Today, the prevalence of fungal infection takes a truly avalanche character. There are many reasons for this, there is also widespread availability of antibiotics, which patients themselves prescribe, a modern lifestyle that is stressful, etc. Doctors and patients have a real question about how to cure such ailments, both locally and and systemically?

The drug Orungal is a universal remedy for the systemic treatment of fungal infections. Positive feedback from dermatologists about it is far from uncommon, since the tool is very relevant and effective.

Orungal: instructions for use

Orungal: expert reviews

The drug is available in 2 dosage forms - solution for oral administration, with a concentration of the active substance of 10 mg / ml. The solution itself has a pleasant taste (cherry), which is an undoubted advantage. Also in the line are capsules containing 100 mg of active ingredient.

The main thing in the life of fungi is the preservation of the integrity of their membranes, for which ergosterol is responsible. The active substance of orungal, itraconazole, prevents the synthesis of ergosterol, thereby changing the capacity of the membrane of the fungus, leading to its lysis, and, accordingly, the death of the parasite. The spectrum of action of the drug is quite wide. Thus, according to doctors, it has the greatest clinical significance in relation to dermatophytes and yeast-like fungi.

The indications for using the Orungal, due to its wide spectrum of action, are quite wide. It may be vulvovaginal candidiasis (thrush in women), ringworm - chronic fungal inflammation of the stratum corneum of the skin, which is provoked by fungus low health. Candidiasis of the oral cavity, fungal inflammation of the cornea, fungal nail infections. In addition, the drug is successfully used in the treatment of systemic mycoses - a total fungal infection of organs and tissues, etc.

Orungal capsules are taken after meals. The amount and concentration of the drug prescribed by the doctor, depending on the disease itself and its clinical signs. For the convenience of doctors and patients in the instructions for use in the form of a table sets out the frequency and duration of treatment.

The treatment itself for different pathologies may differ significantly. In some cases, it is enough to take 1 - 2 capsules of the drug, for example, for candidiasis in women. In other situations, a long-term administration is required, for example, a course (15 days) in the treatment of oral candidiasis or ringworm of smooth skin. Monthly treatment may be necessary in the treatment of fungal skin lesions of the palms and feet. The longest period of therapy is required for the treatment of fungal nail infections or systemic organ damage - 3 months or more.

Orungal: expert reviews

A solution of the drug, unlike capsules, is used on an empty stomach. Before swallowing the liquid, it is necessary to rinse the mouth cavity. Oral candidiasis is treated by taking 200 mg of orungal, every day, in a weekly course. If the therapeutic effect is not pronounced, the treatment is recommended to extend for another 1 week.

As with any drug, orungal has its own contraindications. Thanks to research, the following have been identified:

  1. Individual intolerance;
  2. Dysfunction of the ventricles of the brain;
  3. Chronic heart failure;
  4. Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Orungal contains sucrose, and patients with deficiency of sucrose, isomaltose, glucose malabsorption, it is necessary to refuse to take capsules and use a solution.

Side effects are also described, which can occur frequently, rarely and very rarely. Often there can be headaches, less often dizziness, numbness of the skin. Very rarely, nausea, loose stools, increased gas, rash, itching.

Orungal: analogues and price of the drug

Orungal: expert reviews

The international nonproprietary name of oringala is Itraconazole, and it is this substance that is valid. Among antifungal drugs, there is a fairly wide range of agents that contain this active ingredient in their composition, therefore, they are counterparts of orungal.

These include "Irunin", which is available in capsules and vaginal tablets, "Itrazol" is available in capsules. "Orunit" is produced by the Romanian pharmacological company in the form of capsules. "Teknzol" is available in capsules by the Turkish pharmaceutical company. It is worth noting that all of the above drugs are generics, and orungal is the original brand drug.

The pricing policy of the tool leaves much to be desired, the capsules and solution will cost the buyer several thousand rubles. This circumstance makes the use of analogs and generics of the drug so popular.

Orgunla doctor reviews is an excellent antifungal agent. It has a wide spectrum of action, which allows the tool to be included in the treatment of various diseases. The only disadvantage of the drug is the high price, so it is successfully replaced by some analogues.