Oatmeal scrub for intestines


Due to the accumulation in the body of a large number of slags, as well as other harmful substances, well-being is significantly deteriorated and another problem may appear in the form of excess body weight. Natural resistance not only to diseases but also to nervous breakdowns is reduced. That is why it is very important to carry out regular cleansing of the body from the remnants of vital activity.

Harmful substances tend to accumulate in the body, with the greatest number of them deposited in the intestinal cavity. Therefore, the procedure of cleaning the body begins with the body. For this you can use a variety of scrubs, but the most effective and completely safe for a person to clean is oatmeal.

Oatmeal for cleaning the intestines

Nutritionists advise you to use products that contain fiber to clean the body

Nutritionists advise to use for cleaning the body products that contain fiber. After hitting the intestinal mucosa, the fibers of this substance begin to absorb, like a sponge, all the harmful substances that have accumulated on the walls of the organ. They are then removed from the body together.

Super scrub for ovarian cereals completely removes all deposits left in the intestines. This is an effective and safe alternative method for other cleaning methods. Gastroenterologists do not recommend the use of laxatives, enemas, hydrocolonotherapy and other methods for cleaning the intestines, as they can cause serious harm to health. The fact is that during these procedures, the beneficial microflora is washed out of the intestinal cavity, and the oat scrub has a gentle effect without causing damage to the delicate mucous membrane.

What is the use of the product?

Oatmeal is one of the best dietary products.

  1. Oatmeal is one of the best dietary products, which is often included in a variety of weight loss techniques. If you eat a portion of hot cereal for breakfast, all the necessary nutrients and minerals are ingested.
  2. This type of cereal is recommended to be eaten regularly by people who have problems with overweight, because it includes the minimum number of calories.
  3. The composition of oatmeal includes the maximum number of valuable substances necessary for the full functioning of the body.
  4. Scrub for cleaning the intestines with oatmeal helps cleanse virtually all organs.
  5. The composition of the flakes includes unique substances that contribute to a decrease in blood cholesterol levels.
  6. With the intake of whole oat grains, the metabolism is accelerated, so that fats are much easier to digest. There is a normalization of the functioning of the intestine.

Why gut oatmeal scrub?

Due to living in adverse environmental conditions

Due to living in adverse environmental conditions, improper and unbalanced diet, alcohol abuse, as well as as a result of the influence of other harmful factors, there is a violation of the proper functioning of the human body.

Intestinal blockage occurs as a result of eating large amounts of harmful products - smoked meat, various meat products and sausages. Accumulating in the intestines, toxins gradually enter the blood, and then spread throughout the body.

The main signs of slagging the body are:

  • irritability;
  • persistent depression;
  • feeling unwell, which worries over a long period;
  • feeling tired all the time;
  • insomnia;
  • Strong headache;
  • unhealthy appearance of hair, skin;
  • violations in the work of the excretory system - abdominal distention occurs, constipation and unpleasant smell from the oral cavity worries.

Under the condition of regular use of oatmeal scrub, a positive result will be noticeable after a few weeks - the stomach will tighten, extra pounds will start to gradually disappear, well-being will improve, insomnia will disappear.

The oatmeal intestinal scrub for weight loss and body cleansing is simply indispensable, because it has no contraindications and can be used for almost unlimited time.

Clean the intestines correctly: effective recipes

Today there are a lot of different recipes.

Today, there are a large number of different recipes, as well as ways to use oatmeal to cleanse the intestines. The most popular is the cold or hot method, due to the use of which a positive result will be noticeable after a few weeks.

Hot scrub with oatmeal

Oatmeal flakes are ground using a coffee grinder or blender until they become powdered.

Oatmeal flakes are ground using a coffee grinder or blender until they become powdered. For scrub will need no more than 3 tbsp. l product. The resulting powder is poured with boiling water and left for some time to infuse.

Unlike whole grains, crushed flakes will cook much faster and should look like semolina externally. You can replace the water with milk, however, it is strictly forbidden to add sugar or salt. The taste of the finished porridge can seem unpleasant and in order to improve it a little, it is allowed to use a small amount of crushed fruit or honey.

The ideal time to start the bowel cleansing procedure is considered to be early morning - for example, 6-9 am. It is during this period of the day, after a night's rest, the stomach gradually begins to work.

Scrub should be consumed hot and not wait until it cools down. This procedure should be carried out no later than 20-25 minutes before breakfast. It is important to remember that the oatmeal scrub should not replace a full meal, because it is only a means to cleanse the stomach and intestines. After using it, a pleasant feeling of lightness appears, a charge of energy appears. We must try to drink plenty of clean water, however, the scrub is not recommended to drink.

Cold oat scrub

For the preparation of cold scrub is not necessary to grind oatmeal

For the preparation of cold scrub is not necessary to grind oatmeal. Takes 3 tbsp. l cereals and poured ΒΌ part of Art. boiled but cold water. Then add 1 tsp. cream or 1 tbsp. l milk If milk is used, it must be boiled and cooled in advance. Scrub should be cooked in the evening and leave it overnight in the refrigerator.

3 hours before the beginning of the meal, you need to eat a cold scrub, while it is important to chew all the flakes well, since large pieces are not always completely digested. And this greatly reduces the effectiveness of the scrub.

The scrub mixture can not be seasoned with sugar or salt, but it is allowed to add a few nuts or natural honey. But it is best to try to eat a clean scrub. About 10 minutes before taking it, it is recommended to drink a glass of plain water.

Cold scrub is useful for those who want to lose weight quickly and to carry out effective cleansing of the body. A full course of treatment lasts exactly 30 days, after which you need to take a short break. As a preventive measure, a scrub can be taken once a week or just in the morning to cook porridge, there will be not only healthy, but also a tasty breakfast.

Using the oatmeal scrub to cleanse the intestines, you can eat your usual food, but you should minimize or completely abandon the high-calorie and fatty foods. Nutritionists advise to add oatmeal to your diet, because after eating a small portion for breakfast, throughout the day you will feel energy, vigor and strength.