Oat flour

Among all cereals, oats occupy the most honorable place, which in many respects surpasses wheat and rye in its unique properties. Flour made from it retains all the valuable qualities, so it is successfully used in cooking and cosmetology. What is the benefit for us of oatmeal and can it cause harm?

Simple but valuable product

Oatmeal: the benefits and harm

Oatmeal flour can rightly be called the most useful variety. It is obtained by grinding the mature grains of oats, a crop widely used in agriculture due to the rich composition and good taste of the products made from it. When processing this grain, all its useful properties are preserved, which is the reason for the enormous popularity of oatmeal. For many, it is indispensable in the preparation of cereals, pastries, cookies. From this product make natural masks for skin and hair care.

Do not confuse oatmeal flour with oatmeal. The latter, in contrast to the classical flour of fine grinding, has a different manufacturing technology. Grain - necessarily germinated - does not grind, but is pounded, which preserves its shell. Therefore, the consistency of nutrients in it is somewhat greater than in ordinary flour. However, both products are indispensable for our body.

The benefits and harms of oat flour

Oatmeal: the benefits and harm

It is probably difficult to find a product that would contain a greater amount of substances we need than oatmeal. Its composition is so rich in balanced micro and macro elements (which also do not disappear during heat treatment), that it is recommended to use as a priority food for those who follow a diet. And although the caloric content of flour is quite high - 369 kcal per 100 g, due to its high fiber content and low starch content, it can be called a dietary product. The caloric content of oatmeal is below - 120 kcal / 100 g.

Nutritional value of oatmeal (per 100 g) is as follows:

  • proteins - 13 g;
  • fats - 6.8 g;
  • carbohydrates - 65 g;
  • Cellulose - 4.5 g

Moreover, there are two types of fiber in a balanced form: soluble (which lowers cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, causes a feeling of fullness for a long time) and insoluble (it normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, removes toxins from the body). It is very valuable in the composition of oatmeal and protein: it contains all the essential amino acids.

In addition, in this product from oats, a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Especially a lot of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, as well as zinc and copper, vitamins of group B, PP.

These substances have a complex effect on the entire body: improve the work of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive systems, strengthen bones, teeth and nails, improve the condition of hair, skin and nails. Separately, it is necessary to allocate vitamin E - a natural antioxidant, which increases resistance to infections and slows the aging process.

Oatmeal is very useful for people with hepatitis and urolithiasis. The unique combination of organic substances contained in it, allows you to release the liver from toxins and toxins, cleanse the bile ducts, remove excess moisture from the body.

It is important to use products from oatmeal and oatmeal in diabetes, it is good for baby food: they regulate blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, saturate with energy for a long time, supplying the body with essential substances. Also interesting is the fact that such flour improves mood, because it contributes to the development of the hormone of joy - serotonin.

But, despite the number of positive qualities, oat flour should not be abused. With daily use, it can also cause harm, since oats interfere with the absorption of calcium, washes it out of bone tissue. In addition, the passion for baking, even if it is from the most useful flour, can harm the figure. You can not eat this product with individual intolerance to oats and gluten intolerance.

Oatmeal in cooking

Oatmeal in cooking

The very valuable composition of oat flour was the reason for its widespread use in food. It has long been baked from it various bakery products, which, thanks to it, are crumbly and soft, for example, unleavened cakes - pita. Pancakes are especially good and, of course, the well-known oatmeal cookies.

However, baking bread or cake only on one such flour will not work: there is a bit of gluten in it. So that the product does not fall apart, it is necessary that the content of the product from oats does not exceed 1/3 of the total flour content. On the other hand, often, to reduce the calorie content of baking and make it more useful, wheat flour, on the contrary, is diluted with oatmeal.

To strengthen the immunity for a long time eat thick oatmeal kissel. “Live” oatmeal or oatmeal porridge is very good, which is much more useful than “fast” flakes and serves as an ideal feeding option for young children.

Grass in cosmetology

The miraculous properties of oatmeal found their application in cosmetology. Due to the special vitamin-mineral complex, it has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and hair.

Oatmeal for face

Flour gruel can be used as a scrub or wash it every day instead of soap - the skin will retain its beauty and elasticity for many years.

Oatmeal in cosmetology

On the basis of this flour make a variety of masks that help to improve the complexion, nourish the skin, remove redness and clean the pores. For example, a mask for youthful skin is prepared as follows:

  1. K 2 Art. l flour add one yolk.
  2. Pour in a teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of rosemary essential oil.
  3. Stir and apply on the skin for half an hour, then rinse with warm water.

To moisturize the skin make masks from flour with honey.

Oatmeal for hair

Very widely used masks from this flour for the growth and treatment of hair. Their recipes are simple: just mix the oatmeal product with water until the consistency of sour cream and apply over the entire length for 20-30 minutes. You can add a few drops of almond oil or dilute the powder with kefir.

Oatmeal for hair

Oatmeal is an indispensable product that must be included in your diet, because its benefits are obvious, and it can cause only minor harm, and in extreme cases. It has a positive impact not only on the health of the whole organism, but also on the beauty of the exterior, even if you do not use it inside, but use it as a mask.

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