, chromium, magnesium and iron. The set is fairly standard and somewhat scanty (if compared with Pantovigar and the drugs presented above), it does not solve serious problems, but will provide good support for the body weakened by hypovitaminosis, strengthening nails and hair, restoring skin tone and healthy color. The cost of packing 60 tablets is 500 rubles.Alphabet Cosmetics

The names listed above are the closest analogues of Pantovigar in composition and orientation, but it is impossible to find a tool that is completely identical to it in either the Russian or foreign market. Multivitamin complexes represented a lot, but only a small part of them is able to globally solve the problem, and not give only a tonic effect.

If you need the most complete replacement of "Pantovigaru", it is recommended to resort to "Perfectil", however, this issue should be resolved with the doctor: it is possible that to eliminate the violation is not enough of a certain element that is present in the simplest general strengthening vitamin complex, and there is no need to look exact generic or analogue "Pantovigaru."