Pain in the left hypochondrium

Few people managed to avoid the painful sensations that arise in one place of the body, then in another. Sometimes these feelings are not caused by dangerous reasons and do not require medical intervention, disappearing after a while. But some symptoms, accompanied by pain, require close attention.

One of the symptoms that requires a broad medical diagnosis to establish the exact cause of this disease state is in the left hypochondrium. The causes of this condition can be a variety of diseases, so when increasing pain intensity should not postpone a visit to the doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Causes of pain in the left hypochondrium

  1. In general, pain occurs when a combination of various reasons, which are caused by a violation of the blood circulation of a particular organ. Decreased nutrients and oxygen levels impair the functioning of nerve endings. It is this process that causes pain.
  2. Another cause of the pain itself is swelling of the tissue, which inevitably arises during the inflammatory process of any nature. Because of puffiness, nerves are pinched, which causes pain. Therefore, we can immediately say that the left hypochondrium is caused by changes in the tissues that occurred after the disruption of the normal blood supply, or due to the inflammatory process.
  3. Other common causes of pain in the left hypochondrium include mechanical. Injury to nerves and tissues can occur under the influence of external influence, which can be caused by falls, tears of mucous membranes and parenchyma, blows.
  4. The next factor is an internal violation under the influence of the physiological media of the body and pathogenic organisms of the integrity of the mucous membranes. The most typical examples include a stomach ulcer caused by an increased amount of hydrochloric acid and bacteria in the gastric juice. Also provokes pain in the left hypochondrium surgery.

Pain in the left hypochondrium: causes

The main causes of pain in the left hypochondrium are pathological changes in the internal organs in adults. It:

  • Gastritis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Diaphragm injury
  • Tumors of internal organs
  • Hernia of the diaphragm
  • Pneumonia lower lung lobe
  • Cholecystitis
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Glomerulonephritis

In other cases, pain in the left hypochondrium occurs due to rheumatoid lesions of the connective and articular tissue, with weakening of the abdominal muscles, which provoked muscular dystrophy, osteochondrosis, when the nerves are clamped. In the event of acute abdominal pain in the background of pain in the left hypochondrium, an immediate emergency call is required.

Aching pain in left hypochondrium

The aching pain under the left ribs is a sign of a constant inflammatory process that is sluggish in nature. But do not rush to conclusions, rather often aching pain in the left hypochondrium helps the doctor to diagnose pre-infarction or angina.

The aching and any other pain under the left hypochondrium and in the abdomen, extending to the left arm and back, most often indicates cardiological pain syndrome. Eliminate this cause may be assigned by the doctor ECG.

Dull pain in left hypochondrium

Dull pain in the left hypochondrium belongs to the sluggish diseases of the chronic nature of the gastrointestinal tract. With the exclusion of renal lesions and intercostal neuralgia, the causes may be pancreatitis, cholecystitis, or gastritis during the exacerbation of the chronic form.

If the cause of such pain is intercostal neuralgia, then dull pain in the left hypochondrium will intensify with breathing and movement.

Back pain in left hypochondrium

The appearance of back pain in the left hypochondrium can cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Most often, the pathology of the pancreas and chronic gastritis indicates this kind of pain. Very intense pain may indicate a complication of a gastric ulcer - bleeding or perforation. Back pain in the left hypochondrium can signal the damage of the nervous system.

It is very important to characterize the pain in the left hypochondrium and clarify for the doctor such symptoms as: when the pain arose, its duration, what conditions cause its aggravation, whether it is permanent or paroxysmal, the nature of the pain is aching, acute or dull. Based on this information, the doctor will be able to presuppose the cause of back pain in the left hypochondrium.

Types of pain in the left hypochondrium

There are several types of pain under the left ribs, the causes of which may be completely different.

Pain in the left hypochondrium: causes

  • If the pain in the left hypochondrium occurs in the front, the cause of this is usually a damage to the tissues of the spleen or stomach. When shifting pain to the center, the cause may be located in the gallbladder or duodenum.
  • If the pain arises from behind, then the kidney is diagnosed. Also, the cause may be chest or lumbar osteochondrosis.
  • Shingles in the left hypochondrium, which passes to the abdominal wall in front, are characteristic symptoms of pancreatitis. An acute attack of a similar disease is unbearable and burning. Relief comes only when the body is tilted forward in a sitting position.
  • Sharp pain that has arisen suddenly requires an ambulance call, as its causes may be perforation of the upper loops of the intestine or stomach, rupture of the renal pelvis or spleen.
  • After surgery on the pancreas, spleen, kidney and stomach, pain in the left hypochondrium occurs inevitably. Sometimes the reason that caused the pain under the left ribs is much higher, and is given here. It can be a fracture of the ribs, neuralgia, and even shingles.

But without a diagnosis under the supervision of a doctor, it is impossible to establish the exact cause of pain in the left hypochondrium. Take care of yourself and do not forget to seek help from experts!

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