Pancreatic treatment with drugs

The pancreas is considered one of the largest human organs. It is in it that the enzymes necessary for full digestion are produced, as well as insulin. With the development of inflammatory processes, it is necessary to begin treatment of the pancreas with drugs. We will talk about this today.

We will talk with the attending specialist

Medications for the pancreas in the treatment of pancreatitis

As already mentioned, the pancreas plays a huge role in the full functioning of the human body. In the event of malfunctioning of this organ, a person can develop various pathologies, in particular, diabetes.

The pancreas is produced in the right amount of insulin, and also produces enzymes that are necessary for the breakdown of food. As medical practice shows, pancreatitis is considered the most common pathology of the pancreas. This disease is directly related to the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the gland.

Dysfunction of the pancreas can also be caused by pathologies of the digestive tract, gallstone disease or dyskinesia. Treatment, as a rule, is prescribed purely individually, depending on the cause of the development of the disease.

Do not try to find the right pharmaceutical product yourself. Treatment of the pancreas with drugs is carried out under the strict supervision of a specialized physician. As practice shows, pancreatitis, occurring in the acute form, is treated in the hospital, and chronic illness - at home.

So, as already mentioned, in medical practice, such a disease as pancreatitis is often encountered. His treatment is inextricably linked with the cause of the development of the pathology. Pancreatic drugs for pancreatitis treatment are designed to perform the following tasks:

  • eliminate manifest pain;
  • normalize the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • replenish the supply of enzymes necessary for the digestion of food;
  • restore intestinal microflora;
  • eliminate the endocrine deficiency type.

To date, unfortunately, there is no universal pharmacological means, the reception of which will be able to perform all the above tasks. That is why the treatment should be comprehensive and balanced.

Comprehensive treatment: we study the appointment of a doctor

Medications that are prescribed to treat the pancreas

Medications that are prescribed for the treatment of the pancreas can be divided into several groups:

  • pain relief medications belonging to the class of analgesics and antispasmodics;
  • pharmacological agents that compensate for the concentration of enzymes;
  • drugs that are aimed at restoring the level of gastric acidity and normalization of the function of digestion;
  • antisecretory agents.

First of all, treating specialists take measures to eliminate the pain syndrome. The choice of a pharmaceutical agent depends on the degree of development of pancreatitis, as well as on the intensity of pain. The most commonly prescribed drugs are:

  • "Gastrotsepin";
  • "Platyphylline";
  • "Atropine";
  • "Baralgin" and so on.

In case of unbearable pain, the patient may be prescribed a drug intake, for example, "Tramal" or "Promedol".

During the development of inflammatory processes in the pancreas, its dysfunction is actively manifested, and therefore it is necessary to take pharmacological agents that normalize the concentration of enzymes. Treatment specialists may prescribe such drugs:

  • "Creon";
  • "Digestal";
  • "Festal";
  • "Lycreas" and others.

These drugs help not only to restore the full functioning of the pancreas and digestion in general, but also to prevent the further development of pathology, including its recurrence. In terms of their effects and composition, pharmaceuticals belonging to this group are also divided into several types, in particular:

  • drugs containing bile, for example, Enzyme, Forestal;
  • pharmaceuticals that consist solely of enzymes, for example, Pancreatin, Mezim, etc.

These drugs are great at dealing with the disease, but they can not be taken for a long time. Acceptance of such drugs should be carried out only under the control of a specialist, otherwise it can lead to disruption of the functioning of the pancreas and the development of complicated consequences.

As medical practice shows, often pancreatitis in the acute or chronic stages can provoke the appearance of so-called secondary symptoms. Patients have a violation of the acid concentration in the stomach, dysbacteriosis, intestinal motility disorder, etc.

The attending specialist necessarily provides for and prescribes pharmaceuticals belonging to the group of antacids. The following pharmacological agents can be attributed to this class:

  • "Maalox";
  • "Phosphalugel";
  • "Hilak Forte" ";
  • "Enterosgel";
  • "Trimedat";
  • "Duspatalin", etc.

We select the drug to eliminate the associated symptoms

Pancreatic treatment with drugs

As already mentioned, the inflammatory processes occurring in the pancreas, can trigger the manifestation of such unpleasant symptoms as vomiting and a violation of the process of defecation, in particular diarrhea. In these cases, specialized doctors choose a medicine for the treatment of the liver and pancreas. The action of the pharmacological drug should be directed to the normalization of bile secretion and the restoration of liver cells.

As a rule, with the development of acute pancreatitis after vomiting, a person does not feel relief, and nausea accompanies him constantly. This is due to poor digestion of food consumed. Over time, vomit can produce bile. In this case, the person is prescribed medications that speed up the outflow of bile and muffle the urge to vomit. These include "Metukal", "Tsirukal" "metoclopramide hydrochloride".

Often the development of inflammation in the pancreas is accompanied by loose stools. It is impossible to ignore such a state, since a violation of the natural process of defecation can lead to dehydration or severe intoxication. In this case, the specialized physician may prescribe medications that normalize stools, in particular, Polysorb, Regidron, etc.

We will listen to the opinion of "experienced" patients.

Modern man has largely begun to rely on information that he draws from the Global Network. Of course, you can familiarize yourself with the characteristic symptoms and the main aspects of pancreas treatment with drugs at specialized sites. You can also read reviews of patients who have overcome pancreatitis or other pathologies. However, the information received will not be enough to treat the disease.

Recall that the malfunction of the pancreas can be due to various reasons, and therefore the treatment will be specific.

In the home first aid kit you can store pharmacological products containing enzymes, as well as drugs that have an analgesic effect. However, their uncontrolled reception can lead to complicated consequences.

According to a number of reviews, many people use “Papaverin” or “Baralgin” to relieve pain during the development of pancreatitis. Regarding drugs that contribute to the restoration of the functioning of the pancreas, people say that the best of them is the pharmacological drug Pancretinol. It consists of only natural substances that are of plant origin, so it is absolutely harmless to the human body.

Let's summarize the above. Dysfunction of the pancreas is always accompanied by pain and additional, and sometimes life-threatening symptoms. In this regard, treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a physician. Be healthy!

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