Oral cavity irrigator - what is it and which one is better


Unfortunately, standard brushing with a brush and toothpaste can not completely get rid of bacterial plaque and small remnants of food eaten. Those people who care about the health of the oral cavity, modern dentists offer to purchase a unique device - irrigator. We will tell you what an oral cavity irrigator is, which one is better to choose and whether it really is effective.

Oral irrigator - what is it?

The irrigator is a device in which a jet of liquid solution is fed into the mouth.

The irrigator is a device in which a jet of liquid solution is fed into the mouth. Under pressure, this fluid easily washes away small remnants of food, pollution and bacteria from those areas that cannot be reached with a regular brush. This device is able to easily clean the inner and lateral surfaces of our teeth, as well as the gaps between them.

Before using the device, it is necessary to pour liquid into a special container, which will be supplied by the nozzle under high pressure. Use in the irrigator ordinary water ineffective. Therefore, in most cases, special solutions are used that have a bactericidal effect and are able to destroy pathogens.

For diseases of the oral cavity, such as caries, periodontitis, and others, antibacterial fluids and antiseptics are used. Also, such tools can be effective for getting rid of bad breath. If you want to use an irrigator in order to prevent caries and other diseases or to strengthen tooth enamel, use special solutions with a high content of calcium and fluorine.

Most of these devices are used as a device for cleaning the oral cavity with a strong jet, and as a massager. With the help of an accessory that works in the "spray" mode, it is possible to effectively massage the gums and the oral mucosa, thereby improving blood circulation in them. In addition, each person will be able to choose a suitable pressure for himself - soft or intense, in order to brush his teeth without experiencing discomfort.

What are irrigators?

What are irrigators?

To know which is better to choose a mouth irrigator, you need to be well aware of what species they are represented.

By the principle of operation, these devices are divided into 3 categories:

  • mono jet in which the therapeutic agent is supplied in the form of a strong jet under high pressure;
  • pulsed - the solution is supplied in the form of a pulsating jet;
  • microbubble irrigators have an air pump included. The working solution in them is saturated with small air bubbles, which burst in direct contact with the treated surface.

According to the method of use, there are 3 types of irrigators:

  • stationary, which must be connected directly to the source of electricity;
  • portable, battery powered or battery operated. These devices are great for people who spend a lot of time traveling, because they are lightweight and small in size, which allows you to take these devices with you without unnecessary trouble;
  • the least popular type - irrigators, which can be connected to the water supply.

By purchasing absolutely any device, you will receive several additional attachments at once. In most cases, they are absolutely the same and are intended for different family members who will use the device. Often for ease of use such tips are colored in different colors. However, complete with more expensive devices may come with special nozzles designed for use in the presence of certain problems, for example:

  • nozzle for cleaning the surface of the tongue. It helps not only to get rid of unpleasant plaque, but also to freshen breath;
  • nozzle for the implementation of special care for implants;
  • brush for more effective cleaning of teeth, which also massages gums well;
  • nozzle for cleaning bracket systems. People who wear special devices to correct the bite, especially necessary irrigator with this "assistant". It is impossible to clean the surface of the teeth under the braces with a conventional brush, despite the fact that there is a huge amount of dirt under them that must be removed. This is where the special device will help.

Who needs an irrigator?

Who needs an irrigator?

Having learned what it is - mouth cavity irrigator, it is worth deciding whether you personally need it. By and large, the device would be useful to absolutely all people. After all, as you know, any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Regular use of the irrigator can significantly reduce the likelihood of caries and other oral diseases and strengthen the enamel, keeping your teeth healthy for the longest possible time.

However, such devices are quite expensive, and most people acquire them only if there are certain medical indications. In particular, this device is recommended for use in the following situations:

  • while waiting for the child and breastfeeding for the prevention of gingivitis;
  • people who constantly smoke;
  • suffering from diabetes and other endocrine diseases;
  • with a decrease in immunity;
  • people experiencing discomfort and pain during teething wisdom;
  • if there are crowns, implants, prostheses and braces in the mouth.

In some cases, before using such devices, you should consult a doctor, for example:

  • in the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • within 24 hours after fixation of the prosthesis;
  • with exacerbation of oral diseases.

The first time after applying this device, the gums may bleed slightly. If this phenomenon does not disappear within 10-14 days, it is necessary to abandon the use of the device and consult a doctor.

How to use it correctly?

There are some rules that must be followed when using such a device, namely:

  • only warm liquid can be poured into the tank;
  • the jet should be directed to the place of impact at a right angle;
  • irrigator can be used only after brushing your teeth, and not instead of it;
  • Use the device daily, before bedtime. The procedure should be carried out from 5 to 20 minutes.

Choosing a mouth irrigator

First of all, you need to evaluate the conditions in which you are going to use this device. If you are practically not leaving your home, give preference to a stationary irrigator, which must be plugged into an outlet, as it is more reliable and durable. Those people who constantly move from place to place, it is better to purchase a portable device and take it with you.

Next you should pay attention to the reservoir for the liquid. The more people in your family are going to use the irrigator, the greater should be its volume. It is the same with the number of nozzles: for each household there must be a different one. Persons suffering from certain dental problems should buy a device that includes the appropriate attachments to get rid of them.

Reviews of the most popular models

Reviews of the most popular models of oral irrigator

"Oral cavity irrigator which one is better to choose?" - such a question can often be found on the Internet. Men and women who have already used this curious device are happy to share their feedback and recommendations.

One of the best irrigators of the oral cavity, judging by the reviews of Internet users, is the German device Oral-B OxyJet. Its cost in most stores is more than 5,000 rubles, but it fully works out the money spent on it. The effect of its use can be seen from the first time, and, in addition, it is quite reliable and durable. In the event of a breakdown even after the expiration of the warranty period, the device can be easily repaired at any Braun service center.

The second most popular is the Russian-made irrigator Donfill. Despite the quite acceptable cost - the price of this device usually does not exceed 3,000 rubles, it successfully copes with the functions assigned to it and helps to maintain the oral cavity in excellent condition.

Finally, the most unpleasant reviews can be found on the Waterpik WP-100 E2 Ultra irrigator model. Included with this device, you will receive immediately 7 different attachments, each of which is intended for a specific purpose. However, the effect of using this device is almost imperceptible. Moreover, such irrigators break down very often, and it is extremely difficult to fix them: not all service centers undertake this work. Many people who purchased the Waterpik WP-100 E2 Ultra for a fairly large amount - about 4,800 rubles, regret the money spent.

Thus, the oral irrigator is a “gadget” that is unusually useful and has practically no contraindications. The use of this device is shown even to small children and pregnant women for the prevention of various diseases. Meanwhile, the device is not cheap, so before buying it you should carefully weigh everything, read the reviews and choose the model that is right for you.