Many probably faced such a problem when, after a prolonged flu or a cold, their ears begin to ache. Often, in this case, doctors prescribe otipax drops. Reviews of many patients say that this drug is particularly effective in the fight against this disease.

Drops in the ears "Otipaks": description

Otipaks are ear drops, which are produced in the form of glass bottles of 16 g each with a dropper cap. In the sale of the tool goes in a carton box, it also comes with instructions for use. Externally, these droplets resemble a clear liquid with a yellow tinge, and the smell of alcohol is also present in them. The manufacturer of this drug is French, it affects its quality.

Store the medicine at room temperature, not above 25 degrees, in a dark place; children should not have access to it. In closed form, the bottle will be suitable for use for 3 years from the moments of release, but if it was opened, the drug should be used within six months. In pharmacies, the product is available without a prescription.

Otipaks: reviews

Otipax drops is a combined remedy for local treatment in the field of otology, it has a bright anti-inflammatory and anesthetic action. Due to the action of the components that otipax incorporates, it can relieve pain in a rather short period of time and maintain the effect of anesthesia for a long period.

These drops are recommended for local symptomatic treatment, as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent for adult patients and for children, even for newborns. Basically, various species and abscesses of the outer ear are treated with otipax.

Immediately before the first use of the drug, carefully remove the aluminum cap from the bottle, pulling it by the tongue. Then you need to get a dropper - pipette and put it on the bottle. To raise the temperature of the liquid, you can hold the bottle in your hands for a while. Then you should unscrew the cap, turn the bottle over and drop 4 drops into the auricle. After that, the patient needs to lie down for a few minutes, then roll over on the other side and perform the same manipulations with the other ear.

At the end of the instillation procedure, the white cap should be tightly screwed, put the vial in the package and store in a dark place. On the day of the ears otipaksy need to bury 2 times.

Side effects from the use of this pharmacological drug are manifested in rare cases and are most often manifested in the form of redness, irritation or pruritus.

It is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. It is also necessary to refuse treatment with a means of mechanical damage to the eardrum, pregnancy, and during breastfeeding. In the event that otipaks was used with a perforated membrane, there is a risk of complications due to the contact of the active substance of the drug and the organs of the inner ear.

How to use them during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, otipax is prescribed if the expectant mother has otitis media. Moreover, the instructions for the drug clearly indicated that the effect of the agent on the body of a pregnant woman and the fetus itself were not studied. Because of this, it is strictly forbidden to assign yourself the drops yourself. But despite this, this drug has certain positive properties, thanks to which, the doctor can prescribe their use to the pregnant patient.

Otipaks: reviews

These drops consist of 10 mg of lidocaine and 40 mg of phenazone. Moreover, it is because of lidocaine that this remedy is often contraindicated for pregnant women. After all, many people have an allergy to this remedy, especially in pregnant women, because their bodies can suddenly react even to a familiar product. Therefore, a patient who knows that she is allergic to this substance is obliged to report this to her doctor.

The doctor may prescribe the dosage of the drug to a pregnant woman other than the usual patients. Everything will depend on the state of the body. Usually, the duration of drug treatment does not exceed 10 days.

Now a few words about the components themselves: phenon has an anti-inflammatory effect, and lidocaine - analgesic. Both of these substances do not penetrate into the blood, their effect extends only to the ear, so you should not worry about the condition of the fetus. After 5 minutes after the instillation procedure, the aching pain in the ear will begin to pass, and after 30 minutes it will finally subside altogether.

So, if the eardrum of a pregnant woman is not damaged, the woman does not have an allergy to the components of the drug, then otipax during the period of carrying the child can be used, but only after you are appointed by a qualified specialist. In addition, if the pain subsides and the ears stop bothering the patient, she still has to dig the drops to the end. If otitis during pregnancy does not complete the cure, it can return in a fairly quick time, but now its shape will be much harder!

Otipaks: drug analogues

Otipaksa has its own counterparts, if it is not possible to find the drug itself, then you can purchase another medication, after having previously coordinated this issue with your doctor.

Analogs of otipax ear drops:

  • Otyrelax: these drops include hydrochloride, phenazone and lidocaine. In addition, they contain and excipients. The drug has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It is most often prescribed for barotraumatic otitis media, external otitis, and as an auxiliary component for the treatment of otitis media with an intact eardrum. After application of the product, discomfort may occur, as well as allergic reactions: itching and redness. It is possible to use this remedy for pregnant women only after consulting a doctor and if only this medicine helps to cope with the illness. The shelf life of the drug - 3 years from the date of issue.
  • Folicup: Available in 15 ml dark glass containers with a special device for instillation. Folicup is prescribed to treat various forms of otitis. Sometimes it can cause an allergic reaction. By the way, this tool can be used even for the treatment of diseases of the ears in infants. But only the attending doctor should appoint him.

The drug otipaks won the respect and recognition of many patients who used it for the treatment of various diseases. And numerous reviews - the main confirmation of this.

Otipaks: reviews

  • Anastasia: Otipaks perfectly relieves inflammation and pain relief! I, for example, treated them with otitis after it blew through me. I bought them after going to the doctor, it was he who advised me to try this remedy. Otitis passed, and the pain went literally after the first use!
  • Marina: One fall, a 5-year-old daughter came from kindergarten and complained of pain in her ears. Went to the doctor: diagnosis - otitis media. The doctor prescribed otipax! Daughter began to feel much better after the first procedure of instillation, the pain subsided! We dropped the drug for 7 days, until now the disease has not returned!
  • Elizabeth: I got the flu, then I got otitis. I suffered terribly, the pain is just unbearable. I went to the ENT patient, he prescribed these drops for me, I used to buy other medicines, but they did not help, so I didn’t really believe in the effect of otipax itself. But after I dropped my ears, the pain began to pass a little, then completely disappeared. I was prescribed a course of treatment for 8–10 days, completely dribbled, afraid that the pain would return again. But the disease is gone, I feel great, and all - thanks to these wonderful droplets!

Even despite the positive characteristics and reviews of the drug, it should be used only after consulting with your doctor. After all, the body of each person has its own individual characteristics and what is good for one does not always benefit the other!