Ointment flutsinar


Fluocinolone acetonide belongs to the group of glucocorticosteroids, synthetic hormones that are produced in the body by the adrenal cortex and have a strong effect on carbohydrate metabolism, and also less significant on the water-salt balance. Minimally depends on them the exchange of proteins and fats, as well as minerals. Why is such a component necessary in the ointment "Flutsinar"? How effective is it compared to similar drugs?

What helps Flucinar ointment for?

Flucinar is available in gel and ointment format, for each gram of which 0.25 mg of active substance is consumed. The drug has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching, swelling and other skin manifestations of allergy, due to the suppression of phospholipase and the production of PG. It is noteworthy that the performance of fluocinolone is significantly higher than that of hydrocortisone.

  • The main indications for the use of ointment "Flutsinar" - any skin inflammation caused by allergies: dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, etc. The drug can be used on rashes, accompanied by inflammation: acne, boils.
  • At the same time, ointment and gel are prohibited for persons with acne, tuberculosis, as well as skin lesions caused by infection and fungus. Use in people with high sensitivity in children under 2 years of age should be under the supervision of a doctor.

Adverse reactions to Flucine are mainly manifested in the form of atrophic skin lesions, the formation of lichen planus, changes in the structure of hair follicles in women (alopecia), strii, and hirsutism.

Analogs ointment "Flutsinar"

Full replacement of this drug is extremely small, if we talk specifically about the means

Full replacement of this drug is extremely small, if we talk about the products based on the same active substance - fluocinolone acetonide. Pharmacists name only 2 items:

  • Sinaflan;
  • "Sinoderm".

GCS dosage is the same here as in Flucinere, indications and contraindications are identical.

If we talk about analogues of hormonal drugs, but working at the expense of a different active component, the list is somewhat wider:

  • "Beloderm", "Betliben", "Dirospan", "Celestoderm-B" (base - betamethasone);
  • "Akriderm" (betamethasone in tandem with an antibiotic);
  • Dermoveit, Powercourt (clobetasol as the base);
  • "Lokoid", "Latikort" (base - hydrocortisone).

Any of these drugs require caution in use and a maximum short course.

Any of these drugs requires caution in the use and maximum short course of "treatment", as well as carrying out the correct cancellation. If any manifestations of individual intolerance occur, the therapy is stopped.

Ointment "Flutsinar": consumer reviews

As to the real evaluation of the drug by specialists and consumers, its high efficiency did not have the best effect on the patients' condition: numerous adverse reactions eclipsed the possible effectiveness in eliminating dermatitis and eczema, as a result of which the subsequent “treatment for treatment” turned out to be much harder.

before a real assessment of the drug by experts and consumers, its high efficiency

  • Alena, 36 years old: It is categorically against not only the use of Flucinera, but also its sales in pharmacies - its negative effect on hormonal background is observed both from the inside and outside. On the advice of the doctor used for some time to get rid of rashes, with interruptions. As a result, she received oral dermatitis, with which she had to fight for almost half a year: the withdrawal syndrome of Fulcara is even worse than the result of its addiction. On top of that, the menstrual cycle was lost and the pressure often began to fall. It would be better if she just waited for the rash to go away on her own, rather than try this gel.
  • Irina, 20 years old: It works "Flutsinar" superbly, but exactly for a day. I had a dermatitis on my neck, I decided to resort to "Flutsinaru", which at that time was in the first-aid kit. I smeared it in the evening, in the morning I found only faint hints on the stain. I was delighted, calmed down, forgot. A day later, it came out there, but the itching intensified in comparison with the first day. Once again she treated the dermatitis with gel, in the morning everything became good again, but by evening she was back to square one. Such "roller coaster" lasted for 1.5 weeks, after which I was tired of the strange "therapy". I read the reviews online, made sure that I was not alone in a similar situation, and, not wanting to get serious side effects, refused Flucinara completely.

Based on numerous comments from consumers, it can be concluded that Fluciner ointment is ambiguous and absolutely not safe. Rare consumers were satisfied with the product, and often these were people with minor problems, as a result of which the use of the drug turned out to be a one-off. Longer therapy and difficult situations led to addiction and serious negative consequences.