Oat bran


Much has been said about the benefits and miraculous effects of healthy food on human well-being. And most often, very simple and affordable products, such as cereals, come to the aid of our body. But even seemingly innocent oat bran is not good, but harm if you do not know how to take them correctly.

What is oat bran?

Balanced composition of oat bran

First of all, do not confuse oatmeal and oat bran - these are two completely different things. The latter is the product obtained by grinding oats, a dense shell of grain, in which there is a mass of useful vitamins and substances.

And if a few decades ago, bran was considered the food of people below the poverty line, today oligarchs even include them in their diets due to their valuable composition and beneficial effect on the state of the body as a whole.

The balanced composition of the cleansing product

Oat bran can be called an effective natural remedy that cleanses the human body from harmful toxins. The basis of many diets that allow you to lose those extra pounds is exactly this product.

100 g of bran contains:

  • Fiber - dietary fiber, which have a positive impact on the functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract;
  • iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium - without these substances a full-fledged existence of a single system in our body is impossible;
  • B vitamins, beta-carotene - ideal elements for strengthening the nervous system, good condition of the skin, hair and nails, as well as for the musculoskeletal system;
  • amino acids;
  • beneficial carbohydrates;
  • polyunsaturated fats.

At the same time bran has no cholesterol, low content of sugar and sodium is noted. The calorie content of raw oat bran is 246 calories per 100 product.

What is the benefit of oat bran?

The benefits of oat bran

If you do not know how to take, oat bran will not benefit. Their truly magical properties are revealed only when interacting with water. The easiest way to put them in the service is the following: 2 tsp. dry product pour 1 tbsp. boiling water, leave for at least half an hour, drain the water and take the remaining swollen shells inside, for easier digestion with water.

The benefits of this product for the human body is really great.

  1. Oat bran is recommended to use for people suffering from diabetes or having a predisposition to the development of this disease. They regulate the amount of sugar in the blood, protecting the body from a sharp increase or decrease.
  2. Oat bran - an excellent component of diets to combat extra pounds, improve and accelerate the body's metabolism. They have a powerful absorbing effect, absorbing all the harmful components and gently removing them from our body. Their cleansing effect is so powerful that they allow you to get rid of 2 kg of excess weight per day.
  3. The high content of potassium in the product has a beneficial effect on the state of the heart muscle and contributes to the normalization of its work.
  4. Bran normalize the work of the intestinal tract and are an excellent prophylactic against malignant tumors.
  5. Scientists have proven that the product contains substances that increase the body's defenses. Therefore, the inclusion of bran in the daily menu helps reduce the risk of catching influenza viruses and ARVI.
  6. Oat bran experts recommend to use and those who have problems with blood pressure.
  7. Cosmetologists also recommend including bran in their diet, since their positive effects on skin, hair and nails have been proven.

Can they harm health?

Despite the advantages, oat bran, like every product, has certain disadvantages. Thus, it is strictly forbidden to introduce them into your diet to people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis, erosions, adhesions). Gradual entry of bran in the menu is possible only during remission.

They should not be taken in conjunction with drugs, because, being an excellent natural absorbent, they absorb all the healing elements and remove them from the body.

How to introduce bran in your diet?

How to introduce bran in your diet?

Enter such a useful product in the menu should be carefully, starting with a very small amount. In the first week, take 1 tbsp. l bran per day; starting from the second week, increase their number to 1.5 tbsp. l (30 g). This daily amount of the product is enough to provide the body with all the necessary elements and minerals. The maximum amount of bran - 12 tbsp. l in a day. Most often they are drunk on a course of 3 weeks, and then they take a break and repeat the course again.

Bran can be prepared in various ways for specific purposes. For example, a bran cocktail will help restore the strength of the body after a serious illness and taking antibiotics. In 1 tbsp. low-fat kefir dissolve 2 tbsp. l honey and 2 tbsp. l bran, add 1 grated apple, mix thoroughly. The resulting cocktail must be drunk within one day. It is best to drink 20 minutes before meals.

In order to get rid of extra pounds, add bran in low-fat yogurt, muesli, cereals, fruit and vegetable salads. Enough to add to dishes 1 tbsp. l bran To make it easier for the body to absorb them, increase water intake per day.

Consumer reviews

Reviews on the use of oat bran

But they say those who have already experienced the effect of the use of oat bran.

Maria: "The result of taking oat bran, which my girlfriend recommended to me, I felt a week later. Stomach problems disappeared, my appetite became less, and there was some lightness in my whole body."

Irina: "I came across a bran at an online dietary store. Considering the low cost, I decided to try it and did not regret it. Now I cannot eat without bran!"

Olga: "At the insistence of my sister a month ago, I replaced my favorite breakfast of scrambled eggs, coffee and toast with bran cereal. After a couple of weeks, I felt the first effect, my problematic sides began to" melt ", though only a few millimeters. But still! Now there is progress, I really see how my extra kilos are going away and how my body works as a whole. "

Despite the positive properties of oat bran, always keep in mind that they are only an additive to the basic diet, and not a drug. Do not forget about how to take oat bran, - and then the benefits of their use will be exactly, and you will reduce the possible harm to zero.