Pain in elbow joint


A lot of inconvenience when moving can cause pain in the elbow joint. If the causes and treatment of diseases for which such a symptom is possible were known to a wide range, the number of neglected cases and complications leading to disability would have decreased by about half.

The pain in the elbow is severe, sharp, aching or pulling. All these types of discomfort are a sign of joint damage as a result of trauma, a pathological process in the bone tissue, or the spread of pain on the upper limb during other ailments. Regardless of what caused the discomfort, you need to take action, otherwise it will be very difficult to move your hand.

Consequences of negligence

Pain in the elbow

In most cases, sudden pain at the fold of the arm is caused by traumatic injuries.


After a strong blow to the elbow (for example, when falling), pain syndrome appears, the intensity of which depends on the strength of the impact of a solid object. During the inspection, you can notice bruising and swelling. The pain intensifies if neuritis of the ulnar nerve is joined.

To quickly get rid of the consequences of negligence, you need the first 3 days after the injury to apply to the sore spot cold. When blood accumulates in the articular cavity, it is necessary to make a puncture and remove the fluid, and then for 14-17 days to immobilize the joint with plaster tape.

Dislocation, subluxation, sprain

A blow, a sharp, unsuccessful movement, a jerky jerking of the hand often cause sprains or sprains. Such sometimes accompanied by the separation of small particles of bone and a change in the shape of the joint, the appearance of non-natural mobility. The soreness of the damaged area is strong enough.

Dislocation, subluxation, sprain

In addition to the application of ice and dormancy, necessary for sprains, in the event of dislocation and subluxation, the physiological position of the joint will need to be restored by a traumatologist and gypsum should be applied for 2-3 days. If after medical care worries pain, you should start taking anti-inflammatory drugs and anesthetics.


Too strong, sharp pain due to injury indicates a violation of the integrity of the musculoskeletal system. Most often, fractures are inseparable from dislocation. In some cases, there is damage to the nerves and large vessels, which is fraught with loss of sensitivity: the patient complains of numbness of the limb, can not move his fingers.

The victim is given an anesthetic drug, the joint is cooled, and then in the clinic, the doctor must properly connect the bones using manual reduction, traction, or surgery. The patient will have to wear a plaster cast for 1-1.5 months and take anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

If the cause of pain in the elbow joint is an injury, the treatment cannot be considered complete after removing the fixing bandage. Full recovery is impossible without:

  • long arm development;
  • special exercise;
  • physiotherapy.

Secret enemies of the elbow

Sometimes people do not even suspect that the elbow joint of the right or left hand hurts due to a serious pathology and they do not know how to treat it. Diseases not directly related to injuries include:



Such a disease often develops in tennis players, golfers, throwers of nuclei, painters, plasterers, cleaners, and all whose profession or lifestyle are associated with excessive loads on the upper limbs. These are often complicated by damage to the muscle tendons. Patients with epicondylitis complain of acute pain in the elbow joint with flexion, extension and rotation of the right arm. It also hurts a person when pressing on the elbow.

Treatment recommendations include complete rest and limb fixation, remedies for relieving inflammation and pain.

Deforming osteoarthritis

Trauma or impaired blood circulation of the hands can lead to a gradual destruction of the surfaces of the joint. At first, the person suffers from periodic aching pains. Further elbow deformation will follow, movements are disturbed, the pain intensifies and disturbs even in a state of complete rest, and a crunch is heard when the arm is bent.

It is necessary to immediately begin taking medication to improve the blood supply and nutrition of the diseased part of the body. If it was not possible to stop the process at an early stage, you will have to turn to a surgeon in order to perform plasty or elbow replacement.

Arthritis and Bursitis

Arthritis is caused by rheumatism, gout, psoriasis, tuberculosis, or a reaction to diseases of the genitourinary system. The inflammatory process of the inner lining of the joint may affect the articular bag - then we are talking about joining bursitis. Ailments are manifested by swelling and soreness of both the fold of the arm and the surrounding tissues. The pain in the elbow joint on the inside of the arm is aggravated by lifting heavy objects, movements.

Arthritis and bursitis will disappear on their own as a result of successful treatment of major diseases. Suppuration in the form of suppuration is treated with puncture and internal washing of the joint with disinfecting solutions and antibiotics.


The growth of neoplasms on the ulnar nerve causes severe pain. The patient requires urgent surgical removal of the tumor, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, anesthetics.



Recognizing such a disease is not difficult, because chills, fever, headache, weakness join the pain in the elbow and the impaired functionality of the arm.

From infections that caused osteomyelitis, get rid of with antibiotics, detoxification drugs remove toxins, and immunomodulators, vitamins and minerals strengthen the body. It happens that doctors are forced to remove particles of dead bone tissue by surgery.

Irradiating pain

Many people are surprised when the elbow moves normally, it does not swell, the skin on the arm does not change color, there is no pain when feeling, but in this place a person is worried about persistent pain that spreads to the entire limb and becomes stronger at night. This usually happens when:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • angina pectoris;
  • certain types of stroke.

Without removing the root cause, the problem cannot be solved.

In order not to forget about the mobility and painlessness of arm movements for a long time, at the very first bells indicating that the elbow joint is inflamed or damaged, consult a doctor. In addition, do not forget that the pain often gives in the hand for severe pathologies that require the immediate intervention of health workers.