Oil narcissus for healing and relaxation


There is a beautiful narcissus on the rocky slopes of the mountains of the Caucasus, China, Japan and the Mediterranean. But if you want to be in a narcissus paradise, go to the Kireshi tract in Transcarpathia. There is the Narcissus Valley. Just imagine: you are at the site of the largest cluster of these flowers in the world. You can admire them, inhale a pleasant sweet smell. And if you decide to fall in love with a flower, do not be afraid, he will answer you in return. And you will feel equally well its benefits both in a vase on the table and in the body.

Everyone knows the legend of a young man of selfishness named Narcissus, but not everyone knows the benefits of a flower with the same name. In ancient times daffodil used to treat male infertility, baldness, headache, hemorrhoids and arousal of sexual desire. The beautiful half of humanity is advised to wash the chest with a decoction of narcissus for the prevention of mastitis and tumors. For this, the peeled narcissus onion was crushed and mixed with rice porridge or flour, the resulting mixture was smeared on the chest, and the rind was washed off with water. The procedure was repeated three times a day.

Narcissus in aromatherapy. Tips and contraindications

This beautiful flower is many hundreds of years old and all this time it helps to heal the wounds of the soul. The aroma of narcissus will help you become more confident. In order to relax and calm down, spend an aromatherapy session at home. For the pure smell of narcissus 5 drops are needed. For comparison: inhalation can be carried out with only 2 drops, no more.

And look do not overdo it, because the strong and long-lasting aroma of narcissus can cause nausea and dizziness. Everything should be in moderation.

In addition to the essential oil, you can add ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange, memoza, bergamot or nutmeg.

Narcissus oil: healing properties

The oil of this plant heals the nerves.. Daffodil root is good for dressings for nerve tumors and joint pain. Narcissus essential oil helps to dissolve hard and cold tumors in the abdominal cavity. The same narcissus helps with pain in the uterus and bladder..

Oil is not recommended for use during pregnancy, children are also allowed to approach the undiluted oil is dangerous. Before use, be sure to test it for individual intolerance and allergic reactions.

Making perfume from narcissus oil

Any oil can be taken as a basis, in our case it can be narcissus oil. The base oil should be about 10 drops, depending on how much perfume you want to create. We'll have to choose the oil also for the top and heart notes. Here's a little tip to your sense of smell.

  1. Oils for "main note":musk, clove, pink or sandalwood, juniper, frankincense, cedar, cinnamon, cypress.
  2. Oils for top note: bergamot, mandarin, verbena, mint, orange, lemon.
  3. Heart Note Oils: geranium, jasmine, iris, chamomile, lavender, rose, mimosa, sage, ylang-ylang, tuberose.

To begin with, drip into your narcissus oil the oils of the base note you have chosen, immediately smell it. Choose your favorite scent as your heart note. And the most recent is to add top note oil. With the addition of each oil, shake the mixture. If you do not like the smell, you can experiment with oils and balance the perfume.

How to determine the quality of the oil of narcissus?

Narcissus oil is not cheap. Therefore, now the real product is not often seen. In order to distinguish a fake from the original, remember the following simple tips.

  1. Oils "with the smell or extract of narcissus" should not exist in nature.
  2. The label should not be advertising on the label. Standard packing of oils - 10 ml. and the bubble should be made of dark glass. And the daffodil here is an exception - it is poured into 1 ml because of the high cost.
  3. Carefully read the label, information about flavors and additives should not be.
  4. This oil evaporates at room temperature, leaving no residue on paper. So you can conduct an experiment.
  5. In appearance, the oil should be uniform, with a pure aroma, in other words - the narcissus should smell like narcissus.
  6. When adding low-quality oil in cosmetics, it stratifies, the gel, for example, becomes cloudy and stops foaming well.

Narcissus is a beautiful flower with simple beauty and great potential that we do not see. At our dachas, it grows with whole plantations, and we do not even suspect how much benefit it can bring. We can step on it inadvertently or cut down to the root so that in its place another rosebush flaunted. In ancient times in Prussia, for example, this flower was a symbol of a happy marriage. Every girl who got married took a flower from her parents home to a new life. In the new house, he was given a special place, the girl had to take care of and follow the flower in every possible way. After all, according to belief, her personal life depended on the "well-being" of a narcissus.

Once upon a time, people trusted their marriage to a daffodil. Today we have the opportunity to entrust our health to this flower. So why don't we do this?

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