Nursing for nursing moms


Increasing anxiety after childbirth is a common and often unrecognized problem for many women. And on the horizon loom sleepless nights, crying baby, endless worries about possible diseases. All this affects the emotional state and can lead to a situation where a sedative for nursing mothers will be necessary.

From anguish to anxiety: how to avoid postpartum depression?

how to avoid postpartum depression

A woman's body is capable of hormonal explosions at any time during its life. You can often see a sharp change in mood, for example, during menstruation or in the early stages of menopause. What to say about the hormonal changes that occur in the period before and after childbirth!

Indeed, in the arms of the newly-made mommy there is a small child who needs constant care, love, warmth and attention. It is not surprising that many succumb to panic and a depressive state during such periods from a catastrophic lack of time and energy. And if the baby also gets sick, then the nerves pass completely.

But before looking for what kind of sedative can a nursing mother, let's try to turn to psychological methods of solving the problem. On this account, leading psychologists have several effective recommendations:

  • Do not put the solution of domestic issues to the detriment of their own needs. Try to sleep well and eat, get rid of the constant feeling of guilt about the lot of worn socks and just enjoy life.
  • Do not expect too much from yourself, because what you have revealed to the world of such a beautiful baby is a great achievement. All other troubles gradually fade into the background.
  • Ask for support from your partner or loved ones. Share your feelings, anxieties, and experiences with your husband, mother, or girlfriend. Sometimes someone else's opinion can not only give strength and confidence, but also make you look at the situation from the other side.
  • Do not neglect your appearance. Taking care of your body after giving birth is almost the main component of success and self-love. Ask your husband to sit with your child for a few hours, and in the meantime, go for a jog or take a hot bubble bath.
  • Good and enough rest. The harsh everyday life is such that the baby has to look 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. But it is important to take short breaks for rest. For example, instead of washing, take a nap for a couple of hours with your child at lunchtime.

Pediatricians advise to regularly examine not only the mother, but also the newborn baby. Good health of the child and his joyful smile are the best sedatives for nursing mothers.

When simple rest does not help

what a sedative you can drink nursing mom

If, despite all the advice, you cannot cope with household chores and the emotional state cannot be restored to normal, you will not be able to do without antidepressants. What sedatives you can drink during breastfeeding, the doctor will tell you the best, he will also prescribe the correct schedule of intake.

Sedatives in the pharmacy can be found a lot, but do not rely only on the instructions or advice of friends. The active substances in many of them are absorbed and remain in breast milk for a long time, which can be a serious problem or harm the health of the baby.

In medical practice, during lactation, pharmaceutical preparations based on the herbal component are the most popular. These drugs include:

  • tablets and tincture of valerian;
  • motherwort tincture;
  • Novo Passit tablets;
  • drug "Persen";
  • means "Glycine";
  • drugs that reduce cerebral blood flow: "Stugeron", "Cavinton", "Piracetam".

Wondering what kind of sedative you can drink to a nursing mother and not finding an adequate answer in the instructions for the drugs of official medicine, many women resort to the help of folk remedies. And you should give them their due - they made the right choice.

Many infusions and decoctions of herbs really help to cope with the symptoms of depression, relieve fatigue and add strength. Try medicinal plants such as:

  • chamomile;
  • mint;
  • fennel;
  • motherwort;
  • lemon balm;
  • St. John's wort;
  • thyme;
  • Adonis;
  • lavender.

But be careful with some of them. So, mint is addictive, can reduce the quality and quantity of breast milk, so it is recommended to take it not too often and in small doses. In relation to other herbs, it is worth noting that their reception is strictly individual. Also remember that it is not recommended to make homemade alcoholic infusions, but rather to make weed in a thermos.

Reception tactics

What soothing you can drink nursing mom, we decided

What kind of sedatives you can drink to a nursing mom, we decided, now turn to the schedule of their reception. Since each drug has its own characteristics, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the official instructions and strictly observe all of its prescriptions. If the doctor prescribed his dosage, then it would be better to follow his recommendations.

Do not take pills again. If you have already taken one and it did not help you, then after 20 minutes to use another simply does not make sense. Firstly, it is easy to earn poisoning. Secondly, no one will give you guarantees that the sediment of active substances will not be displayed on your milk.

When you have been using a prescribed sedative for a long time, and it does not help you, you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of replacing it with alternative methods. However, do not forget that many funds have a so-called delayed start. For example, Valerian or motherwort will not relieve symptoms of irritability at a single dose of administration. For such drugs, a long and regular approach is needed.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that all groundless fears, nervosa and stress of a nursing mom should not be ignored. With prolonged progression, all this can result in a series of serious psychological disorders, which are difficult to cope with on their own, and sometimes even to an experienced specialist. Try to relax more, do not load yourself with problems and concerns. Than once again do the cleaning, it is better to spend this time with benefit for themselves. Make a manicure, take a fragrant bath, or at least drink a cup of tea with chamomile.