Today it is fashionable to have a flawless body. But in life there are situations when you do not have time to “spread the straw”. Falls, injuries, burns, operations leave unaesthetic marks on the skin. Women have another problem - stretch marks after pregnancy. Ointment for sucking scars and scars will help remove such "decorations" from the body without significant material losses.

No flaws! How do ointments remove scars?

How ointments remove scars

The action of ointments is based on the fact that they include enzymes, hormones, minerals, and bioadditives. One of the main components is allantoin. All these elements produce a systemic effect, which is as follows:

  • the scar brightens;
  • its area decreases;
  • skin surface is leveled at the injury site (scar height decreases);
  • the feeling of tightness disappears;
  • pain and general discomfort decreases;
  • when applied to a fresh scar, the ointment prevents its increase.

What happens in the skin after applying the drug? Allantoin effectively retains moisture in the cells, which contributes to regeneration and leveling. Under the influence of the active components of the drug, the local blood circulation is enhanced, metabolic processes are accelerated, the synthesis of substances is released, decomposition products are removed, the growth of fibroblasts stops (they are responsible for the coarseness of the formation), and local immunity is increased.

What skin deformations can the ointment for resorption of scars and scars deal with? It is too tough for massive, old and severe injuries. Not yet invented and means for external use, which can remove post-burn adhesions. Best of all, the drugs work against the normotrophic formations (the so-called scars, which do not protrude above the skin surface). They help the scar to dissolve in accelerated time, make it thin and unobtrusive.

If we talk about keloids (tumor scars), then getting rid of them is very difficult even with the help of surgical procedures and laser grinding. It is clear that ointments in this case can play only a supporting role and the similar scar itself will not be removed.

Ointments that help: a review of effective drugstores

Scar Healing and Resorption Rating

Popular rating of drugs for the healing and resorption of scars looks like this:

  • the most popular remedy is Countertubex for scars (in gel form). It has unique components: allantoin (accelerates the regeneration process, dissolves damaged tissue), heparin (softens the scar), extracts from onions (eliminates inflammation and stops the growth of connective tissue). This ointment is applied to the healed wound from 2 to 3 r. per day. To obtain the desired result, the treatment should be continued for at least 3-6 months. Ointment, according to manufacturers, is effective against keloid, atrophic scars and postpartum stretch marks. It costs about 1 thousand rubles. May cause allergies and itching;
  • Silicone gel from scars Dermatiks. Widely used to treat skin blemishes. Contains a mixture of silicone polymers. Quickly drying, it forms a transparent film on the surface of the scar, preventing its mechanical damage. Relieves pruritus from skin, prevents scar tissue from growing, improves skin elasticity. Can be used to reduce scars after a burn. It should be applied twice a day for 2 months. The cost in pharmacies - from 1320 to 2030 rubles. It is forbidden to inflict on unhealed wounds;
  • Kelofibrase The active components of the ointment are urea, camphor, sodium heparin. It is suitable for the removal of postoperative scars and the prevention of stretch marks, but demonstrates low effectiveness in relation to experienced scars. The price of the funds - from 1600 to 2500 rubles .;
  • Zeraderm Ultra (with polymers and isomers). Produced in Holland. Drying forms a thin, breathable film. Helps with hypertrophic and keloid scars. A rather expensive drug - up to 3 thousand rubles. Like other silicone-based ointments, has a good reputation, but its effect can be seen only with long-term use.

The fight against the scar should begin as early as possible: no more than two years should elapse from the moment of its appearance. This is a guarantee that the victory will be yours. The greater the "age" of skin damage, the less chance of success from the use of external agents.

Home Pharmaceuticals: Self-Made Scar Treatments

homemade scars

To get rid of skin defects, it is not necessary to spend money on a pharmacy. At home, you can prepare medicines that act no worse than many ready-made ointments. Try to overcome the scars with the help of these popular recipes:

  • ointment on the flowers of white lily. Crush fresh flower petals (to get flower juice), tightly tamp in a jar (fill this container into 1/3 part). Boil unrefined sunflower oil, pour petals with it so that it completely covers the flowers. Keep the composition in a place protected from sunlight for 14 days. Spread the seam at least 3 p. per day;
  • An ointment that removes old scars. Take equal quantity of fir spruce and beeswax, add lard and butter (four pieces). Melt the lard on low heat, pour the rest of the ingredients into it, heat (do not boil!). Cool, strain through cheesecloth. Before using the composition is heated, apply 2-3 p. in a day;
  • cucumber juice To make the scar "invisible", you can put a slice of fresh cucumber on the place where the scar was formed, then wash this area with cool water. The scar will become lighter and will not be strongly conspicuous;
  • banana gruel. Knead a banana and apply mashed potatoes for a quarter of an hour, rinse with water;
  • ointment of 1 tbsp. l oatmeal, 1 tsp. cream and a couple drops of lemon juice. Mix everything, apply to the scar for 15 minutes.

In order not to feel deceived and not be disappointed, before spending money on a cream for scars and scars, answer one simple question: what do you expect from such a tool? If you hope that under the influence of ointments the scar will disappear without a trace, then this will not happen. We need to look at things realistically: the cream will give the scar a more aesthetic look - it will make it thin and not so noticeable. If you are not satisfied with this result, then collect money for laser polishing.