Oats are very popular as a cereal in any country. It can make excellent cereals, decoctions, which relieve from various diseases.

The composition of oats include:amino acids - tryptophan and lysine, essential oils, gum, vitamins B1, B2, B6, K, carotene. Add to the list potassium, chromium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, zinc, nickel, iodine and sulfur.

What is useful oats?

Oats are very useful whendiabetes, lowers blood cholesterol, protects the cardiovascular system, an excellent diabetic product. Oats treat chronic inflammatory processes, have tonic properties, and oat grass extracts have a diuretic and antipyretic effect.

Oats are important in matters, concerning metabolism, blood, hair, nails, cartilage and bones. Oats helps the liver and pancreas, promotes the absorption of fat and its metabolism in the intestines. Enzymes that make up oats help to assimilate carbohydrates and treat anemia.

Calorie content100 g of grains of oats - 316 kcal. Oatmeal - 102 kcal. It is without milk, honey oil and various additives.

Oats treatment

Oats and traditional medicine- Two things are not just compatible, they are just made for each other. At home, you can make any decoction or mask.

Restorative decoction of oats after colds

Take one glass of oat grains, cover with a liter of boiled water and simmer over low heat until evaporation of of the liquid. Then strain and take half a glass with honey up to 4 times a day. Such a decoction will have a wonderful tonic effect on the body.

Broth of oat "Laxative"

One glass of oats, pour a liter of water and leave for 16 hours. Next, pour the infusion and cook it kissel, which can be consumed 2 times a day.

A decoction of oat "Medical"

This decoction is used when running forms of pneumonia. To make it, wash a glass of oats, but leave the husk. Pour all with a liter of milk and cook for an hour over low heat. After straining, add honey and butter, consume at night.

Mask of oats for problem skin

Dissolve a tablespoon of oatmeal with warm water to form a thin porridge. If such a gruel 3 times a week applied to the face, you can get rid of acne and moisturize the skin well.


Oatmeal is a product of oats, which is subjected to primary heat treatment and loses some of its beneficial properties. In order for this product not to lose many more vitamins, it is necessary to eliminate the repeated "heat stroke", that is, soak it in water or milk, combining it with other living foods.

How to soak oatmeal?

This is a very long time, but it's worth it. Soaking oatmeal costs 12 hours, and you need to eat them raw, it saves the good. You can add apples, lemon juice, condensed milk, nuts, carrots or prunes to such a lively porridge. Combinations and variations may be as you wish.

How to choose oatmeal?

Signs of quality oatmeal:

  • On the package must be indicated dates: packaging and production
  • Regardless of the variety, high-quality oatmeal will be white. Shades can be cream or yellowish - this is normal.
  • The smell of porridge should be slightly oatmeal, musty and moldy - a sign of low-quality product
  • During cooking, the flakes should turn into porridge, if this does not happen, you bought something else.
  • When tasting porridge is not false bitter.

Oatmeal Recipes

It is obvious that everyone can cook the usual oatmeal. Try something unusual, interesting and exquisite.

Oatmeal soup with mackerel

In mackerel should remove the head, all the insides. Peel and cut into pieces. Carrot (50 grams) cut into strips, diced onions. Save all this and send it to the water, then add mackerel, boil it all for 10 minutes. Next, send 60 grams of oatmeal and parsley root or celery into the soup. Boil until cooked, and do not forget to fill it with greens.

This recipe is suitable to diversify the home menu or surprise your loved ones. And it can surprise oats, both with its healing properties and taste variety. But the most important thing is the indisputable benefit that you get from eating oats. Appreciate it and use in everyday life. In order for oats to solve some of your problems, you just need to trust him.