Panaritium at home


Any person at least once in his life injured his toes and hands.They can be injured, cut or scratched by any sharp object. The most important thing is to treat the wound in time. Otherwise, a purulent inflammatory process may occur. In medicine, it is called - felon.

Panaritium is an inflammation of the soft tissues of the fingers and toes.It occurs when microbes enter the wound.

Types of felon

Panaritium has several types:

  1. Cutaneous felon. This is a type of purulent inflammation. It appears on the back of the finger or toe. A bubble is formed with a turbid yellow liquid inside.
  2. Subcutaneous felon. Purulent inflammation that occurs under the skin on the palmar surface of the fingers.
  3. Panaritium nail.It appears on the soft tissues, which are located under the nail plate of the fingers and toes.
  4. Panaritium okolonogtevoy.This purulent formation around the nail.
  5. Bone felon.Occurs at a fracture or with the complication of the usual felon.
  6. Articular felon. It is often referred to as "Purulent arthritis of the joint," which connects two fingers together.
  7. Osteoarticular felon. This is a purulent inflammation that occurs after a complication of articular panaritium.
  8. Tendon felon. Panaritium, affecting the tendon is considered the most severe of all its varieties. He is very difficult to treat.
  9. Herpetic felon. This purulent inflammation causes the herpes virus.

Causes of felon

  • Most felon occurs due to microorganisms that penetrate the skin through any kind of wounds, burns, burrs or even simple scratches.Even a small wound can contribute to the appearance of panaritium, and if the wound is closed by the newly formed layer of the epidermis, the situation is aggravated.
  • Felarium may also occur due to decreased immunity.. With a decrease in the level of protection against bacteria, viruses begin to multiply in the wound, which can lead not only to skin, but also to bone felon.
  • Another reason for the occurrence of such a disease may be an excessive load on the damaged finger.You should not glue deep wounds with plasters; this is a very favorable environment for the development of microbes.

Symptoms of felon

  • Swelling, sharp pain, fever, redness.
  • Pain whining character.Increase pain when moving fingers. The size of the damage to the fingers can be small, and the pain can be unbearable.

Ways to treat felon at home

At the beginning of treatment felon well do baths. But if the symptoms are increasing, then an urgent need to consult a doctor.

  • Medicinal solutions include soda solution.. It is necessary to prepare hot water in the amount of one glass per 2 tbsp. soda In this solution, the finger must be kept for about half an hour. Such procedures should be carried out about 3-4 times a day. Three days later, the inflammation begins to pass. In the course of time, the nail itself will begin to descend without causing trouble to the patient.
  • It is also good to use ordinary hot water at the very beginning of the treatment, in which the finger sinks. The water must be at such a temperature that the finger can tolerate it and after 20-30 minutes the pain will begin to subside.
  • Another folk remedy in the treatment of felon at home is propolis.It needs to be crushed, and mixed with medical alcohol in the ratio of 20 g of propolis per 100 ml of alcohol. In such a tincture you need to wet the gauze and bandage the finger with it, after covering it with oilcloth. The compress is kept until the compress is completely dry.
  • Well with felon battles fir oil mixed with Vishnevsky ointment. This mixture is applied to the bandage and pinned on the damaged finger. Change the bandage should be about 2-3 times a day.
  • Helper in the fight against panaritium is a solution of potassium permanganate. The solution should be clear, and the water, of course, must be at a temperature that is tolerable to your feet or hands.
  • Treatment of felon onions at home.The onion of a small size is cut into two parts and baked in the oven. The bulb should be soft. Then put it on the infected place and firmly bandaged with a bandage. This bandage needs to be changed every 5 hours.
  • Treatment of felon beetroot.From her prepare a compress. First you need to steam your finger in the bath with potassium permanganate. Beetroot grated. The resulting slurry is put on a purulent bladder and tied with a bandage. Such a compress is done every 5 hours, as with a bow.
  • Castor oil for the treatment of felon. Castor oil is heated above a stream of hot water. Then take a cotton swab and dip into the oil, and then put on a purulent bladder. Finger tied with a bandage. After 2 hours, remove the bandage and make a new one.
  • Celandine against felon.A teaspoon of crushed celandine is poured 500 g of water at room temperature. Then boil for 10 minutes. The broth should cool to 70 ° Celsius. Not filtering, the resulting tool is used as a bath for treatment. Keep your finger in the composition takes 15 minutes. This bath do 2-3 times a day.
  • Aloe with felon.Aloe pulp must be crushed to form a juice. This composition is applied to the finger.
  • Calendula for the treatment of felon.Used alcohol tincture of this plant. It is added to a warm bath. This procedure lasts 7 minutes.
  • Eucalyptus at home felon. Alcohol tincture of eucalyptus is added to hot water. Fingers dip into this solution and hold for 15 minutes. This procedure is repeated 2-3 times.
  • Garlic against felon.The head of garlic is cleaned and made into mush. Then it is poured hot water. Put the finger in this mixture for about 3-5 minutes. Be patient. Keep your finger until the water cools down. Then this solution needs to be filtered and the obtained cake is applied to the sore spot, tied up with a bandage.
  • Treatment of felon cabbage. Cabbage leaf must be clean. It is fixed on the finger for 3 hours. After this, make any of the above baths. Then again fix the cabbage leaf around your finger for 4 hours.
  • There are many more compresses that are effective in the treatment of felon at home. The folk remedies also include potatoes, white bread, oil of various medicinal herbs, chicory, flax and chamomile seeds, dairy products, pine resin.

Preventing felon at home

You must always be careful with sharp objects with which you can wound yourself. In order to earlier detect the initial stage of felon, you need to press on the finger around the nail - if you feel pain, then you have felon - contact a doctor immediately or use folk remedies.