Pain under the right shoulder blade from the back.


The pain under the right shoulder blade from the back is one of the types of symptoms of diseases of internal organs, which are located far from the source of inflammation. To understand what causes such a condition, you must learn to distinguish pathological pain from minor lumbago.

When the disease is not to blame

sore under the right shoulder blade behind

Experts believe that most often hurts under the right shoulder blade in the back of people leading a sedentary inactive lifestyle. It is enough for a person of an unsportsmanlike physique to stretch his back a little, and the next day the indisposition will be guaranteed. The nature of such pain is more likely to be muscular sores or spasms and is facilitated by a massage of the affected muscles. At risk are:

  • People whose work is related to computer technology. Especially the situation is aggravated by improper landing, uncomfortable chair or when you have to reach far for the mouse and keyboard.
  • Young mummies using right-side slings for carrying the child.
  • Pain in the muscles under the shoulder blade can also be caused by heavy bags, in particular, when emphasis is placed on the right arm. Schoolchildren and students who are forced to carry heavy textbooks with them on a regular basis suffer from this problem.
  • Improper posture often leads to muscle leakage. Violation of posture when walking, stoop while sitting on a chair will eventually lead to painful sensations in the upper back.
  • Similarly, muscle spasms occur due to the body being in the same position for a long time during sleep.

In addition to the obvious reasons, minor pain in the right shoulder blade can cause injuries during sports, a strong strain on the shoulder joints and muscle strain.

Acute long pain - a reason to think seriously

back pain in the right shoulder blade

The pain from the back in the area of ​​the right shoulder blade should be alerted if there are other characteristic symptoms besides it. Such a signal of the body can be caused by serious diseases of internal organs. Consider them.

Heart attack

In men, pain is most often given in the shoulders, and in women in the area between the shoulder blades with echoes in the right or left side. In this case, there will be other signs, such as increased sweating, pain in the left side of the chest, dizziness and vomiting. If you feel something like this, do not hesitate, immediately call the ambulance.

Gallbladder attack

Gallstone disease and other diseases of the gallbladder cause bouts of pain under the right scapula. Often, such attacks can last from 15 minutes to several hours and appear at intervals of a couple of weeks. Related signs are:

  • abdominal pain;
  • increased body temperature;
  • yellowness of the skin;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pain worse after ingestion of fatty foods.

Liver diseases

Acute persistent pain in the right shoulder and near the scapula is a serious signal of infection of the liver. At the beginning, the discomfort is localized in the right hypochondrium, and then, due to the original placement of the organ, the pain passes into the scapula.

Mammary cancer

This is a common female disease, which should be suspected immediately if you breathe in under the right shoulder blade from the back. Malignant neoplasms will cause a similar symptom when the tumor is located in the right breast. Women who are predisposed to cancer should be required to attend a breast specialist every six months and undergo screening tests.


Inflammation of the joints on the right arm can also be given to the shoulder and under the scapula from the back. This pain is accompanied by general malaise, swelling of the small joints of the hands, the presence of rheumatoid nodules in the upper third of the elbow joint.

Accumulation of pus under the diaphragm

sharp cutting pain in the right hypochondrium and scapula

This pathology occurs against the background of complications after inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity, such as cholecystitis, peritonitis and acute appendicitis. In this case, characterized by acute cutting pain in the right hypochondrium and scapula, increased body temperature. According to the results of general tests, a change in the blood leukocyte formula will be seen.

Radiculopathy vertebrogenic

Severe acute pain occurs against the background of infringement of nerve endings and displacement of intervertebral discs. With long-term disruption of the structure of the spine, you can observe swelling in the area of ​​inflammation due to failures in the normal circulation, pain during palpation, elevated body temperature, general malaise and weakness.

When do I need to see a doctor?

The reasons why it hurts under the right shoulder blade behind are so varied that sometimes it is not possible to determine them yourself. A justified reason for seeking medical attention may be the presence of such symptoms:

  • redness, heat, or swelling of the scapula;
  • acute pain resulting from injury, falling or hitting;
  • any obvious deformity of the shoulder joint;
  • difficult movements with the right hand, giving a sharp pain in the back.

In addition, an emergency call is urgently needed in the following situations:

  • with acute pain in the left side of the chest and shortness of breath;
  • if there are characteristic symptoms of heart attack, myocardial infarction, and other serious heart problems;
  • when the tendon was damaged as a result of the injury, the skin turned blue or bleeding started;
  • with severe nausea and vomiting, faint and dizzy.

To identify a reliable cause, you will need a number of diagnostic tests and consultation of doctors of different specialties. Your conclusion should be given:

  • gastroenterologist;
  • neuropathologist;
  • vertebrologist;
  • traumatologist;
  • urologist;
  • cardiologist.

Be prepared to describe exactly the nature of the pain, the time and frequency of its occurrence, the presence of other symptoms, even if they seem insignificant, to the doctors in the smallest details. It is also necessary to clarify what measures were taken to eliminate pain, and make a complete list of medications taken. All these data will help professionals to make a more accurate picture and quickly establish the correct diagnosis.

Back pain in the right shoulder blade can cause a lot of discomfort and limit the ability to move normally. To identify the cause, if it is not associated with muscle spasms, is extremely difficult and almost impossible on its own. In any case, the list of possible pathologies is so serious that it is not worth delaying and “playing doctor” while doing homemade self-medication. It is better to visit a qualified doctor once more than to treat complications for a long time.