Ointment for itching and irritation of the skin on the face


Redness on the skin and the constant desire to scratch an irritated place can cause a lot of discomfort. A similar reaction occurs in a wide variety of places and requires a special, gentle approach to treatment. In some situations, it helps ointment for itching and skin irritation.

Cosmetics do not solve problems

Itching, redness and peeling on the skin of the face

Itching, redness and peeling on the skin of the face can not be hidden under a ton of foundation, lipstick and eye shadow. Approach to the situation you need cardinal methods. And first you need to find out the cause of such unpleasant symptoms. Acne, acne and other rashes belong to the category of internal problems with the body, but we will not consider ways to deal with them, since here the treatment is purely individual.

But the external manifestations can be stopped with ointment from irritation on the skin of the face. The most impatient dermatologists recommend using non-hormonal drugs, most of which are prescribed even for babies. These include:

  • "Epidel" - ointment belongs to the category of expensive drugs and is intended for the effective treatment of allergic reactions of different types of origin.
  • "Gistan" - the drug is made on the basis of natural hypoallergenic herbs and lily of the valley essential oil. Ointment stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolic processes in the cells, relieves urticaria and itching. The drug is contraindicated for pregnant women and children.
  • "D-panthenol" - this soft cream not only relieves unpleasant symptoms, but also promotes the fastest cell regeneration, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the face.

Along with the usual drugs, there is a special line of products developed on the basis of hormones. However, ointments and creams of this kind should be discharged only by a doctor.

If the blow fell below the belt

Faced with the problem of an intimate nature, few rush to the doctor, and first of all try to soothe the irritation by means of improvised means. However, before you get an ointment for itching in intimate places, it is still necessary to contact a gynecologist or a urologist and find out the reason, since any treatment requires an individual approach. Unfortunately, there is still no magic pill, but in this case, an ointment that would instantly cure all ailments.

ointment for itching in intimate places

If we talk about the picture of itching in the groin in general terms, then all the ointments can be divided into 2 categories:

  • relieving symptoms;
  • suppressing the disease.

The first group of medicines include:

  • "Boromentol" - the active component of the ointment is menthol extract, which pleasantly cools the skin and quickly relieves annoying itching. This ointment can be applied in the event that the cause of the irritation is not covered by fungal infections.
  • "Nezulin" - the drug is based on herbal ingredients, herbs, plant extracts and essential oils. Creamy remedy is easily applied to the skin, without creating the effect of an oily film, perfectly relieves itching, dryness and irritation in the groin caused by allergic reactions or hormonal post-climatic changes.
  • "Fenistil" - ointment is a colorless transparent liquid without an unpleasant odor. It helps to reduce the increased capillary permeability and allergic reaction. Quickly soothes inflamed skin, moisturizing it from the inside.

Ointments that suppress the development of diseases are based on natural or synthetic hormones. Such agents have several effects simultaneously - anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-allergic and anti-toxic. Hormone drugs include:

  • "Hydrocortisone";
  • "Betliben";
  • "Momat";
  • "Prednisolone";
  • Sinaflan;
  • "Elokom".

A separate group of emit drugs, in which, in addition to hormones, you can find corticosteroid antibiotics:

ointments are prescribed for the treatment of infectious diseases

  • "Diprosalik";
  • Akriderm;
  • "Dermokas";
  • "Triderm";
  • "Akriderm-GENTA".

Such ointments are prescribed in the treatment of infectious diseases, trichophytia, psoriasis and seborrhea. However, only the doctor can choose the right drug and its dosage.

Thin colon problems

Ointment for itching in the anus can be applied only when the discomfort is a separate disease, and not a symptom of deeper pathologies. To find out if this is the case, the proctologist will help. In addition, the doctor will be able to objectively assess the situation and select the most effective means. In general, the focus is on such drugs as:

  • Heparin ointment is a universal antibacterial agent, which also quickly eliminates itching. It is used in the treatment of hemorrhoidal problems and external anal fissures.
  • "Doloprokt" - the ointment is effective in advanced stages of diseases of the large intestine, causing puffiness and weak bleeding. It has analgesic properties.
  • "Troxevasin" - used during the treatment of cracks, hemorrhoidal lumps and other bowel pathologies that cause unpleasant tingling and itching. This drug is a good antiseptic that accelerates the regeneration of tissues in the anus.
  • "Relief" - the best drug for the treatment of diseases in the initial stage of development. The pharmacy can be found as an ointment, and special candles or pills.
  • "Aurobin" - a combined means to eliminate inflammation around the anus. Ointment prescribed for skin eczema, swelling, fistula and fissures in the anus.

Despite the wide choice of drugs, it is important to remember that any treatment should only be carried out under the supervision of a specialist. Do not buy this or that tool based on the advice and recommendations of friends. Only if this condition is met, the ointment will be effective.