Ointment hyoxysone


Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs in pharmacies are presented in large quantities, and just get lost in the process of their choice. Ointment "Hyoxysone" is not familiar to every consumer, but it is attractive for its affordability, as well as positive reviews in electronic media. What is this drug focused on, and in what case should it be used?

What helps hyoxysone ointment?

Hyoxysone antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent

The drug is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, focused only on external use: mucous membrane and open skin. Its effect is manifested through the reduction of itching and redness, the removal of puffiness, the reduction of the area of ​​inflammation, the inhibition of the synthesis of proteins and prostaglandins. "Hyoxysone" is available in the format of an ointment enclosed in a metal tube. Weight - 10 g.

  • The active ingredients of the drug are oxytetracycline hydrochloride and acetate and hydrocortisone, whose fraction per 1 g is 30 mg and 10 mg, respectively. Oxytetracycline is included in the tetracycline antibiotic category and has a direct effect on the causative agent of inflammation. Hydrocortisone belongs to a group of glucocorticoids - hormones that have the ability to relieve itching, redness and swelling, as well as inhibit allergic skin reactions.

As for the indications for the use of ointment "Hyoxysone", here the list is really impressive: if not specified, it can be argued that it is allowed for use on absolutely any skin diseases - from simple insect bites and rashes caused by allergies to erysipelas in large areas . However, the remedy does not eliminate the cause of the allergy. The only area where the use of the drug is prohibited is the face. What is hyoxysone ointment for?

  • Dermatitis of any genesis, including allergic, seborrheic, purulent, etc.
  • Erythema and eczema, including exudative.
  • Erysipelas of the skin and open wounds with an infection.
  • Necrotic skin lesions, burdened with purulent secretions.
  • Inflammation of hair follicles.
  • Mucosal erosions, varicose ulcers.
  • Burns of any degree.
  • Insect bites and allergic rashes.

We should also note that some consumers use hyoxysone ointment to combat rashes caused by hormonal instability: acne, acne, acne. The instructions attached to the drug do not give such a recommendation, however, some experts allow similar unconventional use of the drug, but it should also be applied to the face.

Also known are cases of treatment of herpes with Hyoxysone, which is prohibited by the manufacturer due to the dissonance between the active components of the drug and the herpes pathogen. Therefore, rare positive reviews should not be taken as a recommendation for action: it is likely that they were the exception to the rule, or the diagnosis of herpes was mistaken.

Instructions for use

Hyoxysone is determined by the complexity of the disease

Official instructions prohibit the use of the drug in children under 12 years of age, as well as for cutaneous tuberculosis and tumors (including cancer), during pregnancy and the lactation period, in individuals with intolerance to the active components of the ointment and high sensitivity of the body. The side effects of the medication are rarely fixed, mainly expressed by itching and allergic rash, which disappears after cessation of therapy.

  • The use of the drug is determined by the complexity of the disease: the traditional scheme involves the application of a small amount of ointment on the affected area and its distribution in a thin layer. If necessary, you can apply gauze or a thin cloth bandage, closing the treated area.
  • The frequency of application should not exceed 3 times a day, the duration of the course is determined by the doctor, or the orientation of the patient is carried out. The maximum duration of therapy is 14 days.
  • If it is necessary to use "hyoxysone" on the face, application occurs locally 1 time per day. The course of treatment is reduced to 10 days. The use of the ointment is possible in children younger than 12 years, including newborns, but only under the supervision of the attending physician.

Reviews of doctors and consumers

The reaction to the drug by ordinary users, as can be judged from the huge number of comments on independent portals, is more positive than negative. Its magical properties in relation to inflammations, which subside in a short time, and the ability to dissolve small tumors are also noted. However, there are less enthusiastic opinions. Where to find the truth?

Irina: Anyone who has ever come across herpes will understand me - this infection cannot be hidden by any layer of foundation, especially if it came out suddenly on the nasal mucosa during an active rhinitis or on the lip. With such a "happiness" you will not leave the house, so you will resort to grandmother's recipes like "Corvalol" and toothpaste, and any advertised drugs.

Ointment "Hyoxysone" was advised to me by my sister, who treated her versicolor: she praised so much that it was a sin to hold on. I bought it, covered my herpes with a thick layer, I sit and wait. My first thought - was he doused with water? All those who burned this sore, know that there is a terrible feeling of tightening: and then, on the contrary, it was like anointed with fat - very pleasant. Before going to bed, she applied it again, and forgot it until the morning. I remembered by the evening of the next day, I got to the mirror, I looked - and there my herpes had halved. I regularly smeared it for 2 more days, after which the sore resolved itself. Now I keep a spare tube in the first-aid kit - then suddenly I have to save myself urgently.

Anna: I am the owner of very sensitive skin and experience all the inconveniences associated with it: in particular, constant insane irritation after shaving. That the machine, that the trip to the beautician is equally pleasant and painful in the next 2-3 days. Once again, throwing a large amount of cooling gel, went to the pharmacy and with insane eyes asked the pharmacist for “at least something”, briefly outlining the scale of the tragedy. I was given a penny ointment, which I, to be honest, did not believe at all. But losing 34 rubles (the exact cost of a tube of 10 g) would not be a pity.

The consistency is very oily, rather thick, it smells like everything medical - barely perceptible and without causing any emotions. Applied after epilation immediately, made it possible to be absorbed in 15 minutes, the rest was removed with a paper napkin. The pain and redness a day were less than expected, but still present. A week later (new epilation) again repeated the procedure, observing the same effect. Approximately to the 5th epilation, it turned out that the result of the ointment was cumulative: it was really not so painful to shave the legs. The only thing I want to draw attention to is that my very light skin, "Hyoxysone", is a little yellow, washing off only in a day.

Tatyana: After hearing and reading about the magical effect of "Hyoxysone" in relation to acne of any kind, I decided to put an experiment on myself: I have several large acne and boils on my back and face. She did not touch the last one, having listened to the warning in the instructions, but put it on her back with the help of her husband. A dense layer, all as required, waited until absorbed. For 4 days I honestly repeated the actions in the morning and in the evening, but on the morning of the 5th day I did not understand why I was doing this: the inflammation decreased slightly in size, but only slightly. Moreover, they began to peel around the main point. The only thing that really went away is the itching of boils. For the rest, no magic action.

As for the opinion of doctors regarding hyoxyzon ointment, it is more unequivocal than that of consumers - it is unanimously recognized that in its category the drug is among the best, if it is necessary not only to influence the infectious agent, but also to soothe the skin. A plus is the low cost of the ointment, as well as its good tolerance by the majority of patients. The only drawback that experts emit is the ability of the drug to stain the skin, which passes in a short time.

Thus, summarizing the above, it can be argued that hyoxysone ointment at its price is a real find, since all the promises of the manufacturer are fulfilled, and side effects are extremely rare. But due to the fact that the basis of the drug is hormones and antibiotics, it is categorically not recommended to use it without consulting a doctor, especially as a long-term therapy.